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Product DescriptionPlug your BlackBerry Z10 in to the battery charger with the built-in cable, no extra cables required, and insert a spare battery for simultaneous charging.
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OEM Blackberry parts, Blackberry Housing and Blackberry faceplates as well as OEM Blackberry Z10 Housing Parts, Blackberry Bold 9900 Housing Parts, Bold 9780 Housing parts, Blackberry Bold 9700 housing, Blackberry Curve 9300 9360 housing parts, Blackberry Torch 9800 housing and Blackberry Torch 9810 parts and accessories. This Blackberry Curve 9300 battery is the replacement or spare battery for your Blackberry Curve 9300. Keep it in your travel bag, pocket or briefcase so you can switch the battery as you need and stay connected on the go or at work.

BOUGHT THIS BATT USED MINE ALL DAY AND RUNNING OUT OF JUICE BUT WITH THIS BACKUP , GOT MY JOB DONE AND PLAYED SOME GAMES AND MOVED FILES AND HAD A LONG RANGE OF SPEED! With an extra battery included, and lightweight portability, the BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle is ideal for traveling. Having an extra battery could be the solution for you if you need extra power from your blackberry device during your workday.
Keep it in your briefcase or purse and stay connected, powered up, and ready to get the job done. The best benefit of this charger bundle is you never have to manage your battery, you just use your phone as you wish. The new BlackBerry Curve 9300 battery is a standard battery and certified to work with Blackberry Curve 9300 devices.

Battery charges pretty quickly in this charger when connected with standard wall charger for Z10. Only issue is, when you see the green light blinking, leave the charger connected to the wall a little bit more the green light seems to come on at about 85 or 90 charge.

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