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Wenn das Gaspedal nicht betätigt wird, wird Energie in Form von Strom durch die Rekuperationsenergie zum Laden der Batterieeinheit genutzt. In dem Elektromobil Zoe setzt Renault ein System namens R-Link ein, hierbei handelt es sich laut Renault um eine gesicherte 2G Verbindung. Zum einen kann man via Smartphone auf die Funktionen seines Elektroauto zugreifen und zum Beispiel die Heizung einschalten, aber auch den Ladestatus der Batterie abrufen. Bei dem Elektroauto Renault ZOE handelt es sich um das vierte Elektrofahrzeug von Renault, Mitte 2013 ist es in Deutschland auf den Markt gekommen. Wir wollen hier uber Elektroautos, (Plug-In) Hybridautos, Brennstoffzellenfahrzeuge und alles andere, was mit Elektromobilitat zu tun hat berichten.
It's the first time I've seen in print that Renault has the capability to stop you using your Zoe if you don't pay the battery lease fee, though of course it has long been suspected. About two weeks into ownership of our Ford Focus Electric I asked the wife to take the Focus Electric to work because I needed to pick up a manhole cover and it would be easier to get it into and out of the Volt.  Yes my day job is that glamorous.
This would be her first time to drive the FFE, so of course when she hopped in and pressed the power button it didn’t start.  It came up with a “Stop Safely Now” which seemed odd since we weren’t even moving yet.
What ensued was something of an eye opener.  I was concerned about having the vehicle towed, it being electric and only two weeks old. Hoping it would turn out to be a minor issue I decided to tow to the closest dealer, Bowditch Ford, and though they said it would be next week before they could look at it, they called the next day and said it was beyond their ability to fix as they were not yet fully EV certified.  What came next was something of a circus of phone calls to Bowditch to Richmond Ford to Ford Roadside Assistance, the Roadside Assistance Dispatch, and the Tow Truck driver. The exact nature of the problem with the FFE was a Battery Energy Control Module failing to communicate,  which prevented the bottom HV battery from engaging.  I suspect this module could have been replaced, but being early days perhaps Ford wanted to have a look see to determine exactly what was going on, or perhaps they thought, instead of mucking about in the battery, best to just replace the whole works. On an MSRP basis the FFE is about $2k more than the LEAF SL, but of course the reality is that LEAFs are now selling substantially below MSRP, and leasing for the crazy low price of $219 in some markets.  And with Smyrna set to come on line the LEAF pricing is expected to go even lower.
In fact, ran into a LEAF owner in Richmond, who happens to work for a Nissan dealer.  They gave him a $279 lease rate with no money down and agreed to allow him to charge the car at work for free.  His trade in car was costing him $350 a month just in gas! With the robust sales of PHEVs like the Volt and the plug-in Prius and modest sales of battery only vehicles like the LEAF, Focus Electric, Model S, and iMiev, Ford is perhaps justified in taking a conservative approach with the FFE.  In time, I believe many of these PHEV will realize that the statistics don’t lie, 80% of us drive less than 40 miles per day and therefore not every vehicle in your fleet needs to have an engine. Had a swarm of wild bees come onto the property some time back, it was fascinating watch the beekeeper come and collect them. Clearly at this point, if you live in a temperate area and are therefore not worried about the battery getting too hot, then better deals can be had on the LEAF. On the plus side, there was a CMAX on the lot at the dealer this morning so had the chance to look at that. I agree, anyone who buys a BEV banking on the availability of public chargers is setting themselves up for disappointment. No doubt any extra weight effects efficiency, but range is not the only thing the extra engine brings.

And larger may lean longer if all things are equal, but typically they are not such as Nissan and Ford running without a liquid cooled battery and charging to 100% thus effecting the chemistry. The Volt (right from introduction) does do that, it has internal temperature monitors and if cold enough will start the engine right away just for those reasons. Reading between the lines it appears to me that Ford anticipates that PHEV will be the volume leader in electrified vehicles in the near term. If people drive less, then the battery should last longer and this is the thinking behind Renault’s new program.
Maybe sales will increase a little bit with this new offer.  However, Renault seems to still be deaf to the concept of selling the car with the batteries.
Even at UK petrol prices I can travel more miles than that for less money even if the electricity were free. In Norway the Zoe with battery included is selling for the same price range of 4 seats Volkswagen e-Up (21.490€). Sorry, for what I know at the moment Renault EVs with batteries included are only available in Norway and France. I can’t seem to track down the price of the batteries in France – have you a link? Renault does not sale the Zoe with battery in France, that’s just some phantasie price of an unknown dealer and there is no prove that even a single Zoe was sold by them.
Let’s hope that soon Renault expands the option to buy the battery to others countries. I think that the introduction of Tesla, Volkswagen and BMW’s electric cars forced Renault to get their acts together to not lose the leadership in EVs. Yes, in Europe where Renault sells electric cars, they have more than half of the market share. I just looked into it and you are right that in the european sales they are actually the number one brand in 2013 with almost a third of all sales. But globally they are not in the top 5 of car makers selling EV’s and in europe they were number three in november with almost no margin down to number four and five. Wird das Bremspedal benutzt, arbeitet ein bi- modales Bremssystem, welches die Bremskraft elektronisch zwischen Elektromotor und Radbremse verteilt. Ermöglicht werden damit Ladeleistungen von bis zu 43 Kilowatt, wodurch die Ladezeit auf 30 Minuten reduziert werden soll.
Zum anderen steht Zoe mit Renault in Verbindung, so das man auf das TomTom Live-System, Renault Service oder andere Apps zugreifen kann. Eine Warmepumpe als Heizung einzubauen ist bislang die innovativste Losung, von der ich bzgl.

Heated seats become a more efficient method, but that is still burning energy, thus requiring a bigger battery, thus weighing more, thus effecting efficiency. For the 3-4 times a year the hatchback won’t cut it the 17year old 4X8 light duty trailer does fine. Unfortunately, I’m 40 miles from the nearest city so todays current technology is pretty useless to me. Access for ZOE.   Access is designed for drivers that do not exceed 5,000 km a year (~3,100 miles). Access will cost €49 a month (battery rental) for a minimum commitment of 36 months, where Z.E. Access is particularly adapted to customers who drive short distances every day, corresponding to an average daily commute of 20 km, or 400 km a month. And the price shouldn’t drop as much as the mileage as the batteries in the car still cost the same to Renault.
Renault Zoe is technically such a good car it’s a shame that it was being undermined by the useless bureaucrats that run the company.
Of course the Volt missed this in the first generation but PHEVs will soon discover that staring on gas in the winter, heats the person, heats, the battery thus extending range, and makes more electricity. As battery technology rapidly improves extending range and weighing less these issues start to fade away. The Prius used to be an aftermarket PHEV conversion but some kid rearended my wife and totaled that one.
Bei den kunstlich erzeugten Fahrgerauschen bin ich mir nicht sicher, ob es der Umwelt nicht besser tate, wenn sie sich wieder an Ruhe gewohnen konnte.
My wife and I combined drive less than 15,000 miles per year in our retirement thus we share our Volt. One of my neighbors had a Prius last year but had so much trouble with the batteries that they traded for a high mpg gas car. And when I pick up something like the man hole cover ( and I do (honey bees don’t do well in a hatchback)) , I still keep a Ford F150 for that. When the range improves and the price gets reasonable, we will see folks, even those of us out in the sticks, make a move toward EVs.
Until then, it’s you urban folks who are going to have to suffer the growing pains for the rest of us!

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