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Why You Should Buy Rechargeable BatteriesJanuary 12, 2015 by KNallstatHere's a list of why you should buy rechargeable batteries for your controllers. The Kodak, Max and Xtralife trademarks and the Kodak trade dress are used under license from Kodak. Rechargeable Batteries are something that a lot of people have heard of and sometimes use but they’re not used enough. These got ranked the best rechargeable batteries by Lifehacker (check it out here: The Best Rechargeable Battery) and are incredibly durable. The Duracell StayCharged are an amazing long-lasting battery that will still be useable even after a year of non-use.
These aren’t as well known as the other battery brands but are still unbelievable batteries. Also I have no idea if the Japanese voice acting is horrible or not (and I've heard it actually is) so i don't really care if it's not in its "purest" form.
When in the middle of a multiplayer game and your battery goes out, you can quickly switch it with a brand fully charged pack. If you forget to buy batteries, then you can't play your games, change the channel, or use a flashlight in a black out, and that is just a bummer. I would like to hear your stories about how you ran out of batteries at one point in the comments below.
Not only can you use them immediately after you bought them but they can also be recharged more times than the Uncharged variety. Instead of needing to buy more batteries, you can simply recharge these saving you money and waste treatement needed for the hundreds of alkaline battery .
As technology improves and devices get better the charging capabilities have increased – rather than having to use AA batteries you can now charge your device via an electrical outlet.
They reduce the waste of normal batteries, and are recharged by electricity from your wall.
You can use our rechargeable batteries in the same appliances just as you would for our alkaline batteries.

On this post I wanted to list the best rechargeable batteries for batteries you would normally constantly buy. They cost $20 for 4 AA batteries and the charger, so that can really go a long way to saving you money.
They can be charged over 1,000 times and can still hold a strong charge to make your devices run perfectly. Unlike an iPhone or SmartPhone, devices that require you to buy batteries (AA, AAA, D, C, etc) can really start to be costly if you’re using them a lot.
One rechargeable can take the place of up to 1,000 regular (single use alkaline) batteries during its lifetime.
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