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Two years later, LG Chem has not produced a single battery and almost all of the 200 employees are on rolling furloughs, missing a week of work every month. LG Chem was expected to produce 15,000 batteries for electric and hybrid cars every year, as well as hundreds of new jobs. Mitsubishi, Yuasa JV Expands Electric Car Battery ProductionAddition of new plant and increased capacity of existing plants will produce enough batteries for 120,000 vehicles annually. Seat, Sanyo Pen Agreement to Build Lithium BatteriesBatteries will be built in collaboration with Ficosa for Seat and Volkswagen plants in the Iberian Peninsula.
How Long Will Electric Car Batteries Last?Reader asks Globe and Mail's Richard Russell how long batteries will last in an electric or hybrid car, and what will be replacement cost?
UPS has ordered 50 hybrid delivery trucks, which will reduce fuel consumption by 44,000 gallons per year. UPS demonstrated its hydraulic hybrid delivery vehicle at the South Coast Air Quality Management District in Diamond Bar, Calif.
The company is working to develop future generations of delivery vehicles that reduce dependence on fossil fuels, significantly reduce fuel consumption and create a vehicle platform to bridge to the hydrogen economy. I applaud you on your commitment to use alternative fuel sources and vehicles,a lot of companies,evern the government are afraid to try theses aproches. The Truth About Cars is dedicated to providing candid, unbiased automobile reviews and the latest in auto industry news.
Despite the absence of a mule, prototype or anything that would resemble reality, Tesla’s Model 3  — or III, however you spell it — will make its debut at the Geneva auto show next year, AutoExpress is reporting.
The post Tesla Model 3 May Make Appearance Next Year appeared first on The Truth About Cars. With the Ford Focus ST due for a mid-cycle refresh in Europe, Ford apparently announced a diesel version of their hot hatch at a dinner after Day 1 of the Geneva Auto Show.
The post Geneva 2014: Ford Focus ST Gets Diesel Variant appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
The post Here’s What Most Jeep Renegades Will Look Like appeared first on The Truth About Cars. According to Brand Finance and other business experts, Ferrari- not Apple- is the world’s strongest brand. The post Apple to Show iOS in the Car at Geneva … in a Ferrari appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
A year ago, Qoros, the startup car company based on the business model of building cars in China with European engineering and Israeli capital, showed it’s first car, the compact Qoros 3 Sedan at the Geneva International Motor Show.
The post New Qoros 3 Hatch to Debut in Geneva, 3 Sedan Starts Sales in Europe appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
The post Carmakers Convinced Batteries Alone Won’t Meet Green Goals appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

The post Avoidable Contact: This Geneva Convention Was Torture For Enthusiasts appeared first on The Truth About Cars. The post 2013 Geneva Auto Show: A Selected Retrospective appeared first on The Truth About Cars. All of you who talked smack about the New Jeep Cherokee, take note: Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne believes in this car, so much that he predicts Chrysler selling more than 800,000 Jeeps worldwide in 2013.
The post Marchionne Wants To Set New World Record On The Jeep appeared first on The Truth About Cars. The volks who worry about Volkswagen being incapable of directing its big band of brands should make a trip to Geneva.
The post From XL-1 to Veneno, Volkswagen Shows Cars For Everyman appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
The Ford EcoSport, launched last year into the wilds of South America, is being unleashed upon unsuspecting Europeans at the Geneva Motor Show. The post Ford EcoSport: Low Cost Crossover Released Into The Wastelands Of Europe appeared first on The Truth About Cars. Unlike other car companies that perfected the slow reveal to a tantalizing and sometimes agonizing strip-tease, Infiniti had sworn to keep its EMERG-E study fully clothed until it bares all at the upcoming Geneva Auto Salon. This is the news from the Lake Wobegon car show, where all the vehicles look beautiful, all the engines are low-emission, and all automotive managers are above average. Longtime auto observers know there’s a fine line between a clean, subtle design and a boring car.
The post Geneva Gallery: Subaru Hybrid Tourer Concept appeared first on The Truth About Cars. The post Geneva Gallery: Peugeot SR-1 Cabrio Concept appeared first on The Truth About Cars. Auto Industry and the Market of 2025 (45 page) The Center for Automotive Research (CAR) analysis calculates fuel economy costs to be from $4,190 to $6,435 per vehicle and a lifetime fuel savings of only $1,690 to $2,693.
The unique UPS delivery vehicle uses hydraulic pumps and hydraulic storage tanks to store energy, similar to what is done with electric motors and batteries in hybrid electric vehicles. UPS currently operates one DaimlerChrysler Sprinter fuel cell van in Ontario, California and one in Ann Arbor, Michigan The EPA provides a hydrogen refueling station at its national fuel emissions laboratory in Ann Arbor, Michigan In California, UPS gets its hydrogen fuel from a station in the South Coast Air Quality Management District. The goal of this initiative by 2012 is to reduce 18 million tons of carbon and 200,000 tons of nitrogen oxides (NOx) annually.
Together with the Clean Cargo group, Green Freight is developing voluntary environmental guidelines to enhance fleets’ performances while spurring a broader movement toward a sustainable transportation future.
The show is big because it is an annual confab of automakers where shoulders are rubbed, mergers are planned, policies are set. Handheld nerds already have been given an EcoSport preview at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Fresh off pictures from our resident Chinese spy, Suzuki has released some pictures of the upcoming S-Cross C-segment all-wheel-driver. What might come as a surprise is that Subaru is the brand currently exploring the liminal zone between nice and narcoleptic. Volvo has caught wind of this, and offers the 2011 S60 in hopes of adding the Bavarian-ambivalent market to its solid Swedophile base. UPS began extensively testing CNG in 1989 to assess its benefits and viability as an alternative fuel.
Hybrid technology is perfect for delivery vehicles because braking energy is stored in batteries and later feed to an electric motor, thereby reducing the size and fuel needed in a diesel engine.
The S-Cross, first previewed in Paris last September, looks to feature some LED eyeliner and a new corporate grille up front, similar to the refreshed Grand Vitara. The Heuliez Mia looks to wade into the middle of this controversial segment, offering a huge amount of space in a weird, box-like form.
The vehicle was designed with the support of the UPS, Eaton Corporation – Fluid Power, International Truck and Engine Corporation, U.S. Permission to repost up to a 200 word summary if a link is included to the original article at Clean Fleet Report. 11 liquefied natural gas (LNG) tractors operate in the UPS West Coast fleet, hauling more than 31,000 packages a day.
The trucks have 60 percent to 70 percent higher fuel efficiency and emit 40 percent less carbon dioxide than normal UPS delivery trucks. For example, USP designed delivery routes to minimize left turns because turning across traffic is not only more dangerous, it requires longer idling time, wastes fuel and creates more congestion. 1,500 of those vehicles use alternative fuel, savings millions of gallons of oil and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Because of its density, LNG is a viable alternative fuel source for large trucks that need to go long distances before stopping to refuel. UPS invests an added $7,000 per truck for these fuel efficient hybrids, and saves over $7,000 in fuel in less than three years. Since 2000, UPS alternative-fuel vehicles have logged 108 million route miles — enough to circle the Earth more than 4,300 times.

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