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Car Air Conditioning SpecialistsAs the UK gets hotter the benefits of air-conditioning are gradually being accepted. MOT TestingWe are accredited by VOSA and can MOT class 4(cars, motor home) Class V and Class VII.
Car Servicing & RepairWe are an independant garage that can service and maintain new vehicles under warranty and this will not affect manufacturers' warranties given on vehicles.
Brake tips from the expertsThe components of hydraulic braking systems are subject to considerable stress and as a result require frequent inspection and routine maintenance.
An affordable, high quality garage providing Car Batteries, servicing, air-con refresh and more. We keep a large range of car batteries in stock at all times, covering over 95% of vehicles on the road today. One of the big reasons that battery prices have gone up is because the cost of lead has gone up considerably in the past decade.
Another reason that the price of automotive batteries has gone up is because batteries today are better than car batteries in the past. Indy Auto BlogThe Indy Auto Blog is designed to bring the top industry and local automotive news to the good folks of Indiana.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for mechanics and DIY enthusiast owners of cars, trucks, and motorcycles. The two biggest disadvantage of lead acid batteries compared to the newer types like Li Ion are that they are heavier, and that they contain liquid acid. On the other hand, they are very inexpensive, have a long life expectancy, have a very high tolerance for overcharging without being damaged, and they hold a charge longer than other types. Being able to stand long periods of slow charging without damage, and being able to sit unused for long periods of time without losing charge are ideal properties for a car battery.
Being light weight and packing a lot of energy into a small package are just not that important for a car, but they're critical for portable devices, and this jump starter is in fact a portable device. Looking at the cost of this jump starter and comparing it to the cost of a lead acid battery is not really realistic, because this device would not be able to start your car daily for years without failing. That said, it's definitely true that newer battery technologies are showing up in cars, especially hybrids and electric vehicles. Sign up for our newsletter and get our top new questions delivered to your inbox (see an example). Right, but as long as we're talking about a common voltage when comparing Ah ratings they should indicate energy storage as well. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged battery jump-start or ask your own question. Jump starting a dead battery: Connect black wire to negative pole of battery or grounded metal? That’s why we always do an alternator test to be sure that the alternator is putting out enough power to keep your battery charged. Your battery provides required power to maintain the operation of accessories when the car engine is turned off.
The battery also supplements the power from the charging system during periods of high demand – like when you’re stuck in traffic with your headlights, wipers and blower motor all running! The voltage regulator controls the voltage, keeping it within the proper operating range of your car’s entire electrical system. The starting system on your car includes the ignition switch, the starter relay or solenoid and the starter motor. There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that the batteries are the most important component of cars and are essential to keep them running.
It is one way through which you can minimize the damage done to the environment and play your part in maintaining the environment. You must know that all the components of the old battery will be reused to create new batteries which will be given to you or can be sold by you to get money.

Another option for getting your old car batteries recycled is to take them to an automotive shop. The process of recycling starts when combustible materials such as plastic and the insulation are first removed.
At high temperatures, cadmium vaporized due to its light weight and this process looks as if it is being pan boiled. Recycling may be a small but is a very important step for the environment and everyone must follow it.
It Pays to buy your battery at GSF Car parts – even more so now, as we have introduced a new scheme that gives you up to ?4 CASH BACK when you recycle your old battery with us.
At GSF we are acutely aware that one of our customers’ biggest headaches is scrap disposal.
Batteries are completely recyclable – the lead, acid and plastic that make up a car battery can all be used again.
Replace… your old, worn out battery with a new, long-life, maintenance free battery from GSF Car Parts. Help us to develop our Replace – Recycle – Reward Programme of responsible disposal and recycling by popping back with your old battery, together with the receipt we’ve just given you – and the cash is yours!
GSF Car Parts is one of the UK’s leading distributors of quality replacement car parts and accessories for all makes of car – and all at fantastic low prices, which can save you up to 70% off the dealer recommended retail price.
We employ over 1000 people all across the UK and we’re confident we have the most knowledgeable branch staff in the industry, ready and able to help you with any car related problem you face. Our vast range includes typical service parts like batteries, spark plugs, filters and a huge range of oils, as well as more sophisticated braking, steering, suspension, cooling, clutch and engine management systems. We’ve got branches all over the country in Banbury , Belfast , Birmingham Castle Bromwich , Birmingham Smethwick, Bradford , Bristol (Central), Bristol (South), Canterbury , Cardiff , Chadwell Heath, Chelmsford , Cheltenham , Coventry , Daventry , Derby , Doncaster , Dublin North, Dublin South, Exeter , Farnham , Glasgow , Gloucester , Greenford , Hastings , Heathrow , Huddersfield , Ipswich , Kettering , Kingston , Leamington Spa, Leeds East, Leeds West, Leicester , Letchworth , Lincoln , Liverpool , London Brixton, London Harrow, London Hornsey, Luton , Manchester Swinton, Manchester Trafford, Middlesbrough , Newcastle , Northampton , Norwich , Nottingham , Peterborough , Plymouth , Poole , Portsmouth , Reading , Sheffield , Slough , Southampton , Stoke-On-Trent , Swansea , Swindon , Thurrock , Watford , Wolverhampton , Worcester and Worthing, with new ones opening all the time. When an electric vehicle’s battery has seen it’s last day on the road, what happens to it?
All of this is taking place at the new General Motors Enterprise Data Center at its Milford Proving Ground in Michigan. The batteries also act as a back-up power source and can keep the building running for up to four hours if needed. Now the additional benefits that are not immediately obvious are now being appreciated by those fortunate to have a good aircon system operating in their car. Every vehicle over the age of three years from the date of registration must have a valid MOT every year by law, to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and in safe working order. Whatever make or model of vehicle you drive, we can service it as per the manufacturer recommendations.
It is recommended to have your brake fluid changed every 2 years regardless of the vehicle age. They come fully charged, with a 3 year guarantee which is a great choice if you want a high quality economical battery. Use these batteries for cars with additional accessories such as TV's, SatNav's, Electric Cool boxes, DVD Players which all have a draining effect on your car battery. If you haven’t replaced your battery in a few years, you might be in for a surprise when you go to get a new one. Automotive batteries contain lead, so the higher cost of lead means a more expensive battery.
The companies that produce and sell automotive batteries have improved the design and the quality of materials used. More and more battery brands and resellers are adding a battery warranty to the cost of the battery. But those don't need jump starts, and for most ICEs, the lead-acid battery still provides the most reliable and durable option.
The lithium battery is a good all rounder when it comes to energy density and power density but it costs much more so you tend not to see them used for jump starting .If you tried to put say a nicad in a normal car the charging system would need to be different and you would find that flat battery syndrome would occur more often because of the increased self discharge rate and the smaller amp hours due to the much smaller size. If you constantly need to jump-start your car, especially when it’s cold, you probably need your car battery replaced.

These three components of the starting system consume more electrical power than any other system on your car. CCA or Cold Cranking Amps is a measurement to assure that your car battery had sufficient energy to crank the engine over when it’s cold. Well, they are composed of heavy metals like lead, mercury, cadmium, nickel and sulfuric acid. These roundups are held each year if a local office and are the best places to get your batteries recycled. In some of the cases, metals may not get separated during recycling but are heated directly. We’re starting with batteries, which, if they’re not recycled can cause untold damage to the environment. GSF want to ensure that scrap batteries are properly recycled and everyone involved benefits from this great new initiative – the first and only one currently available from a national motor factor. They know cars inside out and they’re supported by the most advanced parts identification system in the industry.
We also carry many of the world’s top brands such as Brembo brakes, Boge shock absorbers, and Bosch wipers blades – all at low, low prices. There, five old Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric car batteries are powering the lights. Most automotive batteries, depending on the type of battery and the brand, cost well over a hundred dollars. Did you know that a bad alternator that’s not properly charging your car battery could cause this problem? Drawing on your car battery, the starter motor turns the engine over or cranks it until your car starts. All these metals can harm the environment and if they are not disposed of properly, they can pollute the soil and also endanger the wildlife. We stock over 50,000 replacement spare parts to fit cars from all of the world’s major car manufacturers, including Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Rover, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Subaru, Toyota, Vauxhall, Volvo and Volkswagen.
Working in tandem, GM’s 74-kilowatt ground-mount solar array and the two 2-kW wind turbines actually produce enough power to supply not only the entire office building, but also its adjacent parking lot.
The company is treating the building as a sort of real-life experiment so it can figure out exactly how these batteries distribute their energy, and then determine some more commercial and non-commercial uses for them.
If you haven’t bought a battery for a vehicle for a few years, you may wonder why they are so expensive. This happens when the poisonous chemicals and metals get mixed together with the soil when the battery gets deteriorated.  This is why a lot of stress and focus is on recycling of car batteries these days.
And, let’s be honest, once you’ve done that you don’t really know what will happen to it – and in today’s world that’s not really good enough.
In an effort to reduce energy costs, the company the old batteries with some wind and solar power and actually managed to get the data center to achieve net zero energy. Altogether, the renewable technologies produce about 100 megawatts of energy annually – that’s enough energy to power 12 households for an entire year! The second reason is because many people forget whether or not they bought a battery with a warranty.
You might be happy to take it to the local tip for them to recycle, which is the responsible thing to do but how often do the parts end up in your bin or lying about on the garage floor?
Most of the time, the consumer has lost the receipt or forgotten about the warranty by the time they have a problem with their battery.
Keep your receipts, and if you have a problem with your battery, look at the expiration date for the warranty.

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