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We hold a huge stock of replacement batteries in our service centre and can exact match the right battery for your mobility scooter type.
If you prefer to order and install yourself, we will provide you with clear instructions and advice on how to fit this as well as some common pitfalls to avoid.
Alternatively, as with all our mobility product services, we can take the worry and hassle of fitting your new scooter battery by providing a full delivery and install service.
Mobility Repairs Direct offer a complete range of servicing and repairs for Mobility products as well as mobility insurance and warranty for peace of mind. When you know every effort in your day directly affects the lives of others, you become a company who try harder, work smarter and who understand the true impact it has on quality of life. Having spoken with Lisa at your office (who I must say was very friendly, professional and helpful) - I'm writing to thank you for agreeing to deliver the chair today to Joyce Dean in Brighouse.

I wanted to write to you to personally thankyou for the extra time you spent with my grandfather last week to make sure he was able to use the lift correctly.
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions can be reduced by using reliable battery status; and, information to support engine efficiency solutions, Stop-Start system functions.
Help and alert messages adapted to individual driving style, traffic conditions and route topography. Since Optima YT's have problems with cold weather, I decided to install a battery heater system in my Sparrow.
We offer both a replacement and delivery service and a replacement and fitting service within your home or care setting. Whilst many mobility scooter batteries may look the same, they are in fact different and ita€™s important you ensure the right battery is selected for your make and model to avoid damage being caused to electrical components of your scooter.

If you would prefer to talk someone directly call us on 0330 445 0099 and one our friendly and skilled team will be happy to help. Ita€™s key to follow the guidance on the most appropriate mobility scooter battery break in period. This cable self-regulates it's temperature, so you don't need thermostats, and it can't get too hot. We can also advise on the most effective charge period to get the most out of your new battery and protect it for years to come.

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