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AndroidWeblog trae para ti, Las mejores aplicaciones y Juegos para Android Disponibles desde la tienda de Google Play, asi como algunos dispositivos moviles y Tablets de excelente calidad. PRECIO: Posiblemente el precio del Xperia SL sea una de las cosas que mas les interesara, este lo podemos encontrar en un estimado de 534 Dolares, tomando en cuenta que es un movil reciente, deberas analizarlo en el pais donde te encuentres, visitando las tiendas de mayor demanda, donde podras encontrar los precios del Xperia SL. Call quality:Call quality with the Xperia SL is very good, with clear voices in the earpiece on our end, which could use more volume, though.
The pricing in the US hovers around the $450 mark and below, whereas the Xperia S can be found for around $400, so the only thing you might want the Xperia SL over the S, save for the 0.2GHz faster processor, would be the color choices a€“ that pink one is a chick magnet. Introduction:Sony did with the Xperia SL what it did with the Xperia arc and arc S last year a€“ a new version with more colors, newer Android version, and souped-up processor speed. The other side said we sounded very clean, with strong volume, and the noise-canceling mics managed to weed out the ambient sounds while we were talking.
18 month old processor which when combined with Sony's custom UI makes for a horrible experience. The loudspeaker is very strong, as we mentioned, meaning that it will be unlikely youa€™ll miss a call.

You can also look at the Xperia P, which has a smaller screen, but a very bright display, though with some color gamut issues. The LCD screen is bright, with popping colors, but the horizontal viewing angles degrade the image more than they should on a high-end screen. Sony has included its Mobile BRAVIA engine that boosts colors and contrast while watching media, which can be turned off. Sony says that just 10 minutes of charging time will juice the Xperia S enough for an hour of talk time, and 30 minutes will get you up to 80% charge.
It still offers the slightly curved back of the former Xperias for added grip comfort, but its matte plastic is a bit slippery, so the phone not being overly thin as some other anorexic handsets helps to grip it tight. Brightness and screen reflectance are decent, so outside visibility will only be an issue if the sun shines directly onto it. After the 80% threshold is reached, the phone starts charging normally to 100%, in order to preserve the battery.The 1750 mAh unit is rated for the very good 8 hours and 15 minutes talk time and 33 hours of music playback.
17 days of standby is also good, yet if the screen is on a lot, the phone drains the battery like a typical Android high-end for a day, day and a half, depending how you stress it.

Even if your hands are not as large, youa€™ll still be able to navigate fairly comfortably the interface with one hand, compared to other big-screen phones that come wider.Speaking of one-handed operation, the Xperia S offers good weight distribution, not most of it concentrated in the upper part around the camera module, as is so often the case. Thus we werena€™t worried that it might tip over when we push it up a bit to press the three capacitive Android buttons under the display.
We had a ho-hum experience with these buttons - the transparent strip that is a trademark of Xperia's NXT design line lights up with the Android navigation symbols like a back arrow or home, but the keys are three teeny-tiny dots above the respective icon lit up in the strip, and are very easy to miss.
The firm says that this strip, which also houses the antenna parts for improved reception, is meant to emphasize the screen part above it.Looking around the sides we barely notice any buttons and ports, we notice the microUSB and microHDMI ports covered with protective flaps in the chassis paint too.

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