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What does it cost to replace batteries in any standard EV (car and bike), including removal, disposal and installation?
Arunpillai wants to know Is co-operation between auto giants a key towards saving money (and time) in making progress?
The Nissan LEAF and Mitsubishi iMiEV use batteries of 24 and 16 kilowatt-hours, respectively. The Israeli company Alchemy Research offers a new method to power electric cars by using energy stored in aluminum grains. The modern standard for electric vehicle batteries is lithium-ion, often with an iron phosphate or manganese cathode chemistry. Lithium-ion batteries are also made of non-toxic elements which makes them easier to recycle and dispose of. Energy density is the key to battery development, translating into greater range for electric vehicle (EV) drivers. Range, payload weight and battery size are inextricably linked; the further you want to go or the more you want to carry without recharging, the larger or more energy-intensive the battery must be.

Globally, California trails only Japan and South Korea in electric vehicle patents and leads other nations, including Germany, Taiwan and France, Perry said.
Nexeon has created the silicon powder that it hopes is the key to creating batteries on a commercial level, which will be used in everything from laptops to cars.
The new technology started in 2004, 53 miles away, in the department of electrical engineering at Imperial College London, when Professor Mino Green found the key to what Nexeon believes is the next generation in lithium ion batteries.
This "magic" dust is a powder created by running silver through particles of silicon to create spikes of matter a€“ what Nexeon calls a hedgehog effect a€“ that is used to help the movement of lithium in the battery cell. In the wake of a post-accident fire at a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration facility and with a safety probe underway, GM is considering a redesign of the battery used in the plug-in hybrid Chevy Volt.
Where many EV manufacturers source their batteries from other companies, GM builds their own battery packs at their Brownstown, MI plant. Following publicity about the NHTSA incident, GM offered to buy back Volts from owners who were about the safety of the vehicle, but so far they are reporting that only around 50 out of the approximately 6,500 Volt owners have opted to return the vehicle.
The advanced fuel cell could eliminate range anxiety and make electric cars more practical, while keeping carbon-dioxide emissions low. Researchers at the University of Maryland have developed new electrolyte materials and have changed the cella€™s design to make it far more compact and generate 10 times more power than a conventional one. But Nissan says that by the time current buyers will have to replace their battery packs in a few years(at least 5 or more), the cost will be down to hundreds of dollars. The cooperation between Toyota and BMW will help the two companies find ways to make the lithium-ion batteries lighter and less expensive, with electric cars costing twice as much as conventional cars.

According to the company, cars powered with this type of energy can reach 2,400 km per tank. They also maintain their charge when parked up rather than gradually cannibalising their own energy for temperature control. Businesses in the state collected $467 million in electric vehicle venture capital investment during the first half of this year, or 69% of the global total, according to a study by Next 10, a nonprofit founded by Silicon Valley venture capitalist F. The powers of the silicon powder mean that, unlike carbon-only anodes, the batteries created from this will last longer, are lighter, and their rechargeability would not fade over time. The liquid-cooled 16-kWh lithium units have been a critical component of the Volt design from the outset. With different battery sizes, how easy will it be to charge an EV in a public charging station? Will people still be interested in EVs big time if they are found to be more prone to fires than your average car? With low operational temperatures and smaller size, the cell needs lesser insulation materials which will reduce the cost. The researchers have also modified the solid electrolyte material at the core of the fuel cell, and the use of multi-layered electrolytes has increased the power output further.

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