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To say I am annoyed about the poor quality of a Willard battery I bought would be an understatement. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website by personalising content, providing better features and analyzing our traffic. If you are looking for a battery for your motorbike, car, bakkie, truck etc give us a call.
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Tube is offset to the rear of the center of the foot 3) Mounting foot is towards the pass fender, i.e. To convert it into a slot recer I fixed a MRRC slim chassis that uses to fit perfectly in monoplaces. The hardest step was the painting job, I had to paint it in white, then the blue parts and finally adapt the red decals.
Proud to drive an American car, from an American manufacturer, assembled by American workers.
Always nice to see a slot car that is first a car (especially a nice replica) and THEN is a slot car.  Nice work!
Parnell Rufus "Parnelli" Jones is a friend and I see him occasionally during various events. Note that the advert is from 1962, a year before he was to win the "Indy 500" and defeating in the process, the attempt by Lotus and Ford to end the reign of the font-engine, Offy powered antiquated machinery that had dominated Indy racing since the early 1950s. Chapman of Lotus was immensely upset but Clark was not, being the true gentle person he was. From 1961 through 1969 are the most fascinating of all Indy 500 races, a fantastic era in which for the third time in its history, the clock was reset by "foreign" technology.

For many, the death of the font-engine "dinosaurs" spelled the end of Indy as far as they are concerned, but for many others, it was only the beginning of a fantastic era. This little foray into the murky world of motor repair and replacement has cost me around R3 000 so far, to say nothing of the time and frustration. I stuck it into the base pan of the kit and I only had to make 3 holes for the guide arm and the motor wires. In several places I've seen this car called Watson Roadster, which would be the correct name for it?
I had Parnelli sign a print of this car at a Motorsports Show in Philadelphia back in January.
In that controversial finish, Jones was able to distance himself from Jimmy Clark in a Lotus type 29, as the track was greasy from oil spewed by Jones car laps earlier.
I can recommend right off that you should avoid buying a Willard - or a Sabat battery, for that matter - for your vehicle. It is the Agajanian's Willard Battery driven by Parnelli Jones while he won the 1963 Indy Race. It is a nice model and as the most Strombeckers if you paint and detail them they change their appearence, the moulds are pretty good. I gave the holding company, Powertech, an opportunity to respond but after four weeks, it came as no surprise that I have had no response, no explanation and no help.I acquired information from various sources during my journey of discovery, ending up with a Raylite C658 as a replacement which, as a matter of interest, carries a two-year national warranty.
One of the questions I asked Powertech was why their batteries only carried a local one-year warranty? I live in Spain and I love the American cars mainly from 60s that I only can know or watch in photo, then all the motor legends you have in your country.
To get a Parnelli's Jones signature would be almost a miracle here, but you are able to meet him, or to take a lunch with Mr. But, no matter, we might guess the answer.Incidentally, when the Raylite factory had a fire earlier this year – a common hazard in battery manufacture where hydrogen gas is a by-product – I am told Powertech’s Regional Manager did the rounds to offer Willard and Sabat batteries to Raylite outlets.

Well, at least one Battery Centre made him angry when he was told it would not take on Willard or Sabat, despite an expected shortage of Raylite batteries.
With the benefit of hindsight trouble with this battery had already started as early as December that year when the car would not start. By September 2014 the service had been relied upon a further two times, the last involved the vehicle being towed into supa quick for an assessment.
I then took the car to Battery Centre, which quickly ascertained the battery was in fact faulty, that cell five of the six-cell unit had failed. The technician explained that the plates in such batteries were ‘thin’ and not robust enough to last. Somewhere along the line the vehicle electronics seem have been left with a fault, so far diagnosed as the engine management system.
Was this caused by the failing battery?I don’t particularly like to slag a company’s product.
But the failure of the Willard battery has cost me R2 921 so far, and there is little more I can say if the Regional Manager does not take the opportunity to respond to questions.
Surely it would not have hurt the company to have censured supa quick for incompetence, and given the client a free replacement?So my best advice I am left with is to be wary of buying any car battery with only a one year guarantee.
Had to get an insurance service to the rescue.28th September 2014 – there was not enough power to open the car.
After mechanical entry and disabling alarm, found that, while there was enough power to turn on all the dials and open the doors, not enough to turn the engine.Tue 30th September 2014 - supa quick came 30th and started car. No, there’s a fault with the engine management system.Moral of the story is to buy a more expensive, more reliable battery, especially one that is maintenance free.

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