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One of the big reasons that battery prices have gone up is because the cost of lead has gone up considerably in the past decade. Another reason that the price of automotive batteries has gone up is because batteries today are better than car batteries in the past.
Indy Auto BlogThe Indy Auto Blog is designed to bring the top industry and local automotive news to the good folks of Indiana. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Of course all electric car converters would love to ditch lead batteries and use lithium ones. Then the fact that you have to buy an often-expensive Battery Management System to look after your lithium batteries puts the overall purchase price even higher. The next main reason why the batteries are so expensive is because they are very complicated. So in order for the costs to come down, people have to buy more and create more demand, which will create more manufacturing, lowering prices. All in all, a lithium battery pack in your electric vehicle will cost less than a lead pack over time. The Chinese have also just started selling Graphene batteries which out do the lithium technology altogether and they don’t get hot, so you don’t have the fire risk associated with lithium.
We mainly stock Numax batteries made by Varta which are some of the best quality batteries on the market at the most competitive price. To avoid permanent damage, the reason for it going flat needs to be caught as soon as possible. If you find your car is getting more difficult to start, don't wait for a cold winter morning when you're in a hurry to find out! Battery failure is one of the most likely causes of breakdown and despite what people may think they don’t actually last forever. Your battery not only kick starts the engine but also keeps all electrical items running while you’re driving. Cold weather means your battery doesn’t charge as quickly (when driving) and using items like wipers, heaters, fans will all drain extra power.
Like any battery, a car battery can only take so much in between charges so if you leave a stereo on, phone charger plugged in or forget to turn off your headlights it will drain power from the battery. If you only do short journeys your battery won’t have sufficient time to charge fully so you should take the car for a longer journey on a regular basis. As I mentioned above, the alternator charges the battery and if it’s not working 100% your battery won’t charge and your car won’t start. I remember a cold journey from Cork to Wexford last February with my dash lights fading, afraid to use the stereo or heater incase the car cut out….. Keep an eye out for a good value set of jump leads and learn how to use them so you won’t be stranded if your battery fails! A confirmed petrol head with a penchant for Retro VW’s, Suzanne has been taking apart (and sometimes putting back together) her own cars for years!
The reason that lead acid batteries go bad is because every battery charger on the market, except for Tesla Chargers, chronically under chargers the battery. Many self-proclaimed experts will tell you that you can just increase the current (amperage) and boil the lead acid batteries a bit to get it back into shape. And, with the conventional circuits that other companies use, they don’t know how to bring the lead acid batteries to the proper voltages for full desulfation without boiling them to death. Tesla Chargers circuits are made by John Bedini, the world’s recognized master of lead acid battery charging and rejuvenation. As the voltage goes up, it comes to a peak and when the final layers of sulfation are removed in the range a bit over 15 volts, you see the voltage drop.

Tesla Chargers products are based on decades of lab tests by John Bedini and most specifically in the early 2000’s.
The home page emphasizes Ideas & How To content, covering topics from painting to repairing or replacing car tail lights.
The size of the bubbles in this chart refer to the estimated amount of search traffic the website is receiving, which is the same as how high that bubble is on the graph. Without getting more granular, we know for sure that Walmart is taking a lot of market share from Canadian Tire, and Costco and Home Depot are still taking number one and two spots on many valuable search terms. Looking at Canadian Tire, Home Depot and Walmart, for example, we can take a closer look into this dynamic.
In the above table you can see that for numerous high value cases, Canadian Tire ranks behind its competitors in search.
Canadian Tire’s website is an eCommerce platform, which means it competes across some fairly common eCommerce categories.
While there would definitely be some effort involved in ranking for these types of keywords, the return is massive.
As you can see in the able above, Goodyear ranks for many of the high volume keywords that this strategy includes, and Canadian Tire is only visible for a single keyword (Ford Tires) at the bottom of the first page. Odds are that the Canadian Tire team is aware of some of these issues and opportunities, and it’s just a matter of having the resources and expertise to chase those Big Hairy Audacious Goals. If you haven’t replaced your battery in a few years, you might be in for a surprise when you go to get a new one. Automotive batteries contain lead, so the higher cost of lead means a more expensive battery.
The companies that produce and sell automotive batteries have improved the design and the quality of materials used. More and more battery brands and resellers are adding a battery warranty to the cost of the battery. There aren’t the same demands for lithium technology from shops, industries and the auto industry, as opposed to lead acid batteries or NiMH batteries. This is because a lead pack needs replacing approximately every 3 years, whereas a lithium pack should last around 9 years.
For many of us a $5000 lithium battery pack is well out of reach – until you consider how much more 9 years worth of gasoline might cost. You wouldn’t plug a DVD player, Sat Nav, Phone, Stereo, Speakers, Subwoofer, Lights and a charger into a single socket in one go and likewise there’s a limit to what your battery can take – if you need to use all these things at once it will be worthwhile investing in a stronger battery! However, that is a scam because removing the sulfation on the lead plates is a VOLTAGE event and NOT a current event.
Because the sulfation presents an impedance and that causes the voltage to rise like back pressure against a gas.
It was a manual teaching farmers a century ago how tokeep their lead acid batteries indefinitely good.
The most up to date line that we have are better than ever and these products have saved literally hundreds to thousands of tons of batteries from the scrap yard since 2006 when Tesla Chargers first launched. Maybe they’ve got an excellent product, a passionate team or an agile and creative marketing team. It’s an eponymous brand when it comes to auto parts, and if you need something for your car, home, cottage or campsite you can find it at Canadian Tire. I’m used to walking into one of their locations, asking their specialists a dumb question about what type of lightbulb I need or how to fill in holes in walls left behind by old screws, and then leaving with a product.
The further a bubble is to the right, the larger quantity of keywords the website ranks for.
Canadian Tire has a category page for Car Batteries, which certainly fit into their bread and butter products.

We’ve been working successfully with massive international automotive companies for years, so I had a bit of a head-start when it came to identifying opportunities. I was wondering both how much money was being left on the table by Canadian Tire for this one tiny strategy, and how well Goodyear was already doing. In just this tiny subset, Goodyear would have to pay $13,000 every month in paid search advertising to get the same traffic that they’re getting for free organically.
Many other classifications of auto parts break down into highly searched terms that Canadian Tire has the fantastic opportunity to pursue and so doing catch up to and exceed their competitors. Most automotive batteries, depending on the type of battery and the brand, cost well over a hundred dollars. Couple that with lithium being in great abundance – despite what you may have heard – the only thing hampering it’s supply is the limitations of the existing lithium mining industry. What is happening with the west and new technology is terrible to adopt and get charge a 1000 times that it costs to make! But the voltage can still sit there even if the full capacity of the lead acid batteries isn’t actually there. The chemistry involved in discharging a battery is 100% reversible; this can give a theoretical INFINITE number of cycles to lead acid batteries. This has been known for a century, but the manufacturers of lead acid batteries of course have neglected to tell you this. When the final layer of sulfation is removed and dissolved back into solution, that electrolyte becomes more conductive, impedance drops, and the voltage goes down. From this chart, you could say that Canadian Tire has a similar amount of traffic as Walmart Canada, but with less than half of the keywords. For Electric Fireplace, Canadian Tire is in position 9, getting around 3.7% of the search share while Home Depot collects 31% in first place. Many, many more search for some modification of that term that’s equally if not more valuable. The traffic from being in position #1 for just these 75 keywords would cost just under $35,000 monthly in paid search. The implementation might seem daunting, but that’s why you work with someone who has done it before. Follow me on Twitter, my personal website, or grab a copy of my book, The Conversation Handbook. If you haven’t bought a battery for a vehicle for a few years, you may wonder why they are so expensive. Position three isn’t bad, but it receives a third of the traffic that a first place competitor gets.
Canadian Tire might prefer something like Dinner Tables or Accent Tables given their selection, but they’re currently not even competing for those terms for any of their product categories.
The second reason is because many people forget whether or not they bought a battery with a warranty. Most of the time, the consumer has lost the receipt or forgotten about the warranty by the time they have a problem with their battery.
Keep your receipts, and if you have a problem with your battery, look at the expiration date for the warranty.

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