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There are two reasons you should consider installing Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 operating system on your MacBook with BootCamp.  One, it’s Screaming FAST, and Two, for a limited time (through 1-31-2013), it’s CHEAP. Through the end of January 2013, you can download Windows 8 for $39.00 from the Microsoft website.
If you don’t have Windows installed, you’ll need to install boot camp (Free from Apple) and purchase a Windows 8 install DVD from Microsoft for $69.
You’ll also need an external USB mouse, since the trackpad drivers will not be installed upon installation. Depending on your MacBook system, your internet speed, and the installed software, the install can take up to two hours. Once the install is done, which includes numerous reboots, you’ll be presented with a screen to login with a Microsoft email.
Once you setup your account, the machine will grind away for a few minutes while it creates a profile for you. Install a USB mouse into your MacBook (the trackpad will not work at this point) and click on the screen. To help you get around, take a look at the Windows 8 user guide here and spend some time figuring out the interface. Right click each generic USB input device and choose to update by searching the Internet automatically.
Enable right-clicking by opening the Boot Camp Control Panel, selecting the Trackpad tab, and checking Secondary Click in the Two Fingers pane. If you are a current Window 7 user, once everything is updated, the trackpad fixed, and the start button restored, you’ll start to feel right at home. The battery wasn’t easily swappable, but hey, you could whip the HDD out with a twirl of just two bracket screws. Skip back to the more portly Unibody MBP 13in generation – the last lot came out in 2011 – and you’d have been lugging around a thicker model with extra 500g in weight and no Retina display either.
One of the first things we check out on a new Mac here at Vulture Central is its benchmarking prowess up against PC laptops we’ve had a gander at.
This time, I wasn’t going to be caught out: left port it was going to be, even though I couldn’t find a tech doc that insisted on it.
Second time lucky though and, more to the point, having already installed the various updates including one for the EFI firmware, the installation was a breeze with the latest Boot Camp 5 (Build 5358) drivers in tow. That said, Boot Camp did kick in rather suddenly once the partitioning was established, in the blink of an eye displaying a grey screen… of death? Agility has become a mandatory way of life for businesses that want to maintain or increase their competitive differentiation.

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Por muy paradojico que pueda sonar, el MacBook Pro de Apple ha sido elegido como el mejor portatil para ejecutar el sistema operativo Windows 8. Segun el estudio realizado con mas de 150.000 ordenadores por el servicio web de resolucion de incidencias tecnicas de EEUU, Soluto, el portatil que cuenta con mayor estabilidad y fiabilidad ejecutando Windows 8 no es otro que el MacBook Pro. De sobra es conocida la posibilidad que los usuarios de un ordenador MacBook puede pasar de ejecutar su OS X de Apple preinstalado de fabrica a funcionar con la version reciente de Windows, a traves de un programa llamado Boot Camp, con el que podremos elegir que sistema operativo arrancar al inicio de sesion. Sin embargo, algunos inconvenientes a la hora de ejecutar el sistema operativo de Microsoft en los portatiles de Apple. Ademas, hay que reconocer que los MacBook son portatiles bastante mas caros que otros ordenadores, y seria una contradiccion invertir dicha cantidad de dinero para, finalmente, utilizar Windows 8, pudiendo hacerlo con otros ordenadores mucho mas baratos, como Acer Aspire E1-571 que quedo segundo en el ranking de los mejores portatiles para Windows 8.
Podemos destacar tambien que casi la mitad de los dispositivos del top 10 son de la marca Dell, una empresa reconocida por las horas de trabajo que dedica para que todos sus productos trabajen con la maxima armonia posible con el sistema operativo que ejecutan. Dicho esto, la conclusion es que si alguien busca la maxima fiabilidad, los datos son claros: MacBook Pro es el mejor portatil para ejecutar Windows 8. The Metro interface is confusing, and Microsoft, in all their wisdom, took away the start button in the regular desktop interface. If you are easily frustrated, don’t have much patience, or hate technical stuff, either go to the Microsoft Store and have them help you or just reboot into Apple and forget about Windows altogether. With a little effort, technical skill, and about a half day of upgrading, your MacBook will absolutely smoke. If you already have bootcamp installed and a previous version of Windows running, you just go to the website, run a compatibility checker, and then purchase and download the software. Get The Trackpad Working: As of this writing, Apple has not released Trackpad drivers that work with Windows 8. If you are happy with your current boot camp install, this probably isn’t worth the hassle. Wow, with this form factor Apple had come such a long way since its alu-body MacBook Pros that involved removing layers of circuitry just to upgrade the internal drive. So here I am looking at Apple’s latest MacBook Pro 13in and the word "upgrade" doesn't appear anywhere in the user guide.
To do that involves Boot Camp, Apple’s utility to enable the Mac to run Windows natively so we can fire up PCMark.
Apparently some Haswell MacBook Pro early adopters hadn’t had the best of times with Windows 8 and updating to 8.1, but it would seem the latest batch of updates smooths out the creases.

El primero y mas evidente es porque el teclado no esta optimizado para funcionar con Windows 8, ya que incorpora las teclas especificas para OS X. Choose this option if you have time to do this (Takes about an hour, and gives you a backup if something fails), otherwise just continue with the standard download installation.
Login with your Microsoft e-mail account and password… Viola… The new Metro Screen will open. This free utility restores a start button to the regular desktop interface and you can choose from XP or windows 7 style fly out menus.
If you are a diehard Apple fan, you may not care much for Windows, but Bootcamp gives you a great way to run Windows software without emulation and you may notice a speed increase with office software. If you want the latest and greatest or you have an XP install, with some time and patience you’ll have a very fast machine.
OK, so world + dog knows this now, but how this impacts on a laptop lifetime’s use takes a moment or two to sink in. It was just hanging and the Activity Monitor bore this out too with its “Boot Camp Assistant (Not Responding)” message. Y de todos los ordenadores analizados, Windows 8 en un MacBook Pro dio los mejores resultados y ofrecio mayor estabilidad ante los cuelgues o errores que pueden surgir bajo este sistema operativo de Microsoft. Once all the updates were loaded and the machine rebooted, the Windows 8 interface screams. As with the 15in model, the 13in gets the Haswell CPU refresh and Thunderbolt 2 and, of course, the display. My rather diverting experience with a MacBook Air this summer revealed you needed the USB stick containing the Boot Camp drivers plugged into the left port. La empresa analizo 49 modelos de ordenador de fabricantes como HP, Dell, Samsung, Lenovo , Asus, Acer, Toshiba y Apple. I noticed a definite increase in speed from the previously installed Windows 7 and it has a much better response that Apple’s Mountain Lion with common software such as Office. Apple has managed to lose 40g but the size is near identical to its Ivy Bridge predecessor.
That first part took about 25 minutes with the Windows 8.1 download and instal adding another 30mins.

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