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4) can be ordered graphene or graphene oxide dispersion (polar or non-polar solvents may beFor more information OR other specifications of the products, please contact us. Furthermore, the quality of the graphene that was separated by using this method was sufficiently high enough to create molecular electronic devices successfully.
Also, it was previously impossible to grow graphene layers on a large scale using crystalline epitaxy on anything other than a metallic substrate.

This product is provided with a PMMA coating on top of the Graphene in order ease the transfer process and to avoid contamination. It's a high quality product, with a great homogeneity, and it is ideal for R&D departments and universities. This severely limited its use in electronics as it was difficult, at that time, to separate graphene layers from its metallic substrate without damaging the graphene.

Due to their relatively small diameter, these graphene particles provide better dispersion with less of a barrier effect than the thicker Nanoplatelets.

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