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Most cars use lead-acid batteries, each of which packs about 20 pounds of lead – which, as we’ve all heard, is a potent poison that does particularly worrisome damage to kids’ developing nervous systems. In the United States, strict EPA regulations require recycling plants to take careful steps to prevent contaminating their surroundings. Many watchdog groups are instead pressing for regulatory action to stem the lead-filled tide flowing south – or to hold Mexican plants to higher standards. In addition to taking a close look at your batteries, there are a few tests you can run to determine whether or not there is hope for your battery. Auto Parts Warehouse is one of the top online retailers of auto parts and accessories in the United States today, with over 550,000 products in our comprehensive catalog, with a lot of them available at exclusive warehouse prices. Ask the Curbside Hotline Operator: What can I do about people putting stuff in my curbside collection containers? Metro’s hazardous waste facilities also accept batteries, as well as a long list of common household hazardous waste. You can also dispose of common household alkaline and carbon-zinc batteries in the garbage. Interested in disposing other items not accepted at the curb?Contact the Metro Recycling Information online or call 503-234-3000.
Have a question for our Curbside Hotline Operator?Submit your question online or call 503-823-7202. How to Dispose of Old Car Batteries, Oil, and Everything ElseWhen you fix cars, used parts and fluids pile up in the corners of the shop like beer cans in a frat house. Most PopularWhere it goes: Repurposed as home heating oil or reprocessed into fresh lubricant. Don't know how to dispose off your used car batteries without harming the environment? PAC AutoResources Inc.
I wouldn’t say that you poisoned and polluted anything (unless you personally drove that spent battery down to Tijuana). Lead is also quite valuable, as we need it to build wind turbines, cell phone towers, and of course, more car batteries. This is not the case, however, for the lead recycling plants in developing countries like Mexico. The EPA tightened lead standards in 2008, which had the unfortunate side effect of making it a lot easier and cheaper for our plants to ship SLABs down south for processing rather than complying. Individually, it’s tough to trace what happens to your old battery after you hand it off to the shop or the dealer or your local hazardous-waste disposal team. If this cause moves you, I encourage you to get in touch with operations like the Commission for Environmental Cooperation and Occupational Knowledge International, both of which make SLAB pollution a major focus.
In the meantime, Pat, we can include “batteries spew lead all over innocent communities” to our list of reasons to cut down on our driving.

If you are unsure of what qualities to be on the lookout for, you may have no idea that a battery replacement will be in your near future. The dial should be set to direct current volts and the voltmeter leads need to be placed on the positive and negative battery posts. If the voltage rate is increasing at a fast rate to surpass 14 volts, up to 17 volts, the battery is unable to withstand the voltage. Check on the battery throughout, if it’s leaking any kind of acid or liquid it is time to dispose of your battery.
If you have performed the high-rate and slow charge tests and your battery passed but something still seems off, give this one a try. Owning one is a lifestyle and for serious auto enthusiasts, it could mean serious expenses. Regular AA, AAA, C and D batteries are allowed in the garbage because they are no longer manufactured with mercury.
There are potential hazards because when they are overheated, the lithium used in batteries, along with other chemicals, are highly flammable. Oil, Transmission Fluid, Brake FluidWhat to do with it: Most auto parts stores accept these lubricants for free. In fact, you went the extra mile by investigating just where the battery would end up – more than many other drivers would do. That value translates to exceptionally high recycling rates: 96 percent for all lead-acid batteries. Mexican recycling plants use much cruder techniques to get at the lead – we’re talking guys-smashing-batteries-with-hammers crude. One environmental commission reports that battery exports have jumped 449 to 525 percent from 2004 to 2011, for a total of 857 million pounds of car and truck batteries.
As you discovered, employees may not have a clue where it will end up; and even if the battery first goes to one of our own recycling facilities, the SLAB may still be shipped on to Mexico. Advocacy group SLAB Watchdog takes a slightly different tack by calling for major retailers like Sam’s Club, Jiffy Lube, and Walmart to make sure all their collected batteries go to high-tech domestic recyclers. Try inspecting your SLA batteries and looking for these warning signs that indicate your batteries may be on their way out. It requires upgrading parts and making sure that everything is working properly, yearly tune-ups, and more. Just bring it to the scrap yard where it will be melted, used or transformed  into a new product.
Find a resource near you that accepts household, rechargeable and lead-acid batteries online at Metro’s Find a Recycler tool. You can even combine them—just put them in a sturdy, sealed container, such as an old oil or washer-fluid bottle.

CoolantWhat to do with it: A local repair shop might take it, either for a fee or just to be nice. In fact, the environment management system of our partner recycling company Philippine Recyclers Inc. According to investigative work done by the New York Times, these plants’ smokestacks spew lead-infused air into the neighborhood, where the dust settles on everything (including the soil in school playgrounds). All you have to do is go to the nearest scrap yard where it will get scrapped and be properly disposed of.
A great way to save and lessen the waste since you’re still talking about a huge chunk of your car.
I Googled it when I got home and found out that a lot of old car batteries get sent to Mexico each year, where they do a lousy job of recycling them. For a more detailed look into that dirty business, check out this report from the Commission for Environmental Cooperation. But did you know that there are parts that you could use again or can be recycled to earn you a few bucks?
Another way to dispose of it is by bringing it back to the auto parts store where you bought it and you will get a pay out, but this is only applicable if the store where you bought your old battery takes deposits for buying new ones. If your auto part supplier also has a deposit system, you could just return it and get a few bucks. You can also take them to a recycling center or hazardous-waste facility, but check to see if there are specific drop-off days. Battery, Brake Caliper, Water Pump, AlternatorWhat to do with it: When you buy it you pay a core charge, which is a deposit that motivates you to return the used item. You should repeat the test a few more times, each time with the needle staying in the green zone. If you do not have the voltmeter needed to perform this test, any auto shop can do it for you.
Otherwise it's shredded into asphalt or soil additives, or ground into play or sports-turf surfaces.5.
Everything ElseWhat to do with it: Recycle glass and properly labeled plastic at your curbside. You can sell usable parts, such as trim and seats, on Craigslist or eBay, but a lot of this stuff is trash.

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