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The Yuasa NP range of batteries are possibly the most recognised small sealed lead acid battery range on the market today. The NP range is constructed to ensure there is no leakage of electrolyte from the case or materials using a strictly controlled sealing technique and manufacturing process. The battery will in 90-95% state of charge approximately, we recommend charging before use if possible. Yuasa is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of valve regulated, lead-acid batteries with global manufacturing plants and an extensive marketing and distribution network throughout the world.

Since the early part of the 20th Century, Yuasa has been at the forefront of lead-acid battery technology, embracing new developments, applying research and investing in modern production plants to meet the every increasing need for reliable battery power sources. Yuasa’s selection of batteries provides what is possibly the widest choice of types from a single source to meet most known applications.
The NP12-12 is a compact, low maintenance design and perfect for smaller applications that require a reliable backup power source.
If you are looking for a reliable small sealed lead acid battery then you need look no further than the Yuasa NP battery range.

Our dedicated Customer Sales and Technical Support Center in Reading, PA is ready to handle and process your inquiry, and will direct you to a member of our trained sales team or one of our qualified technical consultants.

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