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As I said this project is simply about making a precise digital voltmeter that plugs in to the car’s cigarette lighter receptacle and displays the instantaneous voltage across the battery terminals. The regulated +5 V supply can be derived from the car’s cigarette lighter receptacle (12 V output) using LM7805 regulator IC. The Tesla Roadster 'Brick' saga continues, and more facts are coming to the surface, so let's take a closer look.
However, one thing that I personally find missing is the real-time monitoring of voltage across the car’s battery terminals. When the engine is turned off, the voltage measured by this device is the actual output voltage from the battery. The PIC16F1827 microcontroller uses the AN4 ADC channel for measuring the voltage across the car’s battery terminals. The seven segments (a-g) and the decimal point (DP) are driven through PORTB of PIC16F1827. It all started with this blog post which claims that Tesla's electric vehicles - the Roadster, but also the upcoming Model S and Model X - can easily be turned into unmovable 'bricks' is inadvertently allowed to fully discharge. This may not seem to be that important but one of the most common reasons for a car battery failure is the faulty charging system. However, if the engine is on or the car is running, it actually measures the charging voltage across the battery that is coming from the car’s charging system (alternator + rectifier). The R1 and R2 resistors at the ADC input channel creates a simple voltage divider network to scale down the incoming voltage from the battery’s positive terminal. Otherwise, any accidental high input voltage could damage the microcontroller port permanently. So I opened my USB car charger, disconnected the output D+ pin from rest of the circuit, and re-wired it to the input +12 V from the battery.
If the charging system is not working properly, the battery will not get the proper charging voltage (about 13.8 V for 12V battery) across its terminals and it could go flat. Before feeding to the ADC channel, the battery output voltage is scaled down to below the reference voltage by using a voltage divider network. The ULN2003 darlington array provides current sink to each of the common cathodes of the seven segment LED module. Now, we have +5 V, Gnd, battery terminal voltage, and D- (useless) in the USB port pins of the car charger.

Because the iPod range has batteries of a wide selection of capacities, our solar iPod charger is instead voltage limited.
In 2011, he took his Roadster out for a drive and then parked it in a temporary garage while his home was being renovated. This project is about making a simple electronic voltage monitor system for car’s battery and its charging system. The measured instantaneous battery voltage is shown on a 4-digit seven segment LED display. Then I used an USB-A Male to B Male Adapter to connect these signal lines to the microcontroller circuit board.
It plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter receptacle and displays the instantaneous output voltage across the battery terminals on a 4-digit seven segment LED display. Even in the brightest sunshine the voltage is not excessively above that of the iPod battery, and the current is plenty enough to charge the battery in a few hours in bright conditions (even in the UK!).A blocking diode should be used (in the positive solar panel lead) to prevent the iPod battery from slowly draining at night if it is still connected to the panel. This helps you to get early warnings for possible battery and its charging system problems. It took four men two hours to drag the 2,700-pound Roadster onto a flatbed truck so that it could be shipped to Tesla’s Los Angeles area service center, all at the owner’s expense.
A service manager then informed him that “it’s a brick” and that the battery would cost approximately $40,000 to replace. To connect this to the solar charger a female USB-A connector (socket) is required such as the one pictured below:It can often be cheaper to buy a cable with a fitted female USB-A connector and cut it off to use in this project. I had no idea I was putting the car at risk or obviously I would not be in the position I am in now. I moved into a short-term rental during my remodel and didn’t have a convenient place to plug in my Roadster. I parked it in my temporary garage and planned to drive it once I was back home with my HPC.Notice how the first version says "six weeks" but the letter to Tesla says "over two months".
These include Solio Solar Charger, PowerMonkey-Explorer (pictured above), and Freeloader Solar Charger.These commercial chargers feature a small solar panel and an onboard rechargeable battery which in turn is used to recharge your iPod or other device. In the blog post it also says that he took it for a drive and then stored it, while in the letter it says that there's 13k miles on it. For example, combustion vehicles require regular oil changes or the engine will be destroyed.

Electric vehicles should be plugged in and charging when not in use for maximum performance.
All batteries are subject to damage if the charge is kept at zero for long periods of time.There are also technical fixes for this problem that can make it very very unlikely to happen. For example, Nissan claims that its LEAF has a failsafe system that will prevent the battery from completely discharging. The first is if all 8,000 cells individually fail (highly unlikely except in the case of something catastrophic like a fire). The second failure mechanism is if the battery management system tells the pack to shut down because it has detected a dangerous situation, such as an extremely low depth of discharge.
If that's the case, all that needs to be done is to tow the vehicle to a charger, recharge the batteries and then reboot the battery management system. This is the most likely explanation for the five "bricks" that the blogger claims to have heard about. They probably aren't actually bricks, but cars in need of servicing.Another error on the part of the blogger is the claim that if the cars discharge fully, the battery packs will be damaged. The battery management system of the Tesla Roadster keeps the battery from being discharged to a damagingly low state of charge under normal driving conditions. It's true that a full discharge to zero percent state of charge can potentially be damaging to a battery. However the battery management system of the Roadster won't allow the car to reach that low level of charge. There is a fundamental problem when any rechargeable battery is discharged and then left to sit for months. Any boat owner understands that that's why you plug in a trickle charger when the craft is put into storage.
However, to imply that the Tesla Roadster has a fundamental design flaw because of the nature of electrochemistry is like saying that Chrysler has a fundamental design flaw because its engines will be damaged if you drain all the oil out and then drive cross-country.I think the bottom line is that it's possible to damage electric cars, just like it's possible to damage gasoline or diesel cars, if you do things that you're not supposed to do.
They are designed to take a lot of abuse and protect people from mistakes, but it'll always be possible to do something that causes damage.

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