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That said, 3G email is fine, Exchange Server runs fine, Calendar runs fine, Contacts sync fine, Google is snappy, apps run great, YouTube buffers a bit, and the web is clunky, but serviceable.
4G, which stands for 4th Generation wireless network technology, is really a marketing term.
However, if you are a normal person who travels for business and is not used to constantly monitoring battery life and tweeking your device to extend it, you might want to rethink 4G. Named one of LinkedIn’s Top 10 Voices in Technology, Shelly Palmer is President & CEO of Palmer Advanced Media, a strategic advisory and business development practice focused at the nexus of technology, media and marketing with a special emphasis on data science and data-driven decision making.
We write a daily newsletter featuring current events and the top stories in technology, media, marketing and entertainment. I have searched around on the general forums and Google, and have been unable to find any direct or even clear comparisons between the Snapdragon 805 and Exynos 5433 versions of the Note 4 in terms of battery life. Even the Note 4 Battery Thread does not really provide a clear indication of the direct comparative battery life of the two SoCs..
These discussions were buried deep in either the Battery Thread or the SD 805 vs Exynos poll Thread.
So far looking at people's battery reports screenshot, a lot affected in the signal aspect, is hee using 3G or 4G, do they have good signal, etc. Anandtech do their test with the display set to 200nits and Techspot is using 50% brightness which in the Note 4 is set to 300 nits.

You need an apples-to-apples benchmark to be able to compare them, so you won't derive anything from those numbers. The two networks had comparable latency times of 118 milliseconds and 112ms for 3G and 4G, respectively.
Using 4G can feel like a breath of fresh air for mobile workers who are accustomed to waiting and waiting for Web pages to load and files to appear.
Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone 5 comes with global LTE support allowing users to enjoy Ultrafast web browsing, video streaming, downloading and more. If Im on Rogers currently with a data plan, when I upgrade to the iphone 5, will it automatically use LTE? He is Fox 5 New York's on-air tech and digital media expert and a regular commentator on CNBC and CNN. I understand that there are many problems with using the two sets of data in a direct comparison, but I still think it's a bit better than comparing battery life screen shots of many different users with different situations, and its definitely better than nothing. But what would be best is that you all with -actual- substantive comparison experience or real knowledge or data, can come out and help weigh in on which would have better battery life in what situation, and which would be better overall.
A high latency can slow an otherwise fast network to a crawl, for instance, and streaming video can end up looking jerky. While blazing fast LTE speeds are sure to impress the iPhone users, one concerning issue here is the battery life.

Not to worry though, Apple has added an LTE toggle to extend the iPhone 5’s battery life. Interestingly, due to its 700-MHz license, Verizon’s 4G LTE Network will cover a greater portion of the US than its 3G Network covered.
According to the publication, the Nexus 4 isn’t apparently ready to offer great battery life, despite being an LTE-less handset.
The end result is a CPU usage profile that mimics constant, heavy usage beyond just web browsing.
Everything you do on your smartphone ends up causing CPU usage peaks – opening applications, navigating around the OS and of course using apps themselves. While it is better than my S2 it does not do better than my S3.Furthermore, I have no hatred towards apple and I appreciate their products though limited when wanting to do anything your own way.
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