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Then join the BVS - The UK's foremost and longest-running EV society - a knowledge-sharing network for exchanging information and ideas on all aspects of current and historic EVs, whether as a professional or as an amateur. Our members have a long-standing tradition of excellence in competitive land and water electric vehicle records, ranging from solar powered vehicles to high-speed motorbikes.
I have just completed a mod on my car and Installed MIMA (Manual Integrated Motor Assist) a clever computer from American Insight Enthusiast Mike Dabrowski. On my first test yesterday, wife and I drove 280 miles including some good hills, and mpg is showing 105.2mpg now . This clever upgrade from Mike Dabrowski an American Insight Enthusiast has resulted in a 10% increase in mpg from the sublime to the ridiculous!
This is a drivers mod because it requires thought and skill in use, and can be used for performance or economy. For a 15 minute 100mb divx detailed video on a standard Honda Insight made by Honda UK go here. Maybe you could write something for the next issue of Plugged in about your installation and the results? Some local planning authorities have chosen to rely on additional forms of local designation to manage their local historic environment.
Identifying heritage through designation is an essential part of our heritage protection system. The Design Museum is open as usual in its current location until the move to Kensington High Street in November 2015. There are two disabled parking bays located on Shad Thames behind the museum, but these are not able to be reserved. Amberley Museum & Heritage Centre is a 36 acre site set in the South Downs National Park. Exhibits include a narrow-gauge railway and bus service (both provide free nostalgic travel around the site), Connected Earth telecommunications hall, energy electricity hall, printing workshop and much more. The Energy Electricity Hall comprises a fascinating variety of electrical equipment, ranging from heavy engineering plant for the mains supply system to small domestic appliances. Normal opening will be Wednesday to Sunday (10am to 5pm – last entry 3.30pm) inclusive with seven day opening for school holidays.
The Honda Insight is a sporty Aluminium, ultra light, aerodynamic 0.25cd, 1L 3 cylinder Vtec, 5 speed manual, 115mph, 0-60mph 10 second, two seater.
It has a 120cell D size 6.5ah Nimh battery pack, and uses regenerative braking to recover energy, and autostop at junctions to cut fuel consumption. My car's lifetime mpg over 80,000 miles is 92mpg, my wife's on her short five mile commute is 88mpg over 50,000 miles. Over 100mpg is achievable on a decent run in good weather at 50mph, my personal best is 116mpg over 100miles. I didn't realise how economic it was though that average mileage is increadilbe if I had known it got that sort of mpg I'd have been on the lookout to buy one a long long time ago!!!
I have to say to drive it was a bit disapointing as it was just like driving a regualr petrol car.
If the D cell batteries are all that's used is there any way the battery pack can be upgraded to a higher capacity? For anyone interested there's an Insight on ebay at the moment with a buy-it now of A‚A?6,500. They don't rust, as apart from one or two suspension components they are made of aluminium!
144v Battery pack can fail, I changed the weak one on my car myself soon after buying it at a cost of A‚A?1000.
It's really good to get an insight into the Insight , I'd not seen much info about them in the past and did not appreciate how they knock spots off the Prius in the mpg stakes! Jeremy wrote:One big advantage of your approach is that ultimate hp isn't the primary factor with a sprint car, as you know. If a cell develops a sudden internal short then it has to discharge itself through it's own short which has the same effect. Added the interrupt routine back into the digital Slave software to reduce the timing problem. May tweak the Digital Slave power saving further later and put them to sleep if no data requests recieved for last minute say. But I have all the components to make 100 slaves in stock, so I may as well sell you the complete kit to make up how ever many it is you wanted.

As you are an earlier beta tester of my system I'm eager for some real life testing results.
There is also a simpler cheaper black and white single chip version which interfaces direct to RCA monitor. Removed BMS Configuration routines from Master program and started a seperate program for Testing and Configuration.
Once initial system is assembled, user can load Master Board with testing software and connect up the pack slaves on the bench. After a bit of faffing around with courier Delivered personally by David Cowperthwaite in the end Pleasant chap. Supplied Interconnect's appear to be tinned copper I'll see how they hold up under a decent load before I finally decide wether to use them or get some decent braided ones made. The supplied Aluminium screws I suggest are not up to the job but that's a minor issue, as I will be using threaded stud to allow bms boards to be mounted anyway. I,ve been messing about with the Linux version of Eagle Pcb and have knocked up a new schematic.
I have used the improved serial connection method as I will be using the readadc10 command as well as the debug command (for calibrating). There are three screw terminals to allow connection to the battery and to the external load resistor.
I hope to get the Gerber files sorted soon and maybe send off to the man in China for a few boards. Seems to fit as planned 5 rows of 10 cells, like the proverbial glove in the back of the Insight in the spare wheel well. Interesting with original NIMH battery fitted, suspension with Matiz rear springs is fine with the extra 70kgs of li-fepo4 in the back. To level up the bottom of the wheel well and provide a flat base for the cells I have cut a piece of lightweight plastic foamalux 3mm sheet to size and I will use expanding builders foam underneath to fill the voids and provide support to the sheet on top. There is enough clearance for the cells underneath the IMU compartment and the whole lot will be covered with a sheet of 3mm clear lexan anyway to allow viewing and insulate the top teminals. I thought long and hard about trying to put the new cells into the battery compartment in place of the nimh pack, but there is just not enough room. I've been looking at the voltage specs and am hoping I will be able to get away with simply tying the bcm subpack monitor leads onto the appropriate point in the new pack, basically every 5 cells.
The other good thing about the choosen layout is I can assemble, test and install the pack before I even open the battery compartment which should mean I can be off the road for the minimum amount of time later. I have been working on a device to carry out discharge tests on batteries, a battery cycler.
I have tried to follow Lee's design concept and reading it will help in understanding how my cycler should work. At the moment it can read battery voltage and current, work still needs to be done to calibrate it though.
Might be an idea to do 10x oversampling on the analog readings then take an average to reduce chance of a glitch. I will run through the parameters, at the moment only Discharge Amps and Ending Voltage actually do anything. Charging voltage: Constant voltage value, start decreasing current when battery reaches this voltage. Current to start timer: Final stage of charging, once current drops below this level, start the Constant Volt Timer for the final charging stage. Next on the list of things to do is to get the IGBT driver working and perform actual discharge tests. GregsGarage wrote:Next on the list of things to do is to get the IGBT driver working and perform actual discharge tests.
The IGBT driver stages have been giving me some grief, so I am trying a different approach. I choose economy and in the run down to Norwich and back yesterday on the notorious A1, A17, A47 bimbling along with the HGV's at 50mph, mpg was upto 115mpg at one point about a 100 miles in.
These generally take the form of areas of special local character, designed to capture historically important areas that fail to meet the criteria for designating conservation areas. Between April 2013 and March 2014, nearly 70% of designation outcomes came from strategic projects. Design is an integral part of every aspect of life: a way to understand the world around us, and to make it a better place to live.

Your donation will help the museum raise funds for future exhibitions and learning programmes. For academics, there is an extensive library of reference and archival material (by appointment only). It has a small 10kw motor sandwiched between the engine and gearbox, basically it forms the flywheel. I know the Insight uses a different drivetrain setup to the Prius so would a larger battery improve your MPG? We tried some 20C 2.2Ah model aircraft batteries in our greenpower racecar in place of the lead acid standard batteries. Is this still correct, or do you have an updated list with maybe the Farnell order codes on it? This means no more than 15.8v should ever reach the potential divider and the potentiometer can be set to ensure that the picaxe never gets more than 5v at the analogue input. Measured from floor through centre of rear wheel to joint at top of wheel cover cowling 655mm. Plus you then have to find a way of mounting the various components that attach to the oem pack. I have laid out the circuit on a breadboard and made a start on trouble shooting faults, mostly my mistakes.
It then controls 2 IGBTs to charge and discharge the battery, have a look at Lee's schematic in the first link above. Regardless of any other parameters this timer will stop the charing proccess when it runs out.
I was particularly interested in the performance at high discharge rates for my current project. Typically there would be an unstoppable fireball 20 minutes after the last interaction, frequently because a wrong charger option was chosen. Plus they flash indicator LEDs at you to tell you what's happening (any electronics project should have at least several LEDs on it ;^).
Also it has lots of adjustments that have to be set by the end user for their particular battery that they wish to test. I tried to directly control them from the arduinos pmw outputs, but they require more than 5 volt. At the moment only the Discharge Amps, and Ending Voltage actually do anything in the software. However the Arduino did manage to barely turn on the discharge IGBT and control it as best it could, so it is looking promising.
Also need to add some smoothing to the analog read functions to try and keep the output from jumping around so much. At the moment the transformer's the big cost but if I'm getting a batch I should be able to negotiate a substantial discount. This device has the photo diodes connected in series so it can generate enough voltage to drive the gate of a IGBT or MOSFET. Honda's are almost always at the top of the reliability tables, neither has let us down (touch wood). I'm concerned about safety; but I understand the fireballs are caused by 1) overcharging 2) physical damage or 3) short circuit - anyone care to comment? Then get datalogging to a SD card working, or alternatively simply connect it to a PC and log directly to it.
I guess if I look after them OK I should be safe enough - the application will only take power for 40s on a stretch so I'm not expecting thermal problems. For those not familiar with Arduino's, shields are small pcb's that stack on top of arduinos. These will all be isolated from each other by coming off separate windings on the mains transformer. I got a 100W transformer kit that I will put my own secondaries on, each transformer will do 6 cells.

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