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You can choose your best car from our global source including Japan, South Korea, Thailand, USA, UK and Germany. We can ship used cars globally to Africa, Asia, Middle East, Caribbean, Oceania, South America, and Europe with offices in over 40 countries. Proper and thorough inspections before shipment assure you the best condition that you can expect.
Prompt shipment enables you to get your dream car sooner than you imagine no matter where you are.

We have built up excellence in used car industry for 20 years, and have put the finest focus on reliability. If you have a 1970s Beetle or Karmann Ghia, you'll probably find the battery in the engine bay.
If you don't have a charger and were just checking the battery, you can put it back in the car and it should work. The battery charger will have two clamps, one for the positive connection on the battery, one for the negative.

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