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I have been using the Dunlop Direzza on both of my cars since the tires first came out in 2008. The Environmental Protection Agency hopes you said the first one, which tries to highlight the pocketbook impact better, and adds new details about environmental friendliness. The highest grade, A+, with fuel economy rated as equivalent to 117 miles per gallon and up, would be for “zero emission” electric cars.
On the positive side, a school-like grading system is one that everyone is intimately familiar with and, therefore, requires no additional explanation (no grade inflation jokes, please). Despite advanced tire manufacturing processes and advanced rubber compounds used today, some weight imbalance can still be evident in new tires. To balance a tire, it must first be mounted in the proper rim and then inflated to the proper air pressure and a new valve stem installed. The average price of a newly mounted and balanced tire with a new valve stem is roughly $125 per tire. There are three alignment angles that must be in line for the vehicle to handle properly and for minimal tire wear.
Camber is the angle of wheel alignment that measures the tilting in or out in reference to the top of the tire. Toe: The best way to explain how this angle affects wheel alignment is to look down at the tops of your feet. Reported comments and users are reviewed by Autoblog staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week to determine whether they violate Community Guideline.
Choose up to 3 vehicles to compare side-by-side on price, features, performance, cost of ownership and more. Guide to the latest ADAS offerings, including Blind Spot Monitoring, Turn Assist, Backup Collision Warning and more.
Roddis’ photo was one of the images reproduced in the article reposted at Zero Hedge. UPDATE: Currently May 16th, 2014, all of these cars at the Nissan Sunderland test track have disappeared? Another photograph that Lewis uses is of 57,000 unsold vehicles sitting at the Port of Baltimore. Somebody should show the Zero Hedge folks some of the pictures of thousands upon thousands of unsold cars during the ugly years of the 1970s. Guess what — they then announced on the local news that a shift at the Arlington plant was being furloughed due to poor sales. Tresmonos or someone in the industry can correct me; but I believe there are small limits to how muchyou can speed up or slow down an assembly line.
Others pointed out that sometimes a company will produce excess inventory of an outgoing model (GM’s previous truck line) to keep the pipeline full while they retool the plant(s) for the next model year. Are they all to a number lying thru their teeth about sales – inventory and profits ?
Any cars that go unsold long enough get sold at a deep discount price or sent to fleet use.
I find it rich that the article claims that manufacturers refuse to lower production for fear of losing tens of thousands of jobs. Channel stuffing involves booking bogus revenues by pushing inventory to the next stop in the chain without any intention of ever collecting the cash. If Nissan had been stuffing the channel, then they wouldn’t be parked next to the Nissan factory without a home. At the major OEM I worked at, I was told the transaction was when the car was gate released to the third party logistics companies. Auto dealers don’t send cars back to the automakers, they just expect extra spiff in order to move the dogs.

In any case, there’s no channel stuffing evident in the photos, either now or in the past. When auto OEMs build vehicles for which they don’t have dealer orders, they book the built vehicles as an asset. When an dealer ordered vehicle leaves the assembly line, the dealers open floor plan credit line is immediately accessed. Auto OEMs don’t have the authority to arbitrarily build vehicles and send them to dealers without an actual order, with the expectation of getting paid via the dealers open floor plan line. As part of window sticker requirements starting in 2012, the agency is looking to make some changes. On the negative side, because grades are so closely tied to education, interpreting them with automobiles is more complicated. And maybe easier to compare between two models in the dealership (in the case they have a different letter). Cass Sunstein is currently the Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs and has no affiliation with the Nudge blog.The Nudge blog is edited by John Balz.
They make them in an environment where many features, noticed and unnoticed, can influence their decisions.
Therefore they should be balanced with wheel weights to achieve smooth rolling of the tire. Carmakers have built adjustment points into the steering and suspension that allow for re-alignment of the front end. If a car’s camber angle on a tire is too positive then the top of the tire is tilting outward.
Imagine that you’re hovering above the hood of your car and you can see through the body of the vehicle. If it’s out, have the vehicle realigned or pay the price of another set of new tires sooner than later. Accounts are penalized for Community Guidelines violations and serious or repeated violations can lead to account termination. It’s really a repost from this site, and it includes a number of aerial and satellite photos of thousands of new automobiles that the author says are sitting on storage lots, unsold. The image above shot by Nigel Roddis of Reuter, though, was taken of Nissan’s UK test track at Sunderland back in 2009, one of the worst years in automotive history, the year that General Motors and Chrysler had to file for bankruptcy.
The original author, Vincent Lewis, is the author of a book about conspiracy theories and I get the impression that he’s a believer in such things.
A quick search for [57,000 and Port of Baltimore] shows that the original story about that number of unsold cars stored at the port was published also in 2009, though Lewis gives the implication that those cars are still sitting there.
Lewis takes the effort to provide the timestamp on a photo of a storage lot near the port of Sheerness, UK that shows Google’s most recent view of the port from outer space. I know a guy who was a District Sales Manager for Chrysler in the late 70’s and he said at one point he had 3 company vehicles assigned to himself, all Newports and a New Yorkers. To scrap a car instead of selling it at deep discount means a manufacturer is taking a 90% hit in terms of losses (I made that up) instead of merely breaking even. None of the other companies I have worked for since have done this, so I could have had a basic misunderstanding of the situation, told to me by lot jockeys. So let’s look at why balancing new tires and performing a wheel alignment are necessary. An imbalanced tire expresses itself as a wheel shimmy (rocking back and forth of the steering wheel while driving, usually at a specific speed). The tech must then affix the proper weight to the rim in the location designated by the machine.
Remember when you rode your bike with “no hands?” Remember how the handlebars returned to the straight-ahead position when you leaned right or left to turn a corner?

The author claims that automobile manufacturers are continuing to churn out thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of cars that will likely never ever sell.
In 2009 the Sunderland test track couldn’t be used to test cars because it was filled with unsold cars. I would guess they may have been taken away and recycled to make room for the next vast production run. How little Lewis knows about the auto industry can be seen from the fact that the vehicles in the photo are Chrysler Aspens. While there are indeed thousands of cars sitting at the port, what Lewis doesn’t tell you is that Sheerness is one of the leading ports for the importation of cars to the United Kingdom. The goal of Nudge is to show how choice architecture can be used to help nudge people to make better choices (as judged by themselves) without forcing certain outcomes upon anyone, a philosophy we call libertarian paternalism.
That’s why you should, at the very least, check wheel alignment before venturing out on a new set of tires.
He warns that those cars that do sell will suffer mechanical issues from having sat for so long. His post never mentions what normal inventory levels are, nor does he reveal the dates of the photographs of thousands of unsold cars that he uses. While manufacturers do inventory thousands of cars somewhere near the assembly plants where they are built, they’re not likely to take the expense of putting them on a boat and shipping them overseas for storage there. Fuel consumption and environmental friendliness are only two of a host of dimensions buyers will consider.
The tools highlighted are: defaults, expecting error, understanding mappings, giving feedback, structuring complex choices, and creating incentives. When the steering and suspension system is new and adjusted according to factory specs, the rate at which the tires wear is minimized and the vehicle corners and handles smoothly. The caster angle of your car expresses itself when the steering wheel returns to the straight-ahead position after making a turn. Lewis does say that when he recently checked the Sunderland track on Google’s satellite view, all those cars had disappeared.
I recall a number of amateurs recently stating that GM was going BK again because there were huge days supply of the old Silverado pickup around. Of the following two labels, which one is going to help you figure out the fuel tank’s consequences for the environment and your wallet? As the tire rolls down the road, rubber wears off, causing the tire to become imbalanced again. Over time, the steering and suspension systems are jostled and hammered (compliments of America’s highways). Now those of us who know something about how the car industry works might foolishly assume that in the 5 years since the photograph was taken, most of those cars were delivered to dealers. Or maybe my top priority is actually a car with lots of towing power, although I’m happy to get the one that sips the least gas.
For this reason, when tires are rotated on the vehicle every 5-6,000 miles or 6 months, they should be checked and rebalanced if necessary. This produces wear in the parts listed above, causing the alignment to go out from factory specs.
Since the sticker only comes with a grade, and not pictures (or even names would be ok) of other cars with similar grades, I don’t know how heavily to factor it in my decision. This alignment angle is adjusted through the lengthening or shortening of a steering linkage part called a tie rod (found in both Conventional and Rack & Pinion Steering systems).

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