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Crown deep cycle performance starts with plates that are built to deliver power when it's needed.
Deep cycle batteries are used to provide a lower level of current output for a much longer duration.
Crown deep cycle batteries utilize the heaviest and thickest plates available from the battery industry - and more than 10% thicker than those used by the competition.

If you were to take a starting battery and regularly subject it to a discharge of 50% its capacity, the battery would have a relatively short lifespan before the plates deteriorate and the battery fails. Deep cycle batteries are made of thicker plates with a more dense construction and can withstand potentially damaging effects of a continual deep discharge and recharge. Allows easy fitment2 year warranty: These batteries have a warranty giving free replacement nationwide within 24 months from date of purchase if the battery fault is due to faulty materials or workmanship on the part of the battery.

Warranty is void through misuse, misapplication or other abnormal factors which affect the battery.

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