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If you have a broad range of cleaning tasks, this all-purpose cleaner and degreaser virtually does it all – and does it very well. Utilizing oxygen generating technology, O2™ by TimeMistA® continuously dispenses consistent, ambient fragrance for 60 days per cartridge refill.
This high performance detergent is formulated for use in either hot vat or recirculating spray wash cabinets.

CARB, EU, and REACH compliant refills, available in 8 pure oil fragrances, provide odor-neutralizing agents that eliminate malodors and leave fresh scent in air. Battery life is rated at up to two years, and included indicator notifies users when refill is exhausted and when batteries must be replaced. O2 by TimeMist utilizes patented oxygen generating technology to deliver continuous, consistent, ambient fragrance for 60 days, guaranteed.

The refills provide odor-neutralizing agents that eliminate malodors and leave a fresh scent in the air.

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