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You mention 10 hour rate ,my lowest output charger is 700 mA (not 120 ma ) Would it be safe do you reckon to connect it for say 10 minutes just to see what happens ? However, on checking the manufacturer's sites to refresh my knowledge, I believe I may have been more or less correct. The replacement Yuasa NP55-12 Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery meets or exceeds the OEM SLA battery specifications. If it is clobbered you probably won’t be able to charge it anyway, the internal resistance will be much to high. Our Customer Service will provide you with all the assistance you need to get the highest quality battery at the lowest possible price!
However, users should be awarethat when charging from fully discharged, the battery can draw an initialcharge current of approximately 2cA. If it will accept a charge then you can can charge it up at up to an amp, depending on the charger, if a constant voltage type, the rate will start to tail off as the voltage comes up.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information about the availability of a specific brand. Care should therefore be taken toensure that this initial charge current (if ungoverned) is within theoutput capability of the equipment. For a 12V battery, the output voltage of the charger is set to 13.8V, and the charger tries to maintain this under all circumstances. If the battery voltage is lower than this, then it will charge until it reachers 13.8V, and then stop. If it does start to charge and the voltage comes up very quickly then that also indicates that it’s most likely kaput. If we raise the voltage higher, the battery becomes fully charged, but if left on at these higher voltages for long periods it can become damaged. Maintaining the voltage under all circumstances implies the the current would be unrestricted but this would not be practicable in a small charger so the current is limited.

They were expensive, even back then, but they did last a long time, even despite the abuse, such as on the odd emergency occasion being charged in parallel from my van battery. This may be just a couple of amps in a small battery charger to many amps in a large power plant. As the battery becomes charged up and the voltage rises, the supply current becomes less, until at some point the current supplied is below the current limit.
If your multimeter can read amps put it in the line sometime and I suspect you will find that it will hardly ever read 700mA so that would be ok for charging.

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