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You could pay somebody to test your alternator if you’d like but why not do it yourself when it can only take a couple of minutes. To perform this test, you will need a basic multimeter that can read DC volts.  A lot of multimeters can read both AC and DC so make sure that yours is switched to DC.
If the battery voltage dropped at all during steps 2 or 3, that is an indicator that the alternator is not charging the battery and it should be replaced. May you employ other common enhancements, nevertheless im confident you have more or much better goods to do , : ). It can be one of the most annoying things to deal with, a car battery that goes dead at random times - you never know when it will leave you stranded. Short-Term Driving:  Driving your car on short trips too often can contribute to a battery with a poor charge.
Excessive Current Draw: There are devices in your car that will draw a small amount of current to stay on, things like your clock circuit and other items.
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But a typical laptop now runs about 10 hours, up from just four hours when President Barack Obama was sworn in for his first term. When a connection, or circuit, is created by touching a wire from one side of a battery to another, electrons flow out, and the light bulb turns on, the stereo blasts sound or the car's lock beeps.
Enterprise tech giant IBM, for instance, has a team of scientists at its Almaden facility in San Jose, Calif., working on battery tech. Just like an AA cell, it has a positive terminal, a negative terminal and electrons flow from one terminal to the other.

This is because the most taxing use of the battery in your vehicle is the initial engine starting phase (10-20 seconds) and when short trips are the norm, you never give it enough time to get fully charged. If it malfunctions and provides a charge that's too high or too low, then you can have a problem. Normally this sort of thing won't kill your battery however, if you have an excessive current draw due to a wiring short circuit or some other kind of fault, then your battery may lose its charge before you get a chance to drive your car again. And you missed an important meeting or a date because of something that wasn’t any fault of yours? Memberships can be as low as $60, and they really can prove to be useful when you’re facing unexpected battery problems. But keep in mind that a jump starter pack will breathe instant life to your car, giving it as much as 15 minutes’ worth of time.
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The primary function of a car battery is to start the engine by powering the starter motor and provide electric power to run the engine. Make sure you call a reliable service because otherwise, the people handling your car might do a lot of serious damage to it via a mere case of mishandling.
You can use those 15 minutes easily to locate a mechanic shop nearby to take care of your batteries. Frankly, in most cases you want a professional mechanic to troubleshoot this sort of thing, but here's a few things that will help you understand the situation. In addition to its primary function, it also provides electric power to the lights, horn, heater, and all the other electronic gadgets in the car.
It's a build-up of lead sulfate crystals which can shorten the life of the battery and lengthen the amount of time needed to charge it.

In 1990, just as lithium-ion was poised to flood the market, worldwide demand for batteries reached nearly 200,000 megawatt-hours, according to estimates from consulting firm Avicenne Energy. If your battery is heavily sulfated and you don't drive your car a lot, as we discussed before, the battery may never get fully charged. That's the equivalent of 44.4 billion Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries, enough to circle Earth nearly 57 times. Phil Schiller, Apple's marketing chief, called the battery "revolutionary." But was it really? Computers have transformed from utilitarian boxes into svelte rectangles of shiny metal and glass that fit in our pockets.
Most of that demand will come from phones and tablets, with both expected to jump about 45 percent over the next six years.
Consumer electronics batteries began lasting longer when they switched from relying on nickel, a type of metal, to lithium. Kirk hails the starship Enterprise, his communicator may need a recharge first.The path to lithium Modern batteries date back to the 18th century, when scientists stumbled upon a way to harness static electricity by inserting a metal rod into a jar coated with foil on both sides and filled with saltwater.
He also inspired his wife, Mary, who used electricity as a primary plot device in her novel "Frankenstein." Shortly before people were reading about Mary Shelley's monster, Alessandro Volta invented the first widely used battery, the Voltaic Pile, by stacking plates of zinc and copper separated by cloth or cardboard soaked in saltwater. Cut one in half, and you'll see a material made of metal, such as lithium, on one side, and another material, typically carbon, on the other. In between is the equivalent of the cloth Volta used 200 years ago: a plastic surrounded by a gel or a liquid designed to keep the metals from interacting with one another, but that still lets atomic particles move around.

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