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The Sony Xperia Z2 will be in limited supply when it starts to launch across most European and Asian territories from April 2014. Checking out each and every picture really makes you appreciate the engineering genius that has gone into making the Xperia Z2. CNMO were also the ones to dismantle the Xperia Z1, which we reported on back in September 2013.
To remove the back shell, you need to use a very thin metal bar, or something equivalent, to pry the bottom of the shell open. Once the rear cover is removed, you will notice the battery and the outside of the motherboard. The rear glass panel of the Xperia Z2 is extremely thin, so please keep it in a safe place.
To get a proper look inside the phone, you will need to remove the screws holding the motherboard’s metal cover in place . This picture shows which parts need to be removed, including the Sony Xperia Z2 rear camera.
Here is a rear view of the motherboard, this is the side covered with the metal shield when the rear cover was first removed. After removing the motherboard, you will notice the 3.5mm headphone jack towards the top right of the picture below.
The cables are neatly bonded together, making it easy to distinguish between cables when dismantling the handset.
The Qualcomm RF Transceiver (WTR1625L) is the company’s smallest, most integrated RF transceiver supporting unparalleled connectivity worldwide.
Lastly, this picture shows all parts of the Xperia Z2 laid out together, fully disassembled.
The blue dot in Google Maps shows I’m moving in the correct direction, but the arrow indicating… what? Amin, try calibrating the compass in your phone by holding it and moving the phone in a figure 8 shape 10 times. Love how Samsung sucks so bad, but it’s Samsung you see when you open Sony, HTC, Apple, Sandisk. Oh you mean not like the one that was able to get the worlds first removable back and battery water proof phone.
You mean the high grade premium plastic poly carbonate…which unlike glass and aluminum can generally take much more damage and not shatter, crack, and dent.

Well It can’t be Qualcomm and everything other than the display , RAM and internal storage is manufactured by Sony. Compare this to the disassembly of the HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5, we must say we are impressed with how Sony built the Xperia Z2. Or it could just mean the phone is getting hotter on the inside, which is why it's hot on the outside.
DXOMark hasn't even looked at the S5 or HTC One M8 yet, so I fail to see how it can be used as definitive source, and it isn't especially difficult to pick holes in their analysis, either.I'm sorry if you're disappointed that the Z2 hasn't scored higher, but you're yet to actually make a specific point of why we're wrong that isn't some vague subjective assertion. Yes you are right, the fact that the reviewer don't seem to like the form-factor of the Z2 is up to him. Get TrustedReviews' award-winning reviews, opinions and advice delivered to your inbox for free! Obviously, apart from the 5.2-inch screen size of the Xperia Z2, the design remains largely the same as the Xperia Z1. The rear shell is glued on, so you will need to gently poke the glue and then move across to pry the bottom open. The battery is packed in a yellow tape, whilst the motherboard is wrapped in a tightly shielded metal cover. It shows all of the interfaces including microSD memory card slot, micro SIM slot, micro USB interface as well as the front facing camera. I don’t know when we may get this phone in Australia but you already have a spare to dismantle!
Wouldn’t be unheard of since the chinese version of the Xperia Z1 also used a plastic frame, same as the Z1S. 2 3 defa piyasadan takt?rd?m fakat degisik bir sekilde en ufak bir darbede paramparca olup etrafa dag?l?yordu.
However I'm not going to say what they are because you might be able to prove me wrong, and that would never do.See what I did there? In a given IPXX rating, the first digit indicates the level of dust protection(5) and the second digit is for water protection(8).
I don't want, on TR, to read a re-hash of other published reviews - I'd rather read them first hand, thanks. But it was the complete opposite.I don’t know why you are so alarmed by the occasional overheating. However, the assumption you make that all reviewers should agree with each other is wide of the mark - why should they?

The internal boost converter raises the supply voltage to 9.5 V, providing ample headroom for major improvements in sound quality. When he is not thinking about Android he loves to take his KTM Duke for a drive to no where. Assuming you'll see the same due to similar hardware is spurious argument given the cooling setup and configuration has just as much bearing. But the rating IP55 is not for either of those, it's a separate rating for pressurized water jets.So the Xperia Z2 is IP55 certified for water jets and IP58 for dust and water ingress(including submersion). The relevant paragraph:"Up to and including second characteristic numeral 6, the designation implies compliance also with the requirements for all lower characteristic numerals. In the meantime I have been able to track down a copy of the standard published by India which does explain the need for two ratings as applied by Sony. You write yourself that "However, in the several days following this incident, temperatures stayed within acceptable levels". The whole point of reading more than one review is to get more than one opinion, not to get the same opinion repeated twice over.
This means you can submerge the phone in water and it can take being pummeled with water jets."TR would do better to re-sequence the word order to keep the two parts in respective order. Isn’t the capability of taking low light pictures far more important than subtile screen differences? You didn’t compare low-light photography much – yet you devoted three pages to photography in your review of the S5. This is an investment of a few bucks which simply isn’t available to owners of the S5 or M8. When I read the review I found it to be excellent in some areas, but as you see above, you have failed completely on judging the Z2. I find that a joke, and the other 8 reviewers I’ve listened to join mein my opinion.I could continue with the fragile history on cracked Samsung screens or how the plastic frame on the current generation of Samsungs crumble within a year of use (check XDA threads).
All in all one can begin to wonder if the personal preference ofthe reviewer hasn’t gone too far. Presenting a review of 8 vs 5 pages, and 109 vs 63 photos, on the S5 vs Z2, respectively, really shows what a biased and bad review this is.

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