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It can be one of the most annoying things to deal with, a car battery that goes dead at random times - you never know when it will leave you stranded. Short-Term Driving:  Driving your car on short trips too often can contribute to a battery with a poor charge. Excessive Current Draw: There are devices in your car that will draw a small amount of current to stay on, things like your clock circuit and other items. A New Model Year - A New Range Of Additions And Enhancements From VolvoHonda Civic GX CNG is announced for selling in Oklahoma2012 Honda CivicFuel efficiency and ways to achieve it Why Is My Car Battery Always Dying? Stay tuned with exclusive news from the car industry, download high-resolution wallpapers at no cost and share everything you love on the social media. It is Monday morning, you are late for work and as you try to start your vehicle nothing happens.
While you’re in a car care mode, print out an oil change coupon and get a good price on an oil change service as well. Most rechargeable batteries, including those in smartphones, are mainly composed of lithium-ion. In the second study, focused on finding the best balance between voltage, storage capacity and maximum charge cycles, researchers not only found similar issues with the ion flow, but also tiny accumulations of nano-scale crystals left behind by chemical reactions, which cause the flow of ions to become even more irregular after each charge. So to recap, it looks like structural vulnerabilities and microscopic crystal deposits that build up after every charge are what causes your phone’s battery to get worse over time. However, the team firmly believes that their research will lead to advancements in not only the phone battery, but also the battery of electric cars. Just like an AA cell, it has a positive terminal, a negative terminal and electrons flow from one terminal to the other. This is because the most taxing use of the battery in your vehicle is the initial engine starting phase (10-20 seconds) and when short trips are the norm, you never give it enough time to get fully charged. If it malfunctions and provides a charge that's too high or too low, then you can have a problem.

Normally this sort of thing won't kill your battery however, if you have an excessive current draw due to a wiring short circuit or some other kind of fault, then your battery may lose its charge before you get a chance to drive your car again. This scenario has happened to many of us, and in most instances it is due to a dead battery. If the battery suddenly dies before then, it’s most likely user-based and caused by improper maintenance and lack of care. Even though accessories such as lights, radio and air-conditioning are utilizing the battery power during this time, the recharging of the battery is quicker than the draining.
Jiffy Lube will visually inspect the battery cables, clean them and finish up with a protective spray coating. And you missed an important meeting or a date because of something that wasn’t any fault of yours? Memberships can be as low as $60, and they really can prove to be useful when you’re facing unexpected battery problems.
But keep in mind that a jump starter pack will breathe instant life to your car, giving it as much as 15 minutes’ worth of time. Your phone battery seems like it needs to be charged every day or even more frequently as it gets older.
By studying these chemicals and their behaviors at a basic level, we now understand why batteries seem to degrade as quickly as they do in high power devices such as smartphones.
Of course they are quick to admit that this is just the tip of the iceberg, with other probable causes of battery degradation that haven’t been discovered yet.
Right now a phone battery lasts about three years before degradation becomes problematic, and electric car batteries last for up to 15 years. He is also responsible for the companies’ social media channels and writes a weekly news wrap-up on the tower industry, as well as occasional news stories and special event coverage, such as SxSW.
The primary function of a car battery is to start the engine by powering the starter motor and provide electric power to run the engine.

In this article Jiffy Lube would like to share some tips for battery maintenance and ways to prevent battery meltdowns.
One common issue is corrosion of the cables that connects the battery to the engine, but other factors, like extreme weather conditions or having left the lights on in the vehicle can also be the culprit.
If your battery does not charge while your vehicle is on, it will most likely be due to problems with the alternator or a bad cable connection (either not properly attached or corroded) to the battery.
Make sure you call a reliable service because otherwise, the people handling your car might do a lot of serious damage to it via a mere case of mishandling.
You can use those 15 minutes easily to locate a mechanic shop nearby to take care of your batteries.
If scientists can figure out how to eliminate a lithium-ion battery’s structural vulnerabilities and deposits at the molecular level, our phone battery could last a lifetime, charging as well as it did on day one. Frankly, in most cases you want a professional mechanic to troubleshoot this sort of thing, but here's a few things that will help you understand the situation. In addition to its primary function, it also provides electric power to the lights, horn, heater, and all the other electronic gadgets in the car.
It's a build-up of lead sulfate crystals which can shorten the life of the battery and lengthen the amount of time needed to charge it.
Under-usage can be another factor for a dead battery, especially in cold weather climates.  However, be aware of your battery’s age and recognize that  that it may old and in need of retirement.
Two studies were published by Nature Communications earlier this year, but it seems like the media and the public are only beginning to fully understand the implications this holds for the next generation of smartphones and electric cars.
If your battery is heavily sulfated and you don't drive your car a lot, as we discussed before, the battery may never get fully charged.

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