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Owning and driving a car involves two things most motorists would rather avoid: spending money on maintenance and spending money on repairs. If you do not maintain your car (meaning regular oil changes, filter replacements and keeping an eye on critical fluid levels), you will be faced with major repairs much sooner than you should. Like death and taxes, you can't avoid auto repairs – unless you lease new vehicles or trade your old car before it reaches the point where things start to wear out and cost you money to fix. After 4 or 5 years (regardless of mileage) most batteries are getting weak and need to be replaced.
The water pump circulates coolant between the engine and radiator to keep the engine from overheating. Overhead cam engines that have rubber timing belts require the belt to be replaced after so many miles. Manual transmissions will usually last the life of the vehicle, but the clutch usually does not. Synthetic rubbers and elastomers are used for coolant hoses, vacuum hoses, fuel hoses, emissions hoses, brake hoses, seals, weatherstripping around doors and windows, the hood and trunk. The average age of passenger cars and light trucks on the road today is 11.5 years -- the highest ever! The number of vehicles on the road that are six to 14 years old and are most likely to need repairs is now 120 million. Remove the negative, or black, cable before removing the positive, or red, cable to avoid a fire or injury.
Replacing a car battery is a relatively simple procedure most people can complete themselves in about half an hour or less.
Purchasing the correct automotive battery for the car ensures it will fit and work appropriately.
Before replacing a car battery, rubber gloves, a wrench, rags, baking soda, water, and a stiff bristled brush should be on hand. Mixing a small amount of baking soda with warm water will help clean any corrosion off the clamps and battery tray.
One thing to keep in mind is that most car batteries are very heavy, especially for their size. Your Express Car Care service professional can help you know how to decide which battery is right for you and your vehicle. Are you tired of visiting the auto dealers and chain stores for your automotive needs, where you are nothing more than a number? Express Car Care is family owned and operated, and you will always see the same faces when you visit. United Tire & Service has high quality auto repair services in West Chester and batteries which are conveniently installed in your automobile at very affordable prices!

Batteries are rechargeable, and it's a really good idea to carry jumper cables or a transportable battery charging system in your automobile in case of emergencies. Contact us soon to schedule your next battery replacement or other West Chester auto repair service. Now that we’ve established that, let’s talk about how to properly use your battery charger. 3. This is a sign that the battery is good, and if you don’t notice this happening, it’s a sign of the battery being bad. However, the higher amps rate you charge your battery at, the less efficient the job gets done.
Before replacing the car battery, the battery group number, reserve capacity, and cold-cranking amps should be written down. Wearing rubber gloves while removing the old battery and installing the replacement car battery protects the skin from battery acid, which can cause serious burns. Using a stiff brush dipped in the mixture makes it easier to scrub off any rust or corrosion that could prevent the new battery from working. You may have to remove those clamps and replace them snugly after the new battery is installed. The battery may have a handle to make lifting easier, but it is still going to require some serious arm strength.
Looking for that honest and friendly customer service you can usually only find in a small town? You never expect when you might have to jump start your automobile, or also help out an additional motorist in need. United Tire & Service is proud to be your number one car services center and provider of West Chester tires. It is the general consensus that as the battery charges, the charger reduces the rate that it charges.
The process also requires knowledge of the battery itself, how to remove the old one, how to install the new one, and important safety precautions. An automotive store or mechanic can advise customers on what type of battery to purchase based on the year, make, and model of the car if that information is not in the owner's manual. Disconnecting the negative cable first is extremely important, as removing the positive cable first could start a fire. If the car does not start after replacing the new battery, turn the vehicle off and re-tighten the cables. I forgot to do that one time, and the car stalled because the battery cables were jarred loose. The only thing is that I want to make sure that it is the best battery for my type of vehicle and will help it perform as best as it can.

I only wish I could take them with me when I hit the road and need attention on my '93 [single-owner] vehicle.
It also stores power produced by the alternator and runs the secondary electric systems such as your lights, radio, power seats, power windows, and extra electrical elements in your vehicle. You must have a battery charger to charge a battery without causing some sort of damage elsewhere. In other words, if the charger and battery are working properly, when you hook the charger to a low battery, set the selector switch to a medium rate (20amps for example) the ammeter will read around 20 amps.
Some chargers will even shut themselves off when the charging cycle you have selected is complete.
As long as it is the correct size, the new battery can have a higher reserve capacity and cold-cranking amps number.
Using a sturdy wrench to completely loosen the clamps attached to the battery terminals makes it easier to pull the clamps off the battery and remove it from the car. Wiggle the new battery slightly after placing it in the battery tray to make sure it is tight and facing the correct direction. Since old car batteries contain dangerous acid and chemicals, it is best to consult a mechanic or auto parts store on correct disposal methods.
It's not a difficult step, but an important one. You may also want to bring the old battery with you when you purchase the replacement battery. Lifting anything heavy in a bent position can cause a painful back injury, so be careful when pulling out the old battery and installing a new one. Some of our services include no wait Oil Change - Brakes Service - Clutches - Tune-Ups but we provide additional services for your car, just stop by and let us take a look. Your vehicle's electric system powers everything from the ignition and gas systems to accessories such as your radio, fronts lights and wipers. This may be helpful for people living in cold climates or those who want the car to be able to run longer if the alternator that charges the battery while driving stops working.
Before taking out the old battery, the way it is facing should be noted to ensure proper installation of the new one.
When you reuse your batteries, you can also stop harmful chemicals from landfills or improper disposal. The auto supply store may also give you a discount for bringing in a battery that can be refurbished and resold.

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