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Apparently you can’t use the special Famicom to play your favorite classic games, but if you need a cool protective case for your Galaxy S3, the handmade Famicom Galaxy S3 case may be able to draw your attention. Samsung Galaxy S3 has 16GB or 32GB internal storage, but if you want more storage capacity, the ego Hybrid Series Galaxy S3 case may be able to catch your eyes. You can use an individual backup battery to charge your smartphone, but if you use Samsung Galaxy S3, mophie juice pack Samsung Galaxy S3 case should be more suitable for you.
This 7000mah galaxy s iii battery will power your phone : The galaxy s iii has a capacity of 2100 milliamp hours.

If you need a robust and minimalistic option, the Chisel Galaxy S3 case may be able to catch your eyes. If you’re looking for a versatile protection for the Android phone, the Eclipse S3 Galaxy S3 case may be able to catch your eyes. Maybe you need a handy backup battery such as the following PowerSkin Samsung Galaxy S3 case with backup battery. Take a look at imymee’s Flip, maybe the Samsung Galaxy S3 case can meet your requirements.

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