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The recently launched Lenovo ThinkPad X220 is a business-class laptop with a 12.5 inch display and a starting price of $899. The folks at Laptop Magazine got a chance to put that claim to the test while reviewing the laptop, and while they didn’t quite make it to 24 hours, they did manage to squeeze more than 20 hours of run time out of the laptop which is pretty impressive.
The good news is that even with a standard 6 cell battery, Laptop Magazine got nearly 8 hours of run time out of the laptop, and a 9 cell battery without the external battery pack provided more than 12.5 hours of juice.
Compulab Fitlet-RM is a tiny, rugged PC for $311 and upCompulab's Fitlet line of computers are small and fanless. Do not modify or disassemble the ThinkPad X220 battery without professional help and knowledge. Do remember discharge then recharge the notebook battery for every few weeks during storage.
The length of laptop running time may vary a lot, It depends on the running applications and the external devices connected to your laptop. Tell us what you think about this Lenovo ThinkPad X220 battery Write a comment on this IBM battery and share your opinion with other people. I was skeptical about purchasing this cheap replacement battery, But it fits well and works fine. I got the discount genuine 9-cell x220 battery and it works great, after fully charged, the battery last over six hours. The new 9-cell Lenovo X220 battery has extended the battery hours of my laptop, which is a big favour for my work. All the information presented on this website may contain references to products or trademarks maintained by such manufacturers, which is solely to show the ThinkPad X220 battery with which our products are compatible. The ThinkPad X220 is quite simply the best 12-inch business notebook we've reviewed so far.
At first glance, the exterior of the ThinkPad X220 has only a few minor changes from the X201.
The majority of Lenovo’s business clients order their notebooks pre-configured exactly the way they want them. Ports and FeaturesThe ThinkPad X220 has what can only be described as the most robust port layout we’ve seen on any current-gneration 12-inch notebook. All content posted on TechnologyGuide is granted to TechnologyGuide with electronic publishing rights in perpetuity, as all content posted on this site becomes a part of the community. While some of those changes will make you shrug, especially the touchpad change which has been met with mixed reviews, for the most part there’s a lot to get excited about with the new features available in the X-series. While most business notebooks live their day-to-day lives running web, email and Office type programs it never hurts to have the latest and greatest Intel processors to make mundane business tasks take a little less time. The $50 IPS screen upgrade option on the X220 is another fantastic feature and a highly recommended upgrade. If your interest has been peaked, then read on to find out the rest of the details on the ThinkPad X220 as we break down the performance numbers and push and prod to test the durability. The ThinkPad X220 went through a partial face lift since the last generation 12-inch offering from Lenovo.
The screen cover is painted with a rubbery black paint that holds up to abrasion very well and resists scratches. The bottom of the notebook hasn't changed much from the X201 before it, with only minor differences relating to the size and shape of access panels or the location of screw holes. Lenovo currently offers two display options for the ThinkPad X220, both offering the same 1366x768 resolution. Our X220 review unit came equipped with the 12.5-inch Premium HD display which is just stunning. If you are a newcomer to the Lenovo business-series, the main attraction for most diehard ThinkPad fans is the keyboard. Each key has a soft matte finish, which gives a small amount of traction and reduces fingerprints compared to more glossy designs. The ThinkPad X220 has two forms of cursor management, including a spacious multi-touch touchpad and a touchpoint interface.
The touchpad is hinged towards the top, with left and right clicks being recognized without much fault. Generally only offered on business models these days, the touchpoint interface can offer a more precise movement compared to a touchpad. The X220 offers plenty of expansion and connection options, be it high-performance storage or connecting external monitors.
Only a thumb cut-out is located on the front of the X220 to help lift the screen cover when the notebook is closed. Lenovo does an excellent job keeping the ThinkPad notebook line easy to service and liked by IT departments everywhere. When it comes to providing huge performance in a small notebook chassis, Lenovo completely delivers.
With the 7mm drive constraint, we limited the review of the X220 to include just the stock configuration with an mSATA Intel SSD 310. To prep the notebook for testing, we remove or disable most of the pre-installed manufacturer applications. To stress and benchmark the system we use a number of synthetic benchmarks to measure how this notebook ranks against other models we have reviewed.
It's safe to say the mSATA standard is probably one of the best things that's happened to notebooks since the lithium-ion battery. The ThinkPad X220 is unique compared to the T520 or W520 that we previously reviewed in the fact that the storage bay is height-limited. Our Lenovo ThinkPad X220 included the standard six-cell battery option, with a 63Wh capacity. Lenovo offers a wide range of warranty options for the ThinkPad-series of notebooks, with the base warranty including 1-year of depot (mail-in) parts and labor support. Lenovo brought a lot to the table with the ThinkPad X220 and they impressed us in almost every category.
Overall for storage and performance enthusiasts alike, the ThinkPad X220 lives up to its reputation as one of the best business notebooks on the market.
Lenovo delivers a fantastic mix of portability, durability and performance with the ThinkPad X220. The ThinkPad X220 is a formidable notebook that delivers on speed, battery life and even price without sacrificing durability or the standard ThinkPad touches. Simply put, the ThinkPad X220 is one of the best business notebooks we’ve had the pleasure to use.
Unlike many other ultraportable notebooks in this size range, the Lenovo X220 comes with a full voltage 2nd Generation Intel Core i5 processor clocked at 2.5Ghz, with the option to go up to a Core i7 on select models. The x220 also has 4GB RAM, a 320GB hard drive, 3 USB 3.0 ports, Display Port, VGA, an Express card 54 slot and a SD card reader.
The ThinkPad X220 weighs less than 3 pounds, and even with the optional slice battery only adds another pound when you need the longer battery life. The ThinkPad X220 is a business class notebook that is a great fit for business users, as well as demanding individuals who want a durable and portable machine that can handle pretty much anything you want. Given the size and weight, the x220 is ideal for road warriors and frequent travelers as well as users who want to carry their notebook with them everywhere, without lugging around a 5 pound beast. While the X220 appeals to a different user than say the MacBook Air, it is a very nice looking notebook that feels like it can handle the abuses of the business world or college campus. One thing that has changed from the ThinkPad x201 is the removal of a latch to keep the notebook closed.
The lid of the x220 has a bit of a lip that sandwiches with the edge of the palmrest and makes room for the HD webcam and the built in light that can be toggled to light up your keyboard. By building the mouse buttons into the trackpad, Lenovo was able to increase the size of the mousepad 45% larger than the ThinkPad x201, which delivers a noticeable improvement over other 12″ business notebooks and tablets. Another key improvement is found on many of the latest ThinkPads, an improved video conferencing setup.
Our review unit came with the IPS wide view ultra bright display and we were certainly impressed with the viewing angles and the ability to use the notebook in an outdoor or bright setting. The ThinkPad x220 has a standard ThinkPad keyboard, which means it doesn’t have a chiclet style, but it delivers a pretty amazing keyboard experience. The only key placement that took much getting used to was the inclusion of Forward and Back navigation keys to the right and left of the Up direction key.
The keyboard can be lit up with the built in light that is built in next to the webcam, allowing you to use the keyboard in low light situations.
Touchpads on small ultraportable notebooks are always a challenge to use, specifically when it comes to the size. Traditionally, a mousepad like this introduces usability issues, but this is one of the better clickable mousing surfaces we have used on a Windows notebook. The multitouch mousepad allows for pinch to zoom and two finger scrolling, which does work, but isn’t as responsive as we would like. The X220 has the traditional TrackPoint navigation nub and complementary mouse buttons at the top of the mousepad to satisfy the TrackPoint loyalists. The full voltage 2nd Gen Intel Core i5 processor that powers the ThinkPad X220 is a powerhouse, and is part of what really impressed us about the ultraportable X220.
The X220 can also be configured with the more powerful Intel Core i7 processor, which comes with USB 3.0 support to handle the power and data transfer needs of more demanding users.
The X220 uses the Integrated Intel HD 3000 graphics, but with the new 2nd Generation Core i family of processors, integrated graphics perform much better than in the past.

We were able to play HD video on the X220 without any hiccups, allowing you to connect to a projector to give a demo or watch a Netflix or iTunes movie when you get back to your hotel room. Believe it or not, the x220 can handle some gaming using the new Integrated Intel graphics that are part of the new Sandy Bridge processor line.
The integrated speakers are positioned on the base of the notebook near the front edge and provide a quality audio experience, but the sound is a bit quiet for our liking.
Our review model was equipped with a fairly standard 320GB 5400 RPM drive, which performed like we would expect. The X220 feels noticeably faster than the low volttage notebooks we have tested, but you don’t have to take our word for it, see how the X220 scores on the GeekBench test below. The small and light X220 is rated for up to 23 hours of battery life with the 9 cell battery and the extended 19-cell slice battery. With the extended battery connected, we were able to achieve 15 hours and 13 minutes of life using the Battery Informant tool from Laptop Magazine.
With the standard 6 cell battery, the tool delivered nearly 8 hours of battery life (7 h 47 minutes) using the same testing tool and settings.
For a small business notebook the X220 has pretty much all the standard connectivity options you could hope for including a built in ExpressCard 54 slot to expand your connectivity if needed. The X220 can also be configured with several wireless connectivity options for cellular access.
The X220 comes with a built in 720P had webcam that delivers nice looking images that are crisp and clear. You can also switch between private and conference mode, which tells the built in microphone to listen to one user or the entire room. The X220 comes with a complement of ThinkVantage software that allows you to quickly access and change settings. The ThinkPad X220 delivers on all counts and earns our Editor’s Choice award as one of the best business ultraportable notebooks on the market today. One thing no one has done yet is taken outdoor photos of the laptop so that the screen visibility under shade and sunlight can be judged.
But what really sets the laptop apart from the competition is Lenovo’s claim that you can get up to 24 hours of run time with the optimal battery configuration. A 9-cell 94Wh battery will make you enjoy laptop entertainment or working flying from NY to London without recharging. Dim laptop screen - Adjust your screen brightness(Most laptops come with the ability to dim your laptop screen); As the screen will take 30% also power of the battery, Try turning down the display brightness to the lowest level you can bear(don't no hurt your eyes).
Unplug unnecessary devices - USB devices (like mouse, keyboard, other widget chargers), PC cards, DVD drivers, Bluetooth and WiFi will extract your laptop battery power a lot.
This battery is durable and has high capacity, and its run-time is always 4-5 hours, which is long enough for my office work. The location of several ports has been shuffled around, but you’ve still got the same tried and true boxy design combined with durable magnesium alloy and plastic construction covered in matte black rubberized paint.
This ThinkPad is Milspec tested (physical shock, thermal shock, altitude, dust, vibration, humidity, heat and cold) for proven durability. However, Lenovo still makes it reasonably easy for those customers who want to upgrade the X220 on their own. The 9-cell system is rechargeable and is ideal as a replacement or spare battery for your X220 and X230 systems.
The ThinkPad X220 features power and portability in the same package, a bevvy of appealing upgrade options, and a surprisingly low price of under $1,000 for many configurations. For those interested in storage performance (and we bet you are) the mSATA option is the bees knees. Laptop screens are generally pretty pathetic, especially when you compare them to the gorgeous screens tablets such as the Apple iPad are adorned with. My personal ThinkPad T60 has only minor scuffs and some worn edges after 5 years of abuse.
The speakers are still located directly under the front edge of the palmrest though, since the notebook takes full advantage of the width of the top side for the large keyboard and touchpad. The main difference between these two options comes down to the panel technology used, with the 12.5-inch Premium HD LCD being IPS. The colors are incredibly vibrant, the viewing angles are near infinite, and the overall brightness of the display makes it easily visible in bright viewing conditions.
Seeing few changes over the years, the ThinkPad keyboard offers a superb typing surface, with very little flex under strong pressure. The lettering is easy to read in most lighting conditions, with a keyboard light being standard to assist in poor visibility conditions.
The touchpad measures 3-inches wide by 1.75-inches tall, located slightly left of center. Coming from an older model with dedicated buttons it does take some time to get used to this type of interface. I lean towards the touchpad on my ThinkPad T60, but still use the touchpoint middle-button for tabs control when web browsing. If you plan on listening to a ton of music or enjoying a movie though, headphones are the preferred choice. Every user-serviceable part on the ThinkPad X220 is easily accessed through covers or underneath the keyboard.
The ThinkPad X220 packs a full range of Intel Core i3 to Core i7 processors, up to 8GB of DDR3 memory and optional SSDs including the Intel SSD 310. This limits you to some 7mm OEM solutions, which on the hard drive side includes Hitachi with their Travelstar Z5K500 and some models from Seagate. Some of these might deal with backups, others might prompt to update software, while some could even just ask you to register the system.
With some additional circuitry, mobile platforms can now have up to 120GB of solid-state storage included on a card slightly larger than a house key. Our review unit came equipped with the 80GB Intel SSD 310 working as the boot drive, keeping the 2.5-inch storage bay open for additional storage or scratch space. A larger nine-cell battery is also offered as well as an optional slice battery that clips to the bottom.
Our goal with this test setup is to try and mimic the road-warrior situation, where you are trying to squeeze as much time as possible in-between charges. For the mobile road warrior the X220 should have more than enough battery life to handle the longest work days.
The warranty can be upgraded to include onsite and accidental damage protection, with a max coverage length of 4-years. Some users looking for more out of the notebook in gaming or rendering performance might be set back by the integrated graphics offering, but on the flip side those users would probably be looking at a larger notebook instead. The design while considered dated to some, still proves to be durable, often outlasting the useful life of the components inside. Couple that with an industry-leading IPS display and the X220 is a great option for road warriors wanting the most out of a 12-inch notebook. The ThinkPad x220 is perhaps the first 12″ business notebook we could see as a standalone notebook, without the need for a more powerful desktop or notebook back in the office.
The ThinkPad X220 can handle gaming, spreadsheets, Microsoft Office and even resource intensive Adobe Applications thanks to the 2nd Gen Intel Core i5 processor.
You won’t need to worry about the screen moving around in during a bumpy car ride or as you carry it from room to room.
This may be a negative for some users, but we haven’t had any issues with the display coming open while carrying the X220 in our bag or in our hands. We really wish Lenovo would embrace backlit keys, but the light on the x220 does the best job of lighting up a keyboard we have seen from this style of light.
The X220 brings many new features and improvements over previous 12 inch business notebooks and is by far the most impressive 12″ business notebook we have used.
The new X220 allows you to switch between conference and private mode and features noise canceling to help quiet the keyboard during calls.
The X220’s keys have a nice curve to the edges that make it easy to find your keys as you touch type.
These keys are handy, but we found that on more than one occasion we would hit them while writing in the browser and leave the page we were working on.
As mentioned, the light seems brighter and more focused than many others we have used, but still not as handy as a backlit keyboard option. On the ThinkPad x220, the touchpad is 45% larger than the previous x200 models and also much larger than you’ll find on many competing business notebooks in this size range.
Things we like include the ability to click, actually click, almost anywhere on the mousepad to perform a left click as well as the general performance of the button clicking. Still, the two finger scrolling was a notch up than we typically experience on Windows notebooks. Thanks to the included power the x220 was able to handle standard business tasks, photo editing and even movie editing the x220 has what it takes to be the only computer a busy professional needs whether he or she is on the road or in the office.
We know Intel claimed that this would be a possibility, there’s something exciting about firing up a recent game like Just Cause 2 and playing on Medium settings on a notebook without a discrete graphics solution. We found that the best result came while we used the notebook on a table or other hard surface that allowed the sound to grow a bit louder. While we could hear the fan running under stress, it wasn’t loud enough to distract or cause any concern.
Our review unit came with the 6-cell battery and extended 19 cell slice battery which runs $179.

Overall the X220 delivers impressive battery life and stands out in a sea of high life battery claims. The only thing missing from our model is a USB 3.0 port, which as we mentioned can be included with the Core i7 processor option. The webcam performs well in low light settings and is not affected by the keyboard light, which is situated right next to the camera. The included software and digital microphone is tuned to suppress the clicking of keys while you take notes during a call. These tools include changing wireless radio settings, mousepad and TrackPoint settings and several other system functions. For around $1,000 you get a business class notebook with a full voltage Core i processor, 15 hour battery life all in a package that weighs 3-4 pounds depending on whether or not you add the extended battery. ThinkPads have long been regarded as some of the best business laptops thanks to a trusted combination of cutting-edge performance, solid build quality, excellent keyboards, precision TrackPoints (that red dot in the middle of the keyboard) and fantastic warranty support. Lenovo continues to provide essentially a full-size keyboard on a 12-inch ultraportable notebook, but that larger keyboard comes at the expense of space for the palm rests. The X220 also comes with a VGA port, Display Port connection, Gigabit Ethernet and a SDHC card reader.
It utilises Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) technology and is compatible with the ThinkPad External Battery Charger (40Y7625). You can plug in a fast mSATA drive that stores the OS and system files, providing fast bootup performance, then store all your other files for which performance doesn’t matter on the larger sized traditional platter drive. Worth mentioning, Lenovo saw fit to only offer the new USB 3.0 port if you make an upgrade to the Core i7, so that would be an added bonus to an otherwise overpriced upgrade. Other tweaks include removing the screen latch in favor of stronger screen hinges, but for the most part Lenovo has done a good job of keeping the X220 looking a lot like the models before it. The kryptonite of the rubbery finish however is fingerprints, which can collect easily if you have even a small bit of oil on your hands. Buyers looking to expand the capabilities of the X220 should note the docking station mounting points, which adds additional ports and an optical drive among other features. IPS (short for In Plane Switching) displays offer better color rendering and much better viewing angles. The screen had no trouble being viewed at any angle that the LCD was still visible and not blocked by the screen bezel. The Synaptics-made touchpad features a textured surface which was easy to glide a finger across. The touchpad movement is very responsive, with no bias in acceleration in any particular direction.
Users looking to attach external monitors or projectors will be happy to see a DisplayPort for digital video and a VGA connection to legacy projectors still floating around the conference room. Compared to its larger 14 or 15-inch brothers, the X220 is limited to integrated graphics only, which may or may not sway your decision depending on how you plan on using it. We look at the software running on each notebook being reviewed, and get rid of the additional bulk that might skew results benchmarking one system against another from a different manufacturer.
The biggest difference between each of these batteries is their respective sizes, with the smaller six-cell mounting flush to the back of the notebook and the larger slice battery clipping to the bottom of the notebook. They also offer priority level support option, claiming access to advanced level technicians on the first call. Not willing to be outmatched by the storage options, the notebook also comes with a full range of Intel Core processors, offering near-desktop levels of performance in a 12-inch notebook. Coming from someone typing this review on a ThinkPad T60 pushing over five years old, that says a lot.
We would want to dock the X220, but that’s not a problem since it is compatible with the many of the ThinkPad docks.
The hinges keep the notebook closed with enough force that you need to hold the base of the notebook to open the display past a half inch.
Most other notebooks from Lenovo and HP that have similar features have, in our experience, only provided a little bit of light, but the x220 provides a bright enough light that we notice an improved experience. This means that the x220 can survive in areas and conditions where consumer notebooks wouldn’t dare venture. The extra size is achieved by making the mousepad clickable and eliminating the physical buttons from the base of the mousepad. We did experience a few issues of moving the mouse with our palms, but overall this is a great mousepad for such a small device. Because of this placement, you may end up further muting the sound while resting your hands in between typing. The Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 results in a faster boot time, even with the standard hard drive.
To get to 15 hours, we had the screen at a usable 40% brightness and had the Lenovo Battery Stretch options turned on.
While it won’t silence the keys, they were noticeably quieter than with the setting disabled.
The ThinkPad X220 Slice battery will double battery life and you can finish daily work without ac adapter. Also check for other built-in components that you could disable to conserve more battery power. The previous generation of 12-inch Thinkpads, the ThinkPad X201, was widely regarded as the best 12-inch business notebook on the market. Although typing is very comfortable on the X220, your wrists don’t have abundant space with your fingers in the traditional typing position. As far as RAM is concerned, there are two slots located under the main access plate on the bottom of the notebook. Oh, and the engineers at Lenovo also managed to squeeze in a full size 54mm ExpressCard slot for accessories and port expansion. The notebook has the same black rubbery paint covering the boxy shell of a body, with large stainless steel hinges exposed on both sides.
The only complaint or suggestion we have is finding this panel in a slightly higher resolution, but at the 12.5-inch size increased pixel density might be difficult for some users to fully take advantage of. Unlike completely glossy touchpads, the mild finish helps reduce friction even if your finger is oily or moist. Sensitivity is great, with only a light touch needed for the touchpad to track your finger as it moves around. For most users the Intel integrated HD 3000 graphics offers adequate performance, including playback of Full HD videos.
Crafty users could find ways to adapt standard height SSDs into the smaller drive bay, but we won't cover that in this review since there is a great deal of risk involved with those sorts of modifications.
Lenovo also managed to raise the bar with the new 12.5-inch IPS Premium HD display offered as an upgrade, ranking this notebook near the top when it comes to screen quality. There are still some options available, but selection isn't as good and pricing isn't as competitive. The X220 also merges some of the old with some of the new, by updating the keyboard layout and touchpad design and bringing one of the best displays in to round it off. The Shift, Enter, Tab and Backspace keys are all where you would expect them to be and at a normal size. If that isn’t enough ports, there is a docking station connection on the bottom of the notebook so you can turn this 12-inch laptop into a desktop replacement. The only thing displayed on the screen cover is the ThinkPad brand logo and the Lenovo name, keeping the rest matte black. As you can see below, the texture is made up of small raised bumps spaced about 1mm apart in all directions. Though the main draw to a system like this is the CPU performance in such a small package. Plenty of storage options exist for this form-factor though, so users shouldn't worry about finding something that works.
In short, this mobile powerhouse had plenty to offer in most areas of performance and still managed to bring in 7.5 hours of battery life on a six-cell battery and 15 hours with a slice. For most buyers this isn't a problem, since drives like the Intel SSD 320 are available in both 7mm and 9.5mm heights and still offer good performance. For buyers looking for that perfect 12-inch business notebook, the ThinkPad X220 comes pretty darn close as one of the best options out there. The keyboard doesn’t suffer from a mushy middle which can be an issue on many notebooks. The Delete and Esc keys have been shifted to the upper deck, near a collection of other function keys, but that works out well because they are now oversized. Compared to other ThinkPad models, the X220 is set apart with a button-integrated design, where the touchpad surface is a clickable surface.
Users should note that if they plan on upgrading the drive inside the X220, they need to get one with a 7mm drive height. Somehow, all of these factors come together to look like a notebook that means businesses; and not just boardroom or sales force business, but take it anywhere and do what you want business.

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