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24 hours online support we repair all types of laptops and relating to LCD screen,motherboard, DC adapter, power supplies and so much more! This tutorial would help you solve the problem to press power button even when there’s no power on. 1.Ensure your wall outlet is working, which laptop AC power adapter could get power from the outlet. Why is my Laptop Not Charging?Seeing a “plugged in, not charging” prompt on your laptop can be quite frustrating. One of the more effective changes that can be done to solve charging problems is through the battery’s power management software by uninstalling the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery listing.
Under Batteries, right-click Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery, then click Uninstall. Right click on “Batteries”, select Scan for hardware changes, and let your system update and reinstall the drivers needed for your battery to function optimally, and your laptop to charge properly again.
Once done, shut down your laptop, wait for 5 – 10 minutes, turn it back on, and retry charging.
Laptop batteries do eventually need to be replaced, but the battery itself is not the only component that could be at fault. It may sound simple, but the first stage of troubleshooting is to make sure the laptop is properly plugged in. The power cord is a wire inside a plastic sheath, and the wire can break with or without damage to the sheath. Battery life drops gradually over time, so it is common for a battery to not hold quite as much charge as it could when it was younger. The way to test if a problem is actually the battery is to remove the battery and try running the computer on outlet power alone. Laptop power cords have two parts: the section between the adapter and the outlet and the section between the laptop and the adapter. Second, do not take apart a laptop for repairs (or for anything else) without unplugging it and removing the battery. While some battery-related problems can be fixed at home, others simply require buying new components. Sooner or later, even the best laptop is likely to have problems, and those problems could involve batteries that will not charge. I will explain how to find the failure reason for system shutdown of a laptop, but the tips are not aiming for some special brands or models, they should work for most laptops. Especially when you have been so used to your computer running smoothly, being faced with this scenario can easily cause unnecessary concern. You might want to do some cleaning too in order to address loose connection problems and remove dust build-up. If so, you might want to check if you accidentally activated your Airplane Mode as some users have reported that this temporarily caused unusual computer behavior like charging problems.
When enabled, the battery will only charge up to a certain percentage, after which, charging will discontinue even if the power cord remains plugged in. Power down the computer, remove the battery, wait for about 10 – 15 seconds, put it back in, and retry charging. Writers, students, business people, and researchers all organize their lives around being able to pull a small computer out of a bag and work just about anywhere. Since laptop batteries can be expensive, it is important to find out why the battery will not take a charge before buying a new battery.

There are both obvious and not so obvious reasons why the juice might not be flowing to begin with.
There are several connection points (more, if extension cords are involved), any one of which could have worked loose.
A fuse may have blown, power may be out, or someone could have flipped a wall switch and turned the outlet off.
Since the outlet and power cord are essential for charging the laptop battery, checking them is the first logical step when experiencing battery problems.
If the battery was removed and then put back in for whatever reason, it could simply be out of place.
An extremely depleted battery can sometimes be brought back to life, depending on the battery type and the computer type; check the computer manual. The adapter converts the alternating current from the outlet to the direct current that the laptop computer can use. While it may be possible to baby a battery that is on its way out to get a bit more time out of it, a battery that really will not hold a charge has to be replaced. Making a mistake could result in a fire hazard, electric shock, damage to the computer, or all of the above.
Even if the battery appears not to work at all, some charge could remain and cause a shock.
First, read the product listing carefully to make sure the item really is what you want to buy. Of course, it's important to address the problem quickly before it gets worse and causes a work interruption or safety hazard. If this happens to be the case, deactivate the Airplane Mode and try charging your laptop again.
Bring your laptop and your power cord in, and we will figure out why your laptop is not charging. Blackberry® is owned by Research in Motion Limited and is registered in the United States and may be pending or registering in other countries.
A laptop battery that will not charge can mean a serious reduction in where and when a person can work. The real cause could be quick, simple, and inexpensive to fix, or there could be a serious problem with the computer itself and a new battery is not the solution. The output of the adapter can also be tested using a voltmeter; the proper reading should be on the label of the adapter, and the output should be within 5 percent of the proper reading.
Likewise, how much power the computer uses will vary according to its settings and what the computer is being asked to do, so even a good battery will not always last as long as expected when used heavily.
Either job can be done inexpensively and quickly at home with the right equipment, though there is some risk involved.
From there, use the search bar at the top of the page, since batteries, adapters, cords, and connectors may all appear in several different subcategories. Before buying a new laptop, however, it's worth taking the time to find out what the problem is. Our computer repair techs are great at their job, and can quickly diagnose the problem for you.
Sometimes the laptop does not work at all, depending on exactly what the problem is, and the information stored on a laptop can be irreplaceable (if not recently backed up).
Here are several possible causes of a non-charging battery, together with appropriate fixes.

Adapters commonly make some noise or get warm to the touch, but an adapter that gets too hot to touch is a sign that either the adapter or the battery is damaged. But batteries do have a limited number of recharges, and eventually batteries get old and die and have to be replaced. A lot of confusion exists on which batteries should be run out completely and which should never be completely run out, so it is important to consult the manual on this as well. There are specific ways laptop owners can deal with damaged equipment, such as power jacks, cords, adapters, and batteries themselves. While DIY instructions are available for this task online, it does require taking the laptop apart. Instructions are available online and often require little more than a wire stripper and soldering equipment. Use only an adapter designed for the particular laptop type in question or a universal adapter.
Remember to recycle the old battery; electronics stores and laptop manufacturers generally have battery recycling programs, and some offer cash rebates for returned batteries.
It might turn out to be easy and inexpensive to fix and it could mean a few more months or years of life for the laptop. Before going into panic mode, try isolating the problem by doing some basic troubleshooting first. As always, if it will cost more to fix than to replace, we will tell you not to enlist our services.
Fortunately, there are strategies for dealing with a laptop battery that will not cooperate. These are listed roughly in order of complexity, so it's a good idea to start at the top and work down. Even a new computer can contain an old battery, since batteries can age sitting alone in a warehouse. If the laptop owner has any doubt about putting the laptop back together again properly, simply take the laptop to a professional for repairs. Using an adapter made for a different make and model of computer could damage both the computer and the adapter, even if the adapter's cord fits into the computer's power jack perfectly. Second, remember to look up the seller to find out what kind of feedback he or she has gotten from other buyers. Read on as iDoctor, your computer repair center in Billings, explains what you need to know about your laptop not charging. There are ways to extend battery life, and these vary somewhat depending on the type of battery and the type of computer in question. Although the cord wire can break within the plastic insulation, if the insulation is damaged and the wire itself is showing, do not use it.
Occasionally, defective batteries are sold; if a battery dies before its time, check to see if it is under warranty or has been recalled.

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