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If you are a proud owner of a classic car, then taking care of this timeless treasure is a very challenging task.
Steam cleaning allows you to clean your classic car engine without removing it completely, contrary to other engine cleaning methods. For ongoing monthly costs, $243 seems manageable, but it’s nothing to scoff at, either.
I calculated all of this manually, but you can also try my car ownership calculator that I created in Google Docs. I haven’t had any major problems with my car, but I would love to not have to rely on it every day. There are paid and affiliate links on this site, and I may be compensated when you click on a link. Adrian Hands breaks down very nicely the average costs of owning different classes of cars.
Since owning and riding bikes is not free either, has anyone broken down the average annual cost of cycling? Combined, the two form a potent brew of doubt and skepticism, which perhaps explains why only 0.001 percent of US buyers opted for the world’s best-selling electric car in 2013. Those already committed to going green, however, will still want to minimize the impacts of these drawbacks on their bank balances and time in general, which is where this graph from mojo motors blog comes in handy. Taking federal and state incentives out of the equation – the former is worth $7,500 – the chart illustrates how many miles of range electric cars offer in relation to their MSRP. Buyers will also be paying for the BMW roundel on the hood, as well as the company’s all-new design language for its ‘i’ sub-brand. However, in terms of cost effectiveness the Model S is well ahead of even recognized bargain electric cars like the Nissan LEAF and the Mitsubishi i-MiEV.
At $79,900 and with 265 miles of range, owners are paying around $300 per mile of autonomy. Posted on April 4, 2013 · Add Comment The Economist has recently created a chart comparing the cost of driving in different cities. The chart below shows the total cost of buying a family car (an average of low- and high-end brands) in selected cities.
Deciding between buying a new car and refurbishing an old car is difficult and the dilemma has existed forever. Now that you have decided on the basic factors- let’s take a look at the basic reasons proponents of each decision give.
There may exist cases where you are either expecting a job promotion or a surplus profit within the year.
Simply sure of these basic guidelines and make a decision that suites you best both financially and circumstantially. If the steam cleaner is not handled carefully and angled correctly, it can damage the engine.
DetailXPerts has steam cleaned many classic car engines with great results that has satisfied many customers. I don’t think most people are aware, either, so I figured this would be an interesting experiment for all of us to find out. I enjoy relaxing while someone else drives my bus or train, but it’s still more convenient in a lot of cases to own a car.
To calculate your car ownership costs, make a copy of the spreadsheet and fill in the yellow cells with costs for your car. There’s no other asset that depreciates quite like it, and charges you extras for the experience. OMG, I haven’t been able to stopped kicking myself no matter what I have told myself, it was just plain stupid. Auto Industry and the Market of 2025 (45 page) The Center for Automotive Research (CAR) analysis calculates fuel economy costs to be from $4,190 to $6,435 per vehicle and a lifetime fuel savings of only $1,690 to $2,693.

Its $41,350 asking price has to cover a revolutionary carbon fiber reinforced plastic passenger cell and the sophisticated interior is sustainably sourced.
With the option of the on-board range extender (which will be a must-have for some), though, cost per mile of range drops to about $280, which would put it top of the class. The zero-emissions sedan often comes in for flak due to its high price and Tesla’s decision to cancel a more accessible model with a 40 kWh battery pack. By comparison Mercedes’ B-Class Electric Drive, a similarly premium offering, will cost owners nearly $480 per mile, so in this case it pays to go big. It’s an excellent electric car, but will set buyers back $443 per mile, sandwiching it in between Mitsubishi i-MiEV and the Honda Fit EV. Having fallen for cars because of the virtues of a particular German flat-six, it's what we'll all be driving next that now interests Richard most. Petrol prices are just one of the costs of running a car; owners also have to fork out for insurance, road tax and servicing. You should be able to ask yourself some basic questions before deciding about the road to take. You need to keep in mind everything starting from the monthly payment on a new car and insurance and registration of the new car to the costs of maintaining an old car.
The dilemma being discussed here only starts to exist when the repairs the car is being taken for are serious. These are supposed to help you out only after you have calculated the costs and benefits of your decision as asserted.
Simultaneously, your car maybe at an age where you realize that maintenance will continuously be required regardless of how much money you spend. You do not want to get into the process of taking a loan and want to buy a car at full down payment when the time comes or you do not have the time to get a car registered and insure. It was given from your great grandfather to your father and you do not want to do lose the legacy associated to this vintage masterpiece. Make sure that you buy a new car if it’s feasible to do so and not because your aunt’s great grandmother thinks it’s time to buy one. Cars have always been her passion and she is now working at Carmudi hoping to build a career as a successful car critic. Steam cleaning, hence, should be done with extreme caution.  A pro of using steam cleaning is that the whole engine does not have to be removed in order to degrease and clean it. Many professional services request car owners to choose steam cleaning at their own risk, due to the difficulty of the task.
Steam cleaning a classic car engine is not an extravagance because it offers many advantages that other methods do not.
The spreadsheet will calculate your total and monthly costs (on average) that you’ve paid so far for your current car, as well as your monthly costs going forward.
I honestly wish we were living in a city that was easily accessible by public mass transit, like a quality metro system. Although my car has sucked, it’s probably still a good deal cheaper to operate than most, even though random breakdowns is always a pain.
They cost more up front, but are worth it because you aren’t constantly dumping money into them when the next thing breaks.
Please make your own financial decisions based on personal research or see a financial advisor. The continuous costs to repair bother you very often and you are tempted to buy a new car and get it over with.
The first comparison should be made between the monthly installment of buying a new car and the monthly repair cost incurred on the old car.
Any car consuming less is a definite win- decision made however also considers the first two questions. If any of these reasons prevail, keeping your old car and refurbishing is the correct way to go.

Also, if you sell it, you are sure it’s going to get scraped as no one else understands the pricelessness of it.
You may be able to buy a better car with the profit or you also maybe offer to afford a high monthly installment with your increased salary. Professional needs like those stated above are understandable but you should be able to properly afford one.
Steam cleaning is also known to extend the lifespan of the engine.It will especially add to the beauty of your classic.
It’s so hard to get off the auto cycle of debt in America, everything is built for the car. You also don’t have to worry about the looks you get from driving a crappy car or the rude comments people make.
The question can however seem daunting as you are unsure about the return on this new investment. This monetizes both decision elements and gives you a clear picture of where you stand financially. Just keep your decision making process rational and move over that old vehicle if its time to do so. Don’t rush into buying a new car in this case and simply refurbish your old one to a basic level. It will, once again, be a stupid idea to buy a new car as a salesman when you know that you will not be able to pay the installments besides new inflow of clients. But I think the $1,000 price tag may have fooled me a bit, since I’ve already put in another $1,400 in repairs in. People with such professions may prefer the newer car even if it’s more expensive in some cases. Let’s address your questions about the cost and the benefits of steam cleaning a classic car engine.
Taking all these factors into account, the starting cost of steam cleaning a classic car engine would be around $75.
If you are wary about using caustic chemicals on your classic car engine, then steam cleaning is the best option for you. After all the extras I pay for, it made me wonder: how much does it really cost to own my car? It doesn’t matter how good you look or how much money you have, no woman wants to be seen stepping in or out of an old jalopy outside a fancy restaurant or in front of her friends. Abnormal repairs like those of changing the engine or replacing old tires only accrue to the old car.
It can increase up to $150-$200 depending on other factors such as the amount of carbon, oil sludge, and grease that has accumulated on the engine. Buying a car is a serious matter and the decision should be made on actual realistic figures only. Make saving for a better car a priority and get rid of that old clunker as soon as you can afford something better before something major goes on it. After making an initial comparison of the month flow of expenses- move on to add the initial registration and insurance costs.
I’d just call the salvage man to come put it on a hook and tow it away and buy another car with whatever money I have saved up.
The second step only gives you a picture of the total cash inflows and outflows expected for a sane cash flow analysis.

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