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You can maintain the DC power for the buffer amplifier at the operating position by splitting the windings of the transformers used at each end of the feedline from controller to buffer. Operating-position-sited-battery version of cardioid pattern antenna with Clifton Labs buffer is shown in Figure 3. Other generic buffers that are high-impedance-in to single-ended 50 to 75 ohms out can also be used. Operating-position-sited-battery version of cardioid pattern antenna with a generic buffer is shown in Figure 4.

Since I have a flea-market stash of (now-obsolete) LH0033G and LH0063CK buffer chips, I sometimes use them since they are relatively low noise. I installed a Micro-SuperLoop antenna under the back deck of my house (South Yarmouth, MA). Since there is only one meaningfully-strong daytime signal to the east (1170 WFPB: Orleans, MA), I did strength testing with the antenna feed from the west end and with the east end terminated, putting WFPB in the cardioid null and a variety of westerly stations in the forward lobe so gain could be assessed at several frequencies. Stations observed in the midday groundwave tests were 660 WFAN (NY), 880 WCBS (NY), 1050 WEPN (NY), and 1480 WSAR (MA). If a 1K termination is switched in at the buffer input, gain drops slightly; it's still at least 10 dB.

This is typically what I am running at beach DXpedition sites with the car-roof 2m by 2m loop.
It was not possible to judge noise figure since house and powerline based electrical noise exceeded amplifier noise across the medium wave band. On paper, the 4.8V electrics don't sound impressive, but they gave effortless polishing results and the battery pack ran for well over an hour before needing a boost.

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