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Le batterie al litio risolvono uno dei maggiori ostacoli alla diffusione delle fonti energetiche rinnovabili che e costituito dal fatto che spesso sono fonti discontinue, soprattutto per quanto riguarda il solare, l’eolico ed in qualche misura il mini e micro idroelettrico. Generplus ad oggi e in grado di distribuire batterie al litio e polimeri innovative sia per usi civili che industriali, grazie ad una collaborazione stretta con Winston Battery, societa leader nel settore delle batterie. Questo Sito utilizza cookies, anche di terze parti, per migliorare la tua esperienza di visita, per esempio visualizzare video da YouTube, pagine Social di discussione ed altro. On April 28, 2011 we received the batteries for OSCar eO from Winston Battery — our main supporter!
Maija sakuma OSC majvietu Ogre veiksmigi sasniedza Kinas kompanijas „Winston Battery” sutijums – tris akumulatoru komplekti OSCar eO un testa automasinas buvei. Ka jau ieprieks zinots, OSCar eO projekta merkis ir sasniegt finisu planetas grutakajas izturibas sacikstes „Dakara 2012” un uzvaret „alternativas energijas” ieskaites klase. The auto industry has long feared the arrival of a Chinese electric car that would be vastly cheaper than anything domestic brands could make. The Chinese manufacturers have an edge over their occidental competitors here: they don't mind selling their products to anyone who wants to buy them.
I agree with the statements in this article and I think that Chinese EVs will make their way to the US and Western Europe eventually. I think A123, Saft and others have dropped the ball big time by only trying to support the larger players.
Regarding the safety point: the reality is that not every customer who buys cells or modules knows how to make a safe pack.
A123, as a manufacturer, failed to provide necessary product documentation (as “Best Design Practices”, “White papers”, "Design Guide"…). My apologies to A123 Systems, I see that it is easier than I thought to get A123 cells, but with the mention: "Packs are not available for consumer use or aftermarket conversion kits" on several pages of its website, the company clearly shows that individuals or small companies are not its target customers. It's very different with Chinese manufacturers because their sales people don't even want to know what their customers do with their products. When you go to an auto parts store to buy a camshaft or a water pump, they won't explain you how to fit it into your car.
If A123 is concerned that smaller players may not have the knowledge to use the right equipment in concert with their batteries or to use the right techniques or practices they should absolutely pull that information together for people to use their products.
I have spent a fair bit of time trying to find EV sales totals for Europe, In the process I found two French websites.
For large auto markets like France and Germany, it is quite thorough but less so for smaller markets.. Here is a quick link from the same website under France: Full Year 2011, (All 392 models sold).
I recently checked to see how things were going in Norway on this same blog and was surprised to see that EVs had captured 2% market share in Norway. Is the extreme caution exercised by A123 not selling to the general public a lawyer speaking in a litigious society?

I agree with alt-e, put together some good application notes and a bullet proof waiver, do it right and do it once, many can benefit countless of times.
Certainly, in a rational world, any small startup or even any individual could buy an A123 battery to build a vehicle.
If you plan to charge in public, you'll want to sign up for charging network membership (or two).
How do you ensure that electric car owners will be happy with every visit to your charging spot? Per poter utilizzare appieno queste fonti primarie e necessario adottare dei sistemi di accumulo che abbiano un ciclo di carica-scarica con il rendimento energetico netto piu elevato possibile. Le batterie LYP che noi commercializziamo ed utilizziamo e prezzi unici in Europa promettono di migliorare drasticamente le prestazioni per tutti i comparti in cui se ne fara uso: portatili, telefoni cellulari, ma anche bici ed auto elettriche.
Vienlaikus akumulatoru moduli tiks iebuveti toposaja OSCar eO, kura karkass jau ir pilniba sametinats. High capacity Lithium Iron LiFePO4 cells and packs for industry and mobility: No toxic acids, no evaporation of gases, charge up to 10000 times, great power performance.
Two American start-ups (Brammo and Zero Motorcycles) are trying to offer choices at the higher end of the market, but all the cheap electric two-wheelers are coming from China. The only defense that the domestic auto makers have against this is to make really good, affordably priced EVs and plug-in hybrids. Selling batteries on the retail market is hardly an unprecedented thing and yet they have refused to do it. They were supposed to release their E3 US crash testing data in the fall of 2011 but they have not done so. If you buy Chinese cells, you will get much less, and it will be written in Chinese English that will most likely be meaningless. It is important for them to know that smaller parties working on smaller projects now can lead to much larger sales down the road. If it is agressive enough of an outreach program then A123 might see some real benefit from it. The analog is like not bother to bend over and pick up the dollar bills on the street in front of you. Warren Buffet invested a lot of money in this company and back then I remember reading he expected them to have a commercially viable car ready for the US market by 2012.
I chose this company because they're making ones of the best cells in the industry, but the other manufacturers aren't better.
Pazistamais rallijreidu automasinu autors ar prieku secinaja, ka akumulatori bez problemam parcietusi celojumu pari okeaniem un sasniegusi OSC bez bojajumiem. A few years of following that philosophy is why Thounder Sky's sales are so big now and why they are in so many products worldwide despite the fact that A123 has a better battery.
And that way A123 can choose the right components and configurations to recomend that are the best match for their battery.

You can't buy cells from Enerdel either, and it seems the only American batteries an individual can buy over the counter, no questions asked, are Optimas yellow. These batteries are sturdy, with a lifespan measured over 2000 cycles at 80% DOD (depth of discharge). No lead-related ecological issues.Solar panels, micro-inverters, battery chargers and all kinds of related products. They explain their batteries are very sophisticated material, and that they may get dangerous if handled in an inappropriate manner. There isn't a Chinese electric scooter that is fast, or one that's exciting to look at, but thanks to a regulation that has banned gas scooters in some of China's largest cities, Chinese electric scooters manufacturers are now the largest in the world. I would bet that a majority of the products that are using Thunder Sky now would have preferred to use A123 from the begining. If A123 where to do this they would sell more batteries in the near term and be in more products in the long term.
It's laughable to hear this in a country where a 14-year old can buy gasoline to fill up his moped. And A123 may pay the ultimate price of going out of business as a result if Fisker goes under. Over the years I have heard a very large number of people complain that they could not get a A123 pack or even cells.
The high energy stored in these cells also allows traction for heavy vehicles (truck, industrial machinery, marine applications, etc.).
This has not only been for car converters but also a number of startups or people doing a project to see if they want to make a startup out of it.
Chinese manufacturers are winning customers the world over because of this low key approach.
Many of these people do not even bother to contact A123 when they encounter the A123 website. There isn't a place there for such people to figure out if the A123 batteries will work for them and, if they do, to order them.
Overall sales of Chinese battery manufacturers may not amount to huge sums, but they already have many more customers than western companies which are only making a handful of deals each year.
People are busy and if A123 wants their business they should make it easy for people to evaluate and purchase their products. For the guy with a do-it-yourself project of converting an old car into an EV, the choice is easy. Few people will hesitate between American or German lead-acid batteries and Chinese lithium-ion cells.

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