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I just recently had to replace the 12V auxiliary battery in the electric MR2 after almost 2 years of driving. The 12V battery on converted electric cars, serve mostly the same purpose as the 12V battery in a gas car. Have you ever left the lights on after driving in the rain and come back to a dead battery? Based on your normal driving pattern, estimate the max downtime you will have between driving the car. Multiply the amp draw result from step 1 by the number of hours representing the time you will not be driving the car on a regular basis from step 2.
The electric MR2 uses a 22 amp-hour (AH) deep cycle sealed lead acid battery, which should   give me ample energy to park the car for over 10 days.
I don’t, however, recommend doing this because if you ever leave your lights on, you could deplete you main pack battery much quicker.
For those of you driving electric cars, how many days can you park your electric car without the 12V battery draining? Related PostsMay 15, 2013 -- Should you install a Battery Management System to protect those expensive Lithium batteries? Thanks for the numbers, that makes me feel a bit more confident that my amp draw is inline with yours. No, I don’t have an ignition relay between the dc-dc converter output and the 12V battery as your set up shown in the schematic diagram.
Thanks to all those that responded with your suggestions (Here’s a thread of discussion that I posted on diyelectric car and the many useful response I got on the post). HOV stickers to be extended for electric cars in California until 2020 but not for conversions yet.
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We, Powerplus Technology Co., is an ISO 9001 certified company specializing in designing, manufacturing and supplying high quality Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-ion rechargeable battery and Charger with accredited by UL and CE. With our fully owned and ISO certified factory, our customers can truly enjoy direct low manufacturing cost and be assured of production under internationally recognized quality control system. Beyond the goods we are offering good service and honesty for a mutual business our customers trust for a long term business, and pride ourselves on having highly experienced and trained workforce to meet various requirements from you. We believe our competitive pricing; flexibility, reliable quality and accurate delivery time have made us a favorable choice in the pacific region. The battery is a perfect fit and works well, but was shipped without the electrolyte, so had to go spend another $40 at my local auto parts store.
Once opened, electrical items cannot be returned, except in the case of a manufacturing defect. Due to safety regulations, this item can only be shipped via UPS Ground within the contiguous U.S. Holy buckets, that's a bit dumb but then again, after four years I've never needed a jump so why worry?
I looked for jump points (like on the standard Prius) under the hood when I was at a dealer looking at one.
I too looked for a jump point as in the other Prius and couldn't find one in either fuse box under the hood.
Manual says you access the battery by removing the front panel under the rear seat and that's where you jump it.
Well, if you are forgetful it might be a good idea to install short leads to a connector so you don't have to remove the panel. If you're doing a mod, maybe the goal is to create 3x or 5x or even more battery capacity? Just imagine a Prius C with a 10 KWh battery upgrade that you can plug in and charge for under $10,000.

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Once the reason why i bought the C is because they cared about reducing weight and improving handling.
There goes all that carefully planned weight distribution work they did back in engineering!
China is equipped with advance equipment, modern facilities and high caliber engineers to ensure our competitiveness always remains at highest. Just lay it on the cargo cover, and put it under the cargo cover then driving (for safety). A *real* mod to the Prius C, and the only one worth wasting valuable money on, would be a mod that hacks the EV Mode button to allow unlimited speeds instead of 25mph, and a battery that had between 5 and 10 KWh storage.
Just add on the cost of the upgrade to a refinanced car loan and you'll have a fully electric capable vehicle that also gets incredible gasoline mileage. It would be more practical than a Volt since the Volt barely goes 35 miles on EV Mode and only gets 35mpg when it runs out.
That'd be *better* than a Volt, although with only 60hp the electric engine would certainly be slower.

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