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Working outdoors in the winter is a taxing time in most parts of the country where weather takes its toll on both man and machine. Batteries get their hardest electrical hits during the winter months when auxiliary lights, the heater, radios, warning strobes, winches, inverters and other necessary accessories are being used during the commute and on the jobsite.
The best way to minimize the chance of battery failure and ensure ample electrical power is to is to add a second battery. Whatever the reason, that second battery tray simplifies the installation of the second battery. We purchased a GM Battery Retainer (#14005061) that cost less than $5, along with a second battery and and a battery isolator designed to work with the new electronics. So we chose an Odyssey 78-PC1500-A AGM battery as the auxiliary, which delivers 880 CCA and 135 minutes RC. The Odyssey is far more receptive to deep discharging and resistant to the hard pounding from off-pavement use than the OEM battery. To connect the two batteries properly, we selected a Cole Hersee Smart Battery Isolator (#48530) designed to work with the electronic charging systems found on newer pickups. For example, you pull the truck in to a jobsite, turn the engine off and leave all the warning lights on.
This separation protects the starting battery while allowing the auxiliary battery to continue to power the auxiliary loads. When you start the truck, the charging system brings the cranking battery back to 13.2 volts (full charge), then the isolator closes, the red status light turns on, and the alternator now recharges the auxiliary battery.

This Cole Hersee wiring diagram shows the proper way to install the isolator between the stock truck battery and the auxiliary one.
We also installed a Cole Hersee SureStart Compact Low Voltage Disconnect Switch (#48513-01) on the firewall to use as our “hot point” between the auxiliary battery and future strobe lights and accessories. Automatically isolating the auxiliary battery in this way keeps it protected from total discharge, which could be the case when running lights or other accessories when one is away from the truck for a period of time. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This is booba's instructions on THIS site for installing the 3g alternator and wiring in headlight relays, I'm fabbing the bracket for the fusebox from a Taurus that has the relays in it, along with the mega fuse for the alternator. On the passengerside of the truck, where the Red, Green, and Black wire's meet the plastic plug for the headlight, I cut the harness(the said wire's) and strip both ends of the wire's, cut and leave probably 6" of wire coming from the plug one the passengerside. You can use your stock plug but you have to re-wire like shown in the Diagram, I'll elaborate more on this in my install thread.
So, this was mocking up the fusebox and cutting the channel iron so it would lay flush against the fender.
Batteries don’t like cold, which leads to older, weaker batteries failing in the winter.
When the isolator senses the batteries reach 12.7V it opens the solenoid relay to separate the two batteries and turns off the status light. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view discussions and access other forum features.

This covers 1987-1991, trucks 1992 and after IIRC have a 95A 3g already so this will just be a simple unhook, unbolt and remount the 130 or 160A. The harness that comes from the cab is from the headlight switch, so I wire the Green wire into one relay on Pin 86, I do the same for Red on the other relay, wire it into pin 86. We choose the Odyssey 78-PC1500 AGM battery because it's designed for deep-cycling and to withstand hard off-road abuse.
By joining our free online community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. Now the Red relay(which is Low beams) gets the wire from Pin 30 spliced back into the Red wire on the plug, samething for the Green relay(which is High beams). Registration is fast, simple, and absolutely free so please, join our community today!Forgot your password? Don't wory about any acid spills--the absorbed glass mat (AGM) design is spill- and leak-proof. It costs less than $5 from the local GM dealer.GM battery retainer bolts into the existing battery tray, firmly holding the Odyssey in place.

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