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To do so just go to log in >> once it redirects you click forgot password >> follow the steps provided. If you do not remember the email address associated with your account you can use the contact us tab at the bottom of the page to email us for assistance. Just lots of people that don't understand how lithium works that bought it with the wrong expectations, no matter the company. Due to the high volume of emails going out and some service providers blocking them as spam, users have either been getting them late, or not at all.

Depending on your rise that could very well be that you're not pulling more than 3-350 total amps at times. It's not a bad thing, just a misconception that people think their battery bank is great because they stay over 13V when in reality the alt is doing almost all the work, lol.
It will charge within minutes, making it rather convenient for drivers to have their electric vehicles charged fast and move on. If you have not received your password reset email please use the password reset function ?forgot password?.

If this battery is launched into commercial production, its cost will be twice lower in comparison with Li-ion ones.

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