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Most Affordable Sports Cars You Can Buy in India The number of wealthy car enthusiasts in India is gradually growing three-fold; as a result, the sports cars from Lamborghini, Porsche, BMW, and Ferrari etc. Miata is a well-known sports car worldwide, though its looks are not something special to talk about, but you need to drive it to feel it. Being another Toyota in the list, You can definitely expect the solid Japanese reliability which promises miles with smiles, but if you find one up for sale in a reasonable condition, please do let me know too. Also known as Mitsubishi GTO, it was re-badged and sold as Dodge Stealth for the North US Market until 1996. The looks of Mazda RX8 can easily make an automotive enthusiast go crazy, especially rear and those suicide doors, it is my next most favorite after the 350Z. I believe they are pretty easu to find.(may be wrong, after all ) I dont think an EVO is a sportscar.
Wea€™ve covered much of the a€?where to buy a classic cara€™ question recently, but how about the question of a€?when to buy a classic cara€™? In my experience there are two huge factors that influence a potential purchasea€¦ money and space.
The classic car market does shift seasonally, especially in northern states or states where people cannot drive their classic roadsters year round. This is the kind of storage issue that leads a lot of people to put their cars on the market in the fall. Another thing a ready and willing buyer has on their side these days is a generally poor economy. The affordable classic car market has been especially affected during this brutal economic down turn. I was reading through some local Craigslist classifieds last night and saw quite a few listings citing economic woes as the reason for selling. Taking into consideration the time of year and the general state of the economy it is an excellent time to find some real bargains on the low end of the collector car market.
Being DIY types with our hands tight on our wallets, we've always been enthusiastic cheap-car purveyors. Basic Facts and information on the world of Kit Cars, their history, owners clubs, insurance, maintenance and other ownership issues. There are many kit car manufacturers around the world, each offering different models and types of kit. The former option is better for those who are new to building kit cars, but anyone with more experience of vehicles and mechanics could find it more rewarding and cheaper to bring the pieces together themselves from different companies and cars. If buying directly from a manufacturer you are likely to have to collect the kit yourself from their factory or warehouse, so take this into account. Online formus for owners clubs also give you a great idea of what it will be like to own and use the car, and some owners may even let you visit them and take out their own cars for a spin to saee what the finished product might be like. The most perious purchase for the uninitiated is buying a kit car that is "99% complete" which generally means the current owner has either not the skill or the money to finish the job properly, and you dont know exactly how well (or badly) the car has been put together, what is unfinished, and what might need major work or major expense to put right. A brand new Storm can be yours for the price of a Maruti DZire, but buy it if you are concerned only about looks.
There are a few Miatas in Pre-owned car market in India, but finding the model, which is not abused is the challenge.

There are quite a few of them in Western region of the country, and if you own one, be assured about the 'head turning' factor, and oh, how to forget that powerful engine sound too. This car has almost everything which one would expect to find in a real sports-car, Moreover, at the same time, the Mitsubishi brand comes as a bonus which defines charterstic racing DNA. This Audi is yet another attention-grabber while running on roads, and if you were driving only in games yet, it can be now driven in reality for as much as half of its actual price. As my user name already tells, I'm one huge 350Z aficionado who can write pages and pages about it. However the RX8 are in very limited numbers in India, and until you have reliable sources, getting the spares and servicing could be a cause of concern, since the brand called 'Mazda' still does not exists in India.
They are from the time when I was a teen and I had posters of them both on my bedroom walls. As my user name already tells, I'm one huge 350Z aficionado who can write pages and pages about it. I dona€™t know that therea€™s a golden rule as when to buy your next affordable classic, it depends upon the car and the opportunities presented to you.
In places where people are forced to store their cars away for the winter the question as to whether they should mothball the car for one more winter always comes up. Most people dona€™t get the urge to buy a fun convertible as winter approaches for the same reasons people look to get rid of them. I believe ita€™s the little guy who was on a budget a few years ago who finally sprung for a neat affordable classic that might find himself in an economic position today that forces him to sell his baby.
It used to be a€?baby on the waya€? or a€?buying a new housea€? a€?wife says the cara€™s gotta goa€?. If you can cobble the money together in the next couple of months, youa€™re bound to find some great deals on an affordable classic car.
For three grand, you're probably looking at a first-generation edition (1989–1994) with the 1.6-liter four-cylinder. Find out as much as you can about each of them to ensure you buy the one that suits your budget and needs. Some suppliers may deliver, and any smaller pieces needed can be sent to your home and workshop.
If buying online, remember that you should read the description very carefully to ensure you know what you are getting.
Just recall the last time when you spotted a super-car with loud engine noise and you jumped out of excitement just to have a glance of it in that crowded traffic.
The best part is that it makes a great everyday car due to the small dimensions which help to blaze it away in traffic like a breeze.
Though, consider getting the GTO only if you can afford the cost of spare parts which need to be imported.
Especially if you are ready to throw the grand sum for a used car which could rather get you a brand new, feature laden Honda Accord.
If you desire one, and have the money, a couple of years old model surely makes worth the purchase at price similar that of an entry-level C-Class. If the owner has to pay for storage over the winter he must decide if ita€™s worth the money or if ita€™s time to sell the car.

People want to buy fun cruisers in the spring, to enjoy during those first really nice weekends after the long winter, and on into the summer. In these lean times those with the cash have more opportunities for bargain shopping, snapping up cheap stock and cheap cars that have flooded the market.
He probably doesna€™t have a 3+ car garage, he may not have a surplus of cash that allows him to continue to maintain, license, and insure a purely fun, indulgent second or third car.
Now therea€™s a lot of a€?lost my job, cana€™t afford to keep ita€? or a€?downsizing, must sella€?.
Mazda built tens of thousands of them, and many folks who bought them barely drove them, so plenty of low-mileage examples exist.
Consider whether you want everything to be provided, from chassis and engine right down to bodywork and interiors, or whether you will be able to use an old donor car for some of the parts. Also check the shipping charges and remember that anything sent from overseas is likely to incur a customs fee as well. This is a discussion on Most Affordable Sports Cars You Can Buy in India within The Automotive Library. Permission from a significant other could be a factor, but youa€™re on your own when it comes to getting your wife on board.
In the fall youa€™ve got the potential for a lot of cars on the market and not too many people looking to buy them. The top tier car collectors who buy the blue chip collectibles like Mercedes Gullwings and 12 Cylinder Ferraris continue to pay up for the best cars, mostly oblivious to whata€™s happening on the low end of the spectrum. If you don't pay much for the car, you're less inclined to worry about it, and consequently, you'll have more fun.
They're enormously fun, with a lithe feel, telepathic steering, raspy engine note and one of crispest gearboxes in the industry. Cons: Almost Zero Luggage Area, Some Mechanics Complain Difficulty to Work with Mid-Engine. So youa€™re ready for a new car, how can timing allow you to get a great deal on a great car? To store a car through the coldest winter months of November through February will cost at least $300, probably more.
They're tough, too, as evidenced by the number plying road courses every weekend—they're the most raced cars in the country via the Spec Miata class.
If possible, go to see the item before agreeing to buy it, but at the very least speak to the seller if you have any concerns or questions.
I took this into account when I bought my 1976 BMW 2002 for $700 one November knowing I wanted to eBay it in the spring.
Get one with a rust-free body, as the mechanical bits are easily sourced and reasonably priced. With only 120 hp, you won't win any drag races, but you'll never fail to enjoy time spent behind the wheel.

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