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Amaron Battery sells the Car Battery, Inverter Battery and Bike Battery in all major Cities and towns in Tamilnadu like Chennai (covering Chennai, Kanchipuram and Thiruvallur) and more. I really hope that the root cause is not the rims but some small nail as cooldhaya mentioned.
At the same time he checked the tyres and guess what was the issue with the right rear tyre - A long nail had made its way into it (attached a pic of it). I really whole heartedly appreciate people who do not hide anything because that is the first signs of honesty!
Originally Posted by RSM This is good report Jammy and always nice to read about good servicing offered to anybody. Originally Posted by anuprav I will be going for the first service on 29th June but facing some issues with FIGO.
Consumers can buy genuine and fresh Car Battery or Bike Battery or Inverter Battery online. BTW, the variabts are LXI, EXI, ZXI and Titanium but it is tough to tell which one is it if it is other than Titanium. If yes then there may also be a problem of small nails or other particles which will reduce the tyre pressure slowly.

Very impressed with the professionalism shown by the executive at Lathangi and the quality of service. Since it was first free service, he straight away asked about the concerns I had and I promptly mentioned the ones I had namely the tyre pressure and an very occasional light vibrating sound at right front inside the cabin. Need to get it checked at every service and if the paint has come off, they will repaint it for free.
Service station might tell you to take different branded (depend who gives them max margin).
I know that it was not necessary to do it since nobody would have exhausted it in 1.5 months.
It is not 100% reflective, may be 60% reflective but enough to block the view from outside. When you order a Car Battery or Inverter Battery, company trained technician will install the battery at your place within 24 hours. Within a week's time one of the tyres had lost quite a bit of it, like it was 21 instead of 30.
When I went to collect the car, he took me inside to the place where they were still doing the under chasis coating and allowed me to have a close look.

But yes if you there is some leakage, keep checking the oil level more frequently and make sure the level is maintained. From inside, though, the view is almost as good as through normal glass, say the visibility should be around 80%. Anyway, its service time for my Figo on Thursday and hopefully the guys figure out what the issue is and fix it. I was under the wrong impression that it was the exhaust but it is actually the chasis frame. You pay only after your Car Battery or Bike Battery or Inverter Battery is installed and you are satisfied.
Because of this pressure problem, I got some really bad mileage this time and I am sure it is because of the tyre issue.

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