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Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Description: BRAND NEW 12 VOLT 5 AMP HOUR DEEP-CYCLE BATTERY 12 Volt DC 5 AMP HOUR SEALED LEAD ACID RECHARGEABLE BATTERY This is for 12Volt 5AH sealed rechargeable battery. A communications network is a collection of transmitters, receivers, and communications channels that send messages to one another. Actually all Champion front terminal batteries have 12 years design life,2 years more than average same capacity models.
Some digital communications networks contain one or more routers that work together to transmit information to the correct user. Commonly used in game feeders, cameras, ride-on toys, lanterns, lights, decoys, alarm systems, garage door openers, and more. Universal Power Group (UPG) is one of the leading global suppliers of sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries. We get weekly deliveries direct from the UPG warehouse in Coppell, Texas to get you the freshest batteries possible.

After the initial charge, if the batteries are completely discharged, recharge them as soon as possible for about 8 to 12 hours. If you forget to disconnect the charger, an extra day or two on the charger will do not do any harm. A small trickle charger would take a long time to overcharge a battery, but it is not recommended to leave the charger on constantly. If they are to be stored for a long period of time, it is best to recharge them every two months for a few hours. It is common knowledge that NiCd batteries need to be completely discharged before recharging them. Rotating a partially discharged battery with a fully charged one on a regular basis, before they are completely discharged, will extend the number of recharge cycles.
Regular recharging of a partially discharged battery will increase the number of cycles into the 1000s.
Switching from disposable alkaline to these rechargeable ones will save you a lot of money over the course of time.

Instead of putting them in a landfill, you just put them on the charger to get them ready to use again.
If you have a concern or a question about any item before you order it, while it is in transit, or after you receive it, please scroll to the bottom of this page and click "ask a question". There are multiple ways to "contact the seller", but this is the best option for all questions.
Unlike most of the other contact options, this method allows us a wider variety of ways to answer concerns or fix issues quickly.
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