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NAB Battery Acid Cleaner and Neutralizer is formulated to clean batteries and neutralize battery acid. The physical properties that perform the cleaning function in many of the other neutralizing cleaners on the market consist of glycol ethers, alcohol or petroleum-based products.
It is always smart to use our environmentally friendly, NAB Battery Acid Cleaner and Neutralizer for your routine battery maintenance program. Our product range includes a perfect Radiator coolant developed particularly with a view to reduce the corrosion attach of local Gulf water when used for engine cooling. SANA ENGINE COOLANTMonoethylene Glycol based anti-freeze radiator coolant containing a package of superior corrosion inhibitors particularly developed for Middle East region. In our less than legal youth, we’ve done things like chemical bombs out in the boonies, drawing suggestive pictures in stained cement and just seeing what happens to various found objects in the presence of acid.
Actually, putting additional acid into a lead-acid battery that is already in service battery will damage it. You could make a case that adding the acid would be beneficial, if the acid level is very very low, but you are right, as the acid doesn't leave the battery during service (only the water does) adding additional acid will only increase the concentration inside the battery over time, which is detrimental.
Mix it with baking soda in a garbage pail (it will foam up quite a bit, so use a big container), or mix it with a dilute solution of caustic soda and water. To properly hoon, place this mixture in a gatorade bottle (the kind with a large cap), upside down in a mortar. No, destroying or defacing paper currency is illegal, and melting down coins for profit (to sell the metal for its bullion value) is illegal, but its not illegal to smoosh a penny on a railroad track or in one of those souvenir machines. That said, Chrome Battery wants you to practice the number one rule when handling battery acid, or working around flooded batteries:  ALWAYS WEAR PROPER EYE, FACE, AND HAND PROTECTION.
Also, if you should get electrolyte splashed into your eyes because you ignored the number one rule when handling battery acid, or working around flooded batteries – force the eye open and flood it with clean cold water from a shower, eye-wash station or bottle for at LEAST 15-20 minutes. Every now and then, you may have a battery that leaks because it got punctured or whatever during shipping or installation.

There is also an alternative approach to not having to handle battery acid and that is to purchase the battery already filled by our battery experts. The people at Chrome Battery want to make sure you remember this again: ALWAYS WEAR PROPER EYE, FACE, AND HAND PROTECTION.
Simply apply our ready-to-use battery acid cleaner and neutralizer to affected areas and watch it change in color from red to yellow to indicate that the battery acid has been neutralized. North American Bioindustries recognized a need in the marketplace for an environmentally safe battery acid cleaner. NAB’s proprietary battery solution is primarily a liquid acid neutralizer along with a surfactant package and color indicator, which neutralizes acid on contact.
But neutralizing acid on batteries with baking soda will form a conductive paste that won’t rinse free. Your operational and plant floor safety is important. NAB products help provide a safe and secure working area that helps keep production on schedule and employees productive. Through normal operations there are several types of problems to which vehicles are subjected such as weather related effects eg.
This product is tested and approved by Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research and is based on MEG with a superior blend of corrosion inhibitors. The pressure will build until the cap pops off, and the bottle will shoot far into the air, showering you with hot acid. Always use this exceptional cleaner as part of a routine maintenance program to remove corrosion from terminals, connectors and trays, achieving optimal performance from your batteries. We felt if our chemists could design a liquid product that would prolong the life of costly industrial batteries by maintaining clean battery surfaces and neutralizing all in one step, it would be a perfect solution — which is exactly what we did. Alcohol and petroleum based products can be flammable and potentially increase worker exposure issues. Rust and corrosion, traffic film resulting from exhaust deposites, atmosphere pollutants and oil, gross soiling due to harsh weather etc.

Proper maintenance of vehicles ensures a long life for vehicles which is essentially important particularly under increasing cost of vehicles. As soon as our product is applied it starts removing dirt, oil and corrosion from terminals, connectors and trays. Where in the past it was unclear with other products what was neutralized and if the task was indeed completed, our color indicator makes the user aware of exactly when the acid has been neutralized. Batteries that are cleaned only once or twice a year typically have half the life span than that of a regularly well-maintained battery. Once dry, the hardened paste is another “alternate mode” for electric current to create a short, shock, fire or explosion. There are also a number of factors to consider, for a proper cleaning and maintenance of automobiles such as right chemical product, type of machine used for cleaning, frequency of cleaning etc. Otherwise, you could get seriously hurt and there may be environmental issues depending upon where you live.
Our battery acid cleaner and neutralizer is completely safe and will not harm the environment. Imagine how much of a shorter life span you would get from batteries that are never cleaned?
To cut the maintenance costs and project a cleaner vehicle which is a reflection of an enhanced image of every individual or company, we have developed a good range of products. Once the acid is neutralized, the solution is then transformed to salt water; and combined with the surfactant, NAB Battery Acid Cleaner and Neutralizer leaves the battery clean and free of process soils all in one step! Begin a regular preventive maintenance program with our battery cleaner and neutralizer and start to add up the savings for your facility!

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