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Any actual physical damage to the body of the battery means that you should replace the entire unit at your earliest possible opportunity.
In order to make sure your battery is in good condition you should check the top of your battery for dirt and electrolyte. The simplistic view of a car battery is of a large rectangular object made of black plastic, with two metal bits sticking out of the top.
The plates are formed into a plate group, which holds a number of plates of the same polarity (ie, all positive or all negative).
When a battery drops voltage, by even a small amount it makes a big difference to the charge held in the battery. Open circuit voltage is also affected by temperature, and the specific gravity of the electrolyte at full charge.
Never work on a battery with a lit cigarette in your mouth or use a naked flame to light your view.
Be sure you have switched the engine off, before you try to disconnect either of the battery leads. When removing and replacing battery cables, always remove the earthed cable (negative for negative earth, positive for positive earth) first and replace it last. Every once in a while it is advisable to check the battery for leaks, cracks, or bulges of the battery case.
Warning – Never attempt to charge a battery if the electrolyte is frozen or the battery casing is cracked. Warning – Be careful when dealing with the corrosive white powder as it is toxic by inhalation, ingestion and skin contact. If you are running an alternator or a larger engine then make sure you have a battery to suit your particular situation. A 43-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly stealing a car battery at the Teshie Police Station, in the full glare of officers at the Charge Office. The suspect, Richard Deli, a tanker driver, was seen carrying the battery after he had boldly walked to the police station at dawn and spoken to some policemen there.
Briefing the Daily Graphic, the Teshie District Police Commander, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Simon Agbodeka, said at about 12 midnight on March 11, Deli went to the charge office and told the officers on duty that he was looking for a friend who had come to make a report at the station.
After some time, the police in the charge office spotted Deli carrying away a car battery that was in front of the office. According to him, the police pursued the suspect, and sensing danger, Deli dropped the battery and took to his heels, but he was later apprehended. When he was questioned,?Mr Agbodeka said the suspect confessed stealing the battery but said he thought it was out of use.

He said it was established that the suspect had earlier accompanied a friend and his wife to make a complaint at the station, during which he had seen the battery and decided to come back and steal it. Whilst a failing battery will not generally result in your car breaking down on the road, it will prevent your vehicle from being started. Damaged batteries can leak in the engine and corrode other parts, so any sign that the battery’s casing is not in good condition should be taken seriously. Too much electrolyte on the top of the battery is usually caused by overfilling and is not a cause for concern – rather a sign that you should be more careful next time you fill your battery. As these batteries use a mix of water and acid in the cells to form the electrolyte the water can evaporate during the summer months. Usually you will only have to add distilled water to the battery and if you see that a cell has run completely dry then you should check the battery to make sure there are no cracks in the casing.
Because the cells are connected in series, it means that a conventional 12-volt battery is actually just over 12.6 volts when fully charged.
The plate groups are then alternated within the battery (positive, negative, positive, negative). In this cycle, the electrolyte becomes weaker (specific gravity decreases) and the positive and negative plates become more like one another. Electrical current, generated by the car’s alternator, passes through the plates, forcing SO4 back into the electrolyte bath and elevating specific gravity. Although your battery is out hidden away under the bonnet and of sight, it should not be out of mind.
Dents or deformations of the casing can be caused by rough handling, which may have caused internal damage to the plates. If the damage looks extensive, the cables and clamps may need to be replaced; otherwise, the battery may short-circuit. Batteries that have been heated up by the engine or the sun can cause the acid inside to heat up. The corrosion is in the form of a whitish yellow powder and is caused by a small crack in the casing, or by leakage past the seal, allowing sulphuric acid vapour to corrode the battery terminals (which are made of lead). It is also corrosive to the eyes, skin and any metal parts of the automobile with which it may come in contact. Even when the battery is not in operation, the self-discharge action generates hydrogen gas, so make sure that the battery is stored and worked on in a well-ventilated area. We’d always advise that you do a quick visual inspection of your battery any time you open the bonnet of your car to check the oil, top up brake fluid or refill the car’s water tank.
Equally you should replace frayed, worn or broken cables as soon as possible as these are a vital part of the engine’s starting system, carrying the charge that’s used to start the combustion process.

However, you will need to remove any dirt from the top of the battery as this can form an electrical bridge that can cause the battery to discharge when the vehicle is at a standstill.
Also never add acid to a cell that already contains electrolyte – this can damage the electrical balance of the battery and cause failure.
A battery is an electrochemical (“lead acid”) storage device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. A cell is the name given to an enclosure within the battery that contains two types of metallic plates and two terminals (i.e. Since the voltage, or charge, of a battery depends on the difference between the two plate materials and the concentration of the electrolyte, and since this difference decreases during discharging, the battery loses power. If you see any obvious leaks or cracks in the casing, or a bulge in the plastic, then the battery needs replacing. Under very, very rare circumstances, and if all of the warning signs above have been ignored, a battery can explode.
This way you should be able to anticipate any problems with the battery before they happen, preventing that awkward moment in the morning where your car won’t start.
Finally take a look at the fixings for the battery – any looseness could allow the battery to vibrate and the connections could be dislodged.
Use a screwdriver to pull of the cell cover to inspect the electrolyte levels – this should be well above the plates. When the battery is placed under a load, such as when the ignition is switched on, the storage device converts stored chemicals into electricity, and the current flows through the wires to its destination.
To ensure that the different plate groups don’t touch each other, non-conductive sheets called separators are inserted between them. To anyone who has sat in a non-starting car and cranked away as the battery grew weaker and weaker, this scenario will be immediately recognizable. If the fluid does not reach this level then you should add distilled water – not tap water due to impurities within the liquid – to bring it up to the normal required level. All cells in the battery (six cells in a 12-volt battery) soak in a common chemical bath of 65% water and 35% Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4 ) called Electrolyte. When you add the water only use a plastic container or funnel as a metal one could touch the plates and cause the battery to discharge rapidly, which could injure you.

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