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Unless there is another baby automobile customer, Portland toddler Sorella Stoute will remain the first infant to purchase her own car. Instead of being upset that their child bought a car, they decide to keep the car and possibly fix it up for his daughter's 16th birthday or high school graduation. The car will need a significant amount of fixing in order for Sorella to ride it in 15 years, and the vehicle could be restored and sold for about $14,000.
Sorella's grandmother, Carlene Stenejhem, was contacted by the couple to see if they could store the automobile at her house. Now the parents have placed security codes and other locks on their phones to prevent another shopping spree.
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Michael Crown from Pennsylvania is known in the muscle car community for his two 1966 Chevrolet Chevelles -- his fully restored Danube Blue, worth approximately $90,000, and his original Tuxedo Black, worth $60,000.

In true daddy's girl fashion, Crown said his daughter, 19, picked up his passion for muscle cars. For months, he fixed up the car, and was careful to hide it in case she unexpectedly spent a weekend home from college. Finally, for her birthday earlier this month, Crown surprised his daughter with the prize and caught her entire reaction on camera. In order to restore the domain and continue the service you will have to contact your registrar immediately. For only $225 and her dad's smartphone Ebay app, the 14-month-old now has her own 1962 Austin Healey Sprite.
You know a relationship is getting serious when a man lets his girlfriend to drive his expensive car. The only way that her dad knew about it was from receiving a congratulatory email from Ebay concerning the winning of the bid.

It needed a new coat of paint, a change of wheels, and new headlights, but for the restoration expert, it was no challenge. Kanye is in New York City while his unconfirmed girlfriend is driving his $500,000 car in Los Angeles.Kanye is probably aware that in case of damages, Kim can afford to pay the bill.
Last Saturday the pair reunited for a  shopping trip at Balenciaga, while Monday they acted affectionately at the opening of Scott Disick’s new Japanese eatery, Ry.

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