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You're most likely to notice when navigating in the traditional Windows desktop view and menus. Comparing the Yoga 2 and the x360, the HP hybrid ran some of our benchmark tests faster, but the difference wasn't big enough that you're likely to notice in real-world use.
The 12-inch MacBook gets a better battery and faster performance, but it's still a one-port-wonder. Dan Ackerman leads CNET's coverage of laptops, desktops, and Windows tablets, while also writing about games, gadgets, and other topics.
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??? ????? ??? ???? ? Lenovo ?????????? ??????????? ???? ????? ?? ????????? All In One – Tabletop, ??? ??????? ??????? ??? ??????? ???? ??? ??????????, ??? ????? ???? ??? All in One ?????? ?? ?????? ??????? ????? ?????? ???????? ??? ??? ??? 3 ????! Ultrabooks are thin, light and fast, but for some of us (myself included), the size matters more than anything else when choosing a laptop.
I’ll tell you what I like about each option and also mention the negative aspects you need to be aware of. We also have to mention the excellent backlit keyboard with black chiclet keys and the accurate touchpad, which greatly enhance the experience with this laptop. On the other hand, the 11-inch Macbook Air offers a rather limited IO (2xUSB slots, 1x Thunderbolt slot and no card-reader), but its single major drawback is the poor screen, with a 1366 x 768 px TN glossy panel.
Those of you that won’t be able to accept the subpar screen should also consider the Apple Macbook, just keep in mind it is a different type of laptop, one the focuses on portability and not as much on performance. An even better alternative for the Macbook Air 11 is the Dell XPS 13, a 13-inch ultraportable with Core U hardware, a good screen, a compact chassis and a total weight of 2.6 lbs. Lenovo’s 11-inch Yoga 3 is a 4-in-1 hybrid with a 360-degrees convertible display and is built on Core M hardware, paired with either 4 or 8 GB of RAM and SSD storage.
Lenovo bundles the Core M internals with a FHD IPS display on this unit and a fairly nice keyboard, which isn’t backlit though. The ThinkPad Helix 2 is another Core M powered 11-incher, but a completely different beast than those mentioned before, because it’s a detachable.
In other words, this thing is a stand-alone tablet with the hardware and battery tucked behind the screen.
As a detachable, the ThinkPad Helix is paired with either a slim Keyboard Folio, or a Keyboard Pro Dock, which includes a superior keyboard, a trackpad with Trackpoint and mechanical click buttons, extra ports and an extra 26 Wh battery. The pricing is the only aspect that could keep you away from the Helix, as a base version with the Keyboard Folio sells for a little under $1000, while the model with the Keyboard Pro Dock and the Thinkpad Pen is available for around $1250. HP offer two premium 11-inchers these days, a convertible built on the latest Intel Core U platforms, the Elitebook Revolce 810, and a detachable built on Core M hardware, the Elite X2 1011. The Elitebook Revolve 810 is one of the best 11-inchers available right now, if not the best. If you can look past these, the Revolve 810 has no really competition in the 11-inch segment, as the Macbook Air is not a convertible and only settles for a TN display.
The Elite X2 1011 is only built on fanless Core M hardware, so is not as powerful as the Revolve 810, and it’s a detachable, a tablet that can be paired with a matching keyboard dock. The tablet itself gets a magnesium shell and weighs 1.7 lbs when not attached to any keyboard.
There are a few older 11-inchers you should still have on your lists, especially since you might find them greatly discounted these days.
This is Dell’s alternative for the Lenovo mentioned above, a similarly sized computer built around the same form-factor and hardware. However, this is only available with Intel BayTrail-M hardware, so it’s not exactly an ultrabook, but it is somewhat more affordable than the Yoga and it does have a few other aces down its sleeve, including a larger 43 Wh battery and more ports (3USBs, full-size HDMI). The base version of the Inspiron 11 3000 sells for around $450 these days and those who already bought it had little to complain about it, as you can see from here. However, the Dell Inspiron 11 3000 will only do if you need it for light-daily activities and won’t push it too much.
Besides these, if you’re on a tight budget and need a compact, simple and cheap computer for basic tasks, you should definitely have a look at the available Chromebooks. Long story short though, Chromebooks are simple laptops running Chrome OS, an operating system based around Google’s Services. The 11.6 inch ultrabooks start these days at around $200-$250, with devices like the Samsung Chromebook or the Acer C720 Haswell Chromebook, but you can also find slightly larger and more powerful devices in stores, like this 14 inch HP Chromebook.
There’s no 10 inch device available in stores for the time being able to meet the exact Intel ultrabook requirements .
There’s also its metal made successor, the Transformer Book T100TAM that I reviewed here, the Acer Aspire Switch 10 or the slightly larger but more powerful Dell Venue Pro 11 .

More Bay Trail 2-in-1s will hit the stores in the next months, and if you’re on a tight budget, I suggest you keep a close eye on those. On the other hand, personally, I’d also have a look at my general list of recommended ultrabooks, as you might find out that those are not significantly larger or heavier than these ones, but tend to offer better keyboards and screens, more features and ports, faster hardware and longer battery life. May I pick your brain for a small question… but one that puzzles a non-IT person like me. I looked at amazon, walmart etc for prices and found 2 ACER aspire models on Walmart site that seem similar but have different pricing…. ON the other hand, looks like the 6859 version comes with two batteries in the pack, the included 4 Cell one and an extra 3 Cell on.
Dell Inspiron 11 3000 is my choice but touch and hinge added extra cost.Would you mind to suggest alternatives?? Keep in mind: I manually approve each comment that goes on the site, this way I can attend to all your questions and requests. A $730 model with a 3rd generation Core i3 processor, for instance, gets up to 5 hours and 25 minutes of battery life, while the new model should run for up to 7 hours and 24 minutes.
Interestingly, there’s no mention of the new Haswell-powered Yoga 11S on the Lenovo website yet, but it appears Best Buy may have had the new tablets in stock since early October. Compulab Fitlet-RM is a tiny, rugged PC for $311 and upCompulab's Fitlet line of computers are small and fanless.
To Microsoft's credit, the tile-based Windows 8 interface is fast and responsive with pretty much any processor, and native Windows 8 apps work great.
The HP's extra RAM, 8GB versus 4GB, gets the credit here, but spending more on a Core i3 or i5 Yoga 2 11 would yield results on par with mainstream laptops. A former radio DJ and member of Mensa, he's written about music and technology for more than 15 years, appearing in publications including Spin, Blender, and Men's Journal.
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Les conditions d'application et les taux de la TVA peuvent varier en fonction du montant final de la vente. Our portable companion would need to handle Office use, web surfing and multimedia content from time to time, and it would need to be compact, light and able to run for many hours on a charge. This post is about the best 11-inchers and smaller options with 10-inch screens available these days in stores, and we’ll talk about them all in this detailed article, meat to help you pick the right device for your needs and budget. I’ve also added links to our detailed reviews and to our deals website, where you can usually find these devices discounted.
Expect to pay between $600 to $1000 for them, and get premium features like aluminum unibodies, touchscreens with pen support, backlit keyboards and the latest hardware platforms. It sports an aluminum unibody, so it’s not just portable, but also sturdy built and nice looking. If you can look past these, the MBA is an outstanding product, but I admit it’s tough to accept that screen in this day and age.
It offers a superior 12-inch screen in a smaller and lighter body, but is no match for the MBA 11 when it comes to speed, connectivity and typing-experience.
The Core M platform is able to handle everyday activities as long as you keep multitasking at bay, but is not a match for the latest Core U processors. Last but not least on the specs sheet there’s a 34 Wh battery, enough for around 5-6 hours of daily use on a charge. It might not have the premium build quality of the Apple Macbook, but does offer a touchscreen and the 4-in-1 form factor for a fraction of the price. Buyers get a fanless Core M processor, up to 8 GB of RAM, SSD storage and a 35 Wh battery, all inside a 1.75 lbs.
The latter accessory will transform the Helix into a versatile mini laptop, albeit a rather large and heavy one at 3.75 lbs.
You should keep an eye for potential discounts if you’re interested in what this otherwise great package has to offer. HP paired it it with a beautiful and tough metallic case that weighs 3.1 lbs, an excellent backlit and spill-resistant keyboard, a bright IPS touchscreen, fast Core U hardware and a 44 Wh battery. However, the Revolve 810 is extremely expensive, with a Core i5 configuration with 8 GB of RAM and a 180 GB M.2 SSD selling for around $1500. One is the Travel Keyboard Folio illustrated in the picture below, which sells for around $250. It might be still worth buying these days, although Sony have quit making laptops and finding spare parts can be problematic. The screen and the overall typing experience are on par with the Lenovo, and so is the overall build quality, as this one is also made out of plastic. So it’s not just me considering this a top 11 inch affordable hybrid, others share the same feeling. If you do need more power though, you should check out some of the other Intel Core powered options in here.
Most of your content (music, videos, files, documents) is stored in the Cloud and needs an Internet connection to be accessed (but you can store things locally as well, if you want to) and you’re going to have a selection of apps that you can use for different activities (browser, maps, email, multiemdia, weather, games, etc), much like you do on iOS and Android devices.
Among them, we have the Asus Transformer Book T100, a $400 dollar 2-in-1 convertible (or even cheaper these days) with a keyboard dock, which acts like a compact mini laptops and offers a complete Windows 8.1 experience on a compact 10 inch device.

Since 2007, I've only owned smaller than 12.5" laptops and I've been testing tens, if not hundreds of mini laptops.
It will be my only computer and I tend to carry it everywhere with me (hence light and durable).
It also has a multitouch trackpad, while the specs for the 6447 fails to mention that (although i believe both have multitouch trackpads).
She will use it to surf the internet, watch movies, listen to some music and use MS Office.
For daily use, I feel that an 11 incher is a better pick over a 10 incher, which might feel too slow. That's why the comments don't appear immediately once you've posted them, but usually after a few hours or even longer. Lenovo also has a small popup that recommends specific apps based on which angle the hinge is folded into, but there are no great surprises there.
Last but not least, you can also get in touch with me in the comments section if you have any questions or anything to add to the article, I’m around and will help out if I can. A modern hardware platform takes care of the performance side, as the MBA bundles the latest Intel Core U processors with Iris graphics, up to 8 GB of RAM and fast PCIe SSD storage. On top of that, the base version starts at $1299, albeit that’s for a higher-end configuration with 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD. Potential users might only complain about the screen, as only a 1366 x 768 px option is available, with no digitizer and pen support. It sells for between $1100 and $1400, with the base version only including 4 GB of RAM and a 128 GB SSD. The other is the Power Keyboard, which offer illuminated keys and a set of extra ports, plus a 23 Wh battery, for around $400.
The the awkward and flat touch-keyboard design will kill it for heavy typists, but everyone else might like this one, for the right price (I wouldn’t pay more than $600 for it). You should also keep in mind this comes with Haswell Core U processors and only a 34 Wh battery, so it’s not going to be as efficient or as fast as the modern alternatives.
I also put together a detailed buying guide that you should read before buying a Chromebook and a long list of the best Chromebooks money can buy right now.
In practice the difference between them is abysmal, so you shouldn’t care much about that.
I like the fact that you include battery life in different Intel processors (Ivy vs Haswell).
Still, if any new powerful 11 inchers are going to appear, that won’t happen sooner than Q4 2014, Q1-2015, when then new Intel Broadwell devices will start shipping.
If they made a regular laptop with the same internals they could get down to like 650 grams.
It will be sued for only browsing the net, office affairs (working with the Office software and Power point presentations – need appropriate port for this) and read the Ebooks and also watching the movies. If you do intend to leave anything other than positive feedback please contact us first so we may resolve any issues. A 38 Wh battery is part of the whole package as well, enough for around 7 hours of real life use, although Apple claims this computer will last up to 9 hours on a charge.
Follow this link for my impressions on the Apple Macbook and this one for potential discounts. For the screen Lenovo opted for an IPS FHD touch panel, with an integrated digitizer and pen support. Together, the Slate and the Power Dock sell for around $1500, a ludicrous price tag for a Core M hybrid, no matter how good it might be. And if you spot any mistake, care to suggest a device that’s missing from the list or just want to say hi, leave a comment below. I would like to get a faster machine and have been watching the Alienware M11x R3 version on Ebay. My machine still works great, I just want more speed, and no I do not use it for gaming, at all and never will. Instead we have a top heavy, >1kg tease and I am still sitting on my old acer netbook with a C50, a dying fan, and a screen with connection issues because in like five years nobody has made any progress despite huge advances in mobile CPUs. We now take legal action against any negative feedback comments which are unfair, libellous or defamatory. You can use the optional ThinkPad Digitizer Pen to take notes, draw and sketch on the display.
An 11-inch MacBook Air, at twice the price, would easily more than double that time.Conclusion By making this the least-expensive Yoga to date (not counting the best-forgotten Windows RT version), Lenovo makes a strong case that laptop and hybrid shoppers should expect more from budget PCs. It is my only computer, and have used the facial recognition from the start and am hooked on it.Thank you for any suggestions. Unfortunately, despite the low-power CPU, battery life here was merely average, running for 4 hours 47 minutes in our video-playback battery-drain test.
If you think of this as simply a decent budget touchscreen laptop and take its transformative hybrid properties as a bonus, it feels like an even better deal.

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