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Another benefit of the new version is longevity.  The new version would likely last 12 years in most applications where as the first gen. They believe that their battery could significantly reduce the base price of many vehicles due to the affordability of their lead impregnated foam design.
Suited For Most Modern Vehicles Extra Starting Power Compared To A Standard Battery Central Venting With Spark Arrestors For Improved Safety State Of Charge Indicator 3year WarrantyThe Exide 054SE car battery provides extra starting power compared with standard batteries and has been made with central venting with spark arrestors for improved safety.

The 054SE car battery comes with a 3 year warranty and is suitable for most modern vehicles. Before ordering the Exide 054SE car battery, please check the physical size and terminal layout against your old battery but if you’re not sure, please contact customer services on 0845 459 3084.

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