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Ensure you verify requirements and check with properly authorized electricians for installations. Voltage Drop - Calculated from source to supplied load (+ Back) using the following formula. The above example is using a ZRD 24Vdc-400amp DC Genset, installed with 0000 battery cable having a 40' one-way distance run from the Genset Dual Output to the Battery Bus Bar.
One would normally think that 10 awg wire (60 amps usable, outside of engine spaces) would be sufficient for a 10-15 amp loaded circuit. Note that while copper is an excellent conductor of electricity, it still has a degree of resistance to the flow of electrons through it. Electrical cable is typically categorized by an AWG (American Wire Gauge) size, where the smaller diameter cable has a larger number. In the metric system, welding cable size is typically expressed in square millimeters (mm2), representing the cross-sectional area of the cable. Now when selecting the proper cable size for your welding equipment, it is best to choose cable that can handle the maximum output of the welder.
It should also be noted that in addition to proper cable size selection, it is very important to maintain the welding cable and the cable connections in good condition. When electrical systems are designed the wire size is calculated for the specific requirements of the electrical components being used. The size of a wire (gauge) is expressed in terms of a standard American Wire Gauge (AWG) measurement. When installing an aftermarket car audio system, having the correct wire connections is very important.
As a general recommendation, Sonic Electronix follows the guidelines below as a quick reference in determining the appropriate wire gauge. Liberals just chose to ignore relevant information about the world they live in, and then call themselves sophisticated for having chosen to be more stupid than God made them.
Due to the fact that GOD limited mans intelligence , it's unfortunate he did not also limit his Stupidity !!!
Join Date Jan 2008 Posts 25,975 Originally Posted by Gopher711 Yes sir , what they said ! Keep in mind that welding cable in the chart above is rated at 600 volts and usually a 60% duty cycle. Join Date Jan 2008 Posts 25,975 Originally Posted by 5sangers Keep in mind that welding cable in the chart above is rated at 600 volts and usually a 60% duty cycle. I guess I should have only said to be sure you're comparing apples to apples and left well enough alone. Join Date Jan 2011 Location Mickleton, New Jersey Posts 1,604 Originally Posted by 5sangers I guess I should have only said to be sure you're comparing apples to apples and left well enough alone. User Name: Please enter the name by which you would like to log-in and be known on this site.
I am ordering the switch and the cables separately, will I still get the installation instructions? I am planning to add new tinned marine wiring to my son’s 15 foot boat that has a 40 hp Yamaha 4-stroke. I created a boat wiring size calculator a few years ago that does exactly what you are looking for.
To use it, simple enter the draw each device and the length of the wire run in inches (to the device and back) to get the wire size for each item. Enter the total wire length from the battery to the panel and back to the battery to calculate your feed wire size.
I’m getting ready to purchase some boat battery wiring but am curious about cable length matching in a dual battery setup.
My question is, in this setup should the positive cables running from the switch to the positive terminals of batteries #1 and #2 be of the same length? Keep in mind that if one is considerably longer than the other (15 feet or more) you may want to consider increasing the size of the positive and negative cables to that battery to help reduce voltage drop.
Is there any other wiring or supplies I need, for example, ground wire from fuel tank and fuel tank to fuel gauge? With a boat as large as 24 feet, you may want to consider the 1200 GPH auto bilge pump kit.
Extra wires: If your fuel fill is made entirely of metal, you will need a static ground wire from the fill to your tank. If you use split navigation lights in the front (separate red and green), you are required to put the stern light on centerline.
Thank you so much for taking the time to call me regarding my boat battery wiring and switch needs. As we discussed, I have twin V8 engines and want to have at least two starter batteries and two house batteries. For all of the battery connections, I would make them either out of 2 AWG boat battery cable or your current cable sizes if they are larger. When you turn on either battery switch, that engine will start off of it’s own battery.
When your turn on both battery switches, each engine is charging it’s own battery and both batteries in the house bank.

I would consider running emergency devices off of one of your house batteries and then your future generator off of the other house battery. For a total battery cable run 24′ from the starter, to the switch, to the battery and back to the engine, 1 AWG wire is recommended. Could you please tell me if all of the boat wiring that you offer on EzAcDc is pre-tinned copper? As for boat battery cables, we are in the process of finding a reliable source for tinned cabling 4 AWG and larger, but at this time they are not tinned. Second battery powers all accessories, and is charged when engine is running (and first battery is charged). You would still need to build some short, 8 AWG or larger cables to run from the VSR to the switch.
Via email, text message, or notification as you wait on our site.Ask follow up questions if you need to. Welcome to Just Answer, My name is ***** ***** I will be helping you with your Honda concern.The best wire gauge size for your project would be 12 gauge. Tory Johnson, GMA Workplace Contributor, discusses work-from-home jobs, such as JustAnswer in which verified Experts answer people’s questions.
I took the Power Steering O-Ring service bulletin linked from JustAnswer to my Acura dealer, and not only did they no-charge the o-ring, they also replaced the power steering pump at no cost. Multiply the maximum current times the length of the circuit to calculate Famps (Feet x amps). Move left to the Ampacity column to verify that the total amperage of the circuit does not exceed the maximum allowable amperage of the wire size for that row.
It consists of a series of fine copper strands wrapped inside a non-conductive, durable jacket (typically some type of synthetic or natural rubber of various colors). It includes the power source, electrode cable, electrode holder (or TIG torch or wire feeder and gun), electrical arc, work cable and work clamp.
It does not matter in which direction the current flows through the welding circuit, whether it be direct current positive (DC+), direct current negative (DC-) or alternating current (AC). It is the percentage of a ten minute period that the power source can operate at a given output current level before exceeding its thermal limit (i.e. The first diagram shows a one inch diameter hose which allows one gallon per minute of flow. The right cables and wires ensure that the strongest signal is going to the correct destination, and that a sufficient amount of power is being sent to the receiving components. For example, a 4-channel amplifier has 40 watts RMS on each channel, so 40 Watts x 4-Channels = 160 Watts RMS. Find the total RMS power of the audio system: Add the total RMS values for each amplifier in the system to reach a grand total. In addition to a complete in-house training program, these experts typically have many years of hands-on experience in their specialty. I had a set of jumper cables made 40 + years ago they are still flexible no corrosion of the ends and have been through more abuse than they will ever see in a boat.
Also welding cable is dead soft so the connections should probably not be soldered but crimped and sealed. Whatever, another thread with no information, but plenty of sarcasm and I'm smarter than you. I have the common ground from the engine connected to the ground on battery #1 and that connection is jumped from the #1 negative terminal to the #2 battery negative terminal.
You lose the meter, but you gain four extra switches (one of the extras on the 5 deluxe is used for the volt meter). Keep the hose bends to an absolute minimum If your bait well doesn’t already have a fill and drain system, our systems work quite well. If your tank is made of metal, you will need a static ground wire from the tank to your ground bus. Since you have not installed the deck, you can find a great location for it near the front of the boat. I would like to also plan for the use of a generator and shore power battery charging system. If you connect a charger to either battery in the port system, it will charge both the port start battery and the house connected to it.
This should help to ensure that you can always start the generator or engine and still have a full isolated battery for bilge pumps, CO monitors, beer refrigerator, you know, the important things.
I am starting a major rewiring project on my old Century and want to do this right – so I don’t have to do it again!
Starting battery is only engaged to start the engine and is charged when engine is running. For example, since you already have the boat battery cables, you could go with just the switch and voltage sensitive relay, the vsr. Engine spaces are assumed to be at 50 degrees C, non-engine spaces are assumed to be at 30 degrees C. The fine copper strands give welding cable more flexibility than other types of electrical conductors and the insulating jacket is designed to hold up to repeated movement over rough surfaces. It is normal for a properly sized welding cable to feel warm to the touch after prolonged welding.

As an example, let’s assume you have a 400 amp power source at 60% duty cycle and need a total combined length of electrode plus work cables of 100 feet. For example, replacing a low torque starter to a high grade torque starter will normally require the battery cables and possibly the battery to be upgraded. One of the most important connections in a car audio system is the power and ground cable that connect the vehicles battery to an aftermarket amplifier. Some come from car audio installer backgrounds, while others come with extensive retail experience.
While your starter may draw 300 amps or so it is at 12 volts ,that is way different from 600 volts and 100 amps at 50 or 100 feet. I have the positive from the engine going to the common lug on the selector switch and the #1 terminal on the switch going to #1 battery positive and the #2 terminal on the switch will go to the #2 battery positive. Given that I have no marine electrical wiring experience, your snap together system appeals to me. There is plenty of room for your engine battery ground, boat harness ground, and battery cable grounds on this bus.
If neither of these are the case, all you need is a ground wire and sending unit wire from your fuel tank to your gauge. If you can, I would use a combo bow light to give you the flexibility of putting the stern light on the starboard side or center, or anywhere in between. If so, based on my current components, do I need the complete “system” or just some of the pieces? The chart below is marked in yellow to show you the proper size wire for 10 amps on a 15 foot wire. I was ready to trade my new Honda until he told me to wait until I got 3,000 miles on it and my gas mileage would get much better. As the current level increases (measured in amperage or amps), the diameter of the welding cable and resulting cross sectional area of the copper stranding needs to increase. While the copper wire itself can handle the high temperatures generated by higher amperages before sustaining damage, the insulation protecting them would melt. However, if the diameter of cable is too small for the level of current flowing through it, then the cable will overheat.
For determining proper welding cable size, you need to add together the full lengths of the electrode cable and the work cable. Conversely, as output levels increase (until maximum output capacity), duty cycle decreases. In addition, worn or frayed cable connections to the work clamp, lugs or twist lock connectors can also decrease the ability to carry the current and create hot spots (see examples in Figure 6). From the switch I am running two 3 foot cables to the positive terminals and one 2 foot to connect the negative terminals battery to battery. Please let me know if you will need more and we can make arrangements to have extra in your order. This can result in a potential fire hazard, as well as damage to the cable itself (and ultimately to cable breakage and failure). Cable sizes are increased for longer lengths primarily for the purpose of minimizing cable drop.
All worn, frayed and damaged sections should be repaired immediately for proper operation and to minimize any potential safety hazards.
This will protect the circuit better from accidental grounding.My goal is to provide you with excellent service. Higher ambient temperatures can reduce their ability to dissipate heat into the surrounding environment, and thus reduce their ampacity. The duty cycle rating of a welding power source is typically related to the welding processes in which it will be used, its intended use and whether it operates off of single phase or three phase power. For higher current levels, two or more cables are often recommended and should be hooked up in parallel or together in order to share the current load. In addition, several cables packed tightly together can also have a reduction in their ability to dissipate heat. However, larger diameter cable typically costs more per foot or per meter than smaller diameter cable, because of the increased amount of copper strands. Note these last two items are often incorrectly referred to as the “ground cable” and “ground clamp”. Like everyone has said and i completely agree use some form of welding or fine stranded cable (24ga). I just recently replaced some emergency generator feeder wire and we installed 3 conductors in parallel of 350 mcm per phase for a 800 generator.
If it was not so dang expensive it would have been great to use something a little more flexible for the connection. I know a lot of you have practical experience which goes along way in building things correctly.

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