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Utilising the latest advance design Oxygen Recombination Technology, Yuasa have applied their 80 years experience in the lead acid battery field to produce the optimum design of Sealed Lead Acid batteries.
The  lead acid battery is widely applied for new energy, telecommunication, banking, medical industry, fire fighting, public safety and etc. Excellent safety performance: No electrolyte leakage, battery swelling and cracking under normal use.

Good discharging performance: With smooth discharging voltage and mild discharging platform. Good impact-proof performance: The fully charged battery is proved to maintian normal open circuit voltage and be without leakage or batteries swelling or cracking after droping three times from 20cm height naturally to a 1 cm-thick hardwood board. Good resistance to overdischarge: In temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, the fully charged battery discharges with fixed resistance which is equivalent to the one required by 1 CA discharge of the battery for three weeks, and it can restore capacity over 75%.

Good resistance to high current: The fully charged battery is proved to be without conductive part melted or any appearance deformation after discharging at 2 CA for 5 minutes or 10 CA for 5 seconds.

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