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It can be one of the most annoying things to deal with, a car battery that goes dead at random times - you never know when it will leave you stranded. Short-Term Driving:  Driving your car on short trips too often can contribute to a battery with a poor charge. Excessive Current Draw: There are devices in your car that will draw a small amount of current to stay on, things like your clock circuit and other items. A New Model Year - A New Range Of Additions And Enhancements From VolvoHonda Civic GX CNG is announced for selling in Oklahoma2012 Honda CivicFuel efficiency and ways to achieve it Why Is My Car Battery Always Dying? Stay tuned with exclusive news from the car industry, download high-resolution wallpapers at no cost and share everything you love on the social media. Latest NewsKahn transforms Range Rover Evoque to unparalleled levels Blackout is the newest trend for BMW X3 Renault’s first one-tone pick-up is here: Meet the ALASKAN World's most important vehicle goes on sale!
For instance, I was pretty shocked when I found myself turning my car key on and getting absolutely nothing when I was sitting in a parking lot in kind of a remote part of Bainbridge Island. We ended up leaving the jump on for a good 10-15 minutes and the engine finally came to life.
Oh, and make sure your travelling companion isn't a smart aleck who is smirking the whole time and making comments like, "I thought you worked for a battery company?!!! So we've also learned that hot temperatures are as bad as extremely cold temps for your car battery, maybe worse! Extreme heat, like 95° F outside combined with high temperatures under the hood, accelerates corrosion of car batteries. Battery cables transfer the current from the battery to other electrical components (starter, alternator, fuse block). The Green Battery Bucket is All Battery Sales and Service's pre-paid, no hassle battery recycling program. To hold all that weight onto your battery post, KnuKonceptz has beefed up the fasteners that hold the BK-BT to your battery post. Like all automotive battery terminals, the BK-BT is made to SAE specifications, which means that the positive and negative terminals are machined to different diameters.
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Its all melted because you had a short somewhere and it was pushing more power thru the wire than it could handle.
Another possibility to it being melted is that over time the connection gets corroded and builds up resistance which translates to it getting hot.
Just like an AA cell, it has a positive terminal, a negative terminal and electrons flow from one terminal to the other.

This is because the most taxing use of the battery in your vehicle is the initial engine starting phase (10-20 seconds) and when short trips are the norm, you never give it enough time to get fully charged.
If it malfunctions and provides a charge that's too high or too low, then you can have a problem.
Normally this sort of thing won't kill your battery however, if you have an excessive current draw due to a wiring short circuit or some other kind of fault, then your battery may lose its charge before you get a chance to drive your car again. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
It was 7:30 on a Friday night, so it took about 40 minutes for my trusty AAA guy to show up.
Here's what Interstate Battery says about heat and batteries: Why is it that people only tend to think about their car battery in the winter? But in some cases, your mechanic may be able to cut the corroded part of the cable and install a terminal end. Operating a battery at elevated temperatures momentarily improves performance by lowering the internal resistance and speeding up the chemical metabolism, but such a condition shortens service life if allowed to continue for a long period of time. Most are using lithium in various combinations with other elements such as lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, lithium nickel manganese, and I could go on, but I don't think you want me to!
For instance, Lithium Ion batteries are a rechargeable source that has typically had a decent market value, certainly enough to cover picking up, sorting and recycling; whereas Lithium primary is a very expensive product to recycle. KnuKonceptz has engineered a simple design with a vast number of installation options available to the installer. Installing battery terminals into your car often can be daunting task because the OEM battery terminal normally needs to be cut off. This is a reverse polarity safety feature so that installers can not tighten a negative terminal onto a positive battery post and cause serious damaged to vehicle electronics. When the item is back in stock we will send you and email letting you know that the product is now available for purchase.
The primary function of a car battery is to start the engine by powering the starter motor and provide electric power to run the engine. I asked him if it could be the battery with such a short time between turning off and turning back on. The fact is, summer heat can be even more damaging than winter's cold temperatures when it comes to car batteries. The cables are located under the hood and are attached to the battery on one end and the engine and electrical accessories on the other. So now we have batteries that are called Lithium IRON and people think they are Lithium Ion. The Bassik Battery Terminal uses button head screws for a low profile to fasten ring terminals of all types and gauges onto your battery!

These screws are accessible even after the cover is in place, making installation or removal of the Bassik battery terminal simple with out making any changes to the rest of the terminal. Frankly, in most cases you want a professional mechanic to troubleshoot this sort of thing, but here's a few things that will help you understand the situation. In addition to its primary function, it also provides electric power to the lights, horn, heater, and all the other electronic gadgets in the car. It's a build-up of lead sulfate crystals which can shorten the life of the battery and lengthen the amount of time needed to charge it. The tow truck driver warned me pushing a truckthat the battery may not be the problem, but I was going with that since it would screw up my weekend the least.
The capacity decrease is momentary and the level of decline depends on the battery chemistry. It's a whole new enabling technology that is going to make breakthroughs in how energy is used.
Unfortunately Li-IRON is the one that is expensive to recycle, and Li-ION is the one that is no charge. If your battery is heavily sulfated and you don't drive your car a lot, as we discussed before, the battery may never get fully charged. These cables can become corroded causing bad connections, which will not allow the right amount of current to be transferred to the electrical components in the car. Just warning you that Lithium Primary batteries are expensive to recycle, so make sure you know what you are dealing with.
People like the simplicity of knowing exactly what they will be paying for recycling, and since our buckets cost less than half of what national mail back programs charge, this is a no-brainer.
Using the Bassik Battery Terminal and our top post adapter TPA-POS(sold separately), you can now take your factory battery cable and mount it directly onto the BK-BT. Installation is simple, remove one of the side mounted pan head screws from the BK-BT(using the top mounted screw is OK too if you have clearance of the hood).
With the tow truck cables coming off his 3 or 4 batteries I was getting nothing but a half-hearted belch out of my engine. Install the optional top post adapter, place the factory (OEM) battery terminal onto the top post adapter and tighten all screws. I would think that could have been the problem all along, except when my battery was tested several weeks beforehand they informed me it had seen better days.

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