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I've changed the adapter wit a new one from hama with the same characteristics but also the message are the same and the baterry not charging.
Once the remaining laptop battery capacity drops below the minimal capacity threshold, laptop battery charging stops and the laptop battery has reached end of life. With a simple laptop battery test it's possible to get an indication of the remaining laptop battery capacity. If so, a reset of laptop battery memory leads to nothing – just an empty laptop battery that needs to be replaced.

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This based on the assumption the value of remaining laptop battery capacity is a realistic reflection of the actual state of the battery cells. This is an implementation based on the smart battery specification used in laptop batteries.

Laptop battery manufacturers have implemented anti-tampering measures to avoid laptop battery memory from being reset so charging can continue with depleted laptop battery cells.
A reset of laptop battery memory to factory values can prove whether remaining laptop battery capacity is a realistic reflection of laptop battery life-time.
Replace your battery and it will fix your problem, if not, you have a main board issue that will need to be fixed.

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