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The extended 3600mAh battery capacity will offer around 20 hours of gameplay after a complete charge and in conjunction with the LED battery indicator light will ensure that you will never have to frantically search for batteries mid-game again. Forum Categories All Topics New Topics Watched Topics Search Dance Pad-Only Wii Dance Games?
If there's one thing that really annoys us about using Wii Remotes in the Nintendo Life office, it's the fact that you need a constant supply of AA batteries on hand at all times, or a stock of rechargeable AA batteries which take ages to fully juice-up.
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Rechargeable Battery for Nintendo Wii Remote This simple rechargeable battery pack made specially for the Wii Fit balance board will make sure you always have enough power for your workout.

Simply clip the rechargeable battey pack into the existing battery compartment of your Nintendo Wii Remote for gameplay which doesn't cost you a small fortune in AA batteries. Both the Xbox 360 and PS3 feature bespoke rechargeable options, and it's always puzzled us as to why Nintendo has been so reluctant to come up with its own solution.Now — more than half a decade since the launch of the Wii — it would appear that the company is finally doing something about this issue. We'd personally like to see such an accessory ship with every Wii Remote sold, and the reliance on AA batteries be banished to the past where it belongs. Rumours that he turned down a role in The Hobbit to work on Nintendo Life are, to the best of our knowledge, completely and utterly unfounded. Simply plug one end of the supplied USB cable into your Wii and the other end into the battery pack and leave it to charge.

The battery pack features a tiny DC cable port which is used in conjunction with the USB cable in order to charge your battery pack from either your Wii console or any other USB device. One fully charged the powerful 2800mAh battery pack will then give your hours and hours of trouble free workout fun. Don't forget you will also save a huge amount of money from not having to buy disposable batteries, a must have item.

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