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Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Be sure to cross-reference the number on your battery before ordering, to make sure you're getting the right one. I decided to use bikebatts after reading BBB report, but motobat now seems the only direct fit option! Those of you dropping in on this thread - remember it only really applies to those with early model GTS fitted with the YB10L-PB lead acid battery that are looking for an AGM replacement. I don't know if the battery you posted above is an actual Gel battery or is simply touted as a stronger type of regular battery. In a pinch you can use a standard type of battery charger to charge these batteries but you have to hook the charger up to a standard battery and them use a jumper cable to go from the standard battery to your gel battery thereby getting a in-direct charge. Using this Gel type of battery also makes most trickle chargers and common battery tenders on the market unusable, but I'm sure someone out there must make one specific for a gel battery but I'm not familiar with them. The AGM batteries are much more robust and can be charged with a regular tender as long as they don't lose too much of their charge but if they do, they must have a specific type of charger. I have mine That's not the correct battery for a GTS, that one looks like it's for a Riva. The same may not apply to other model chargers they produce, such as the original Battery Tender, but the Plus model seems to be compatible.
XLR8 wrote:My opinion is that they shouldn't even sell Gel batteries due to their sensitivity to overcharging.

My Cannonball bike performed flawlessly for over 5000 miles last year, and it's now in storage at my mom's house. Couple of questions: Why does a gel need a special 110 charger but the onboard charager work fine.? If I have auxillary lights hooked up should I stay with lead acid battery because discharge could at some point be below AGM on road recovery from scoots charging ability.? So far I've been fine while underway .Prolonged stop and go shows charging levels, battery capacity dropping to 12 or below unless I turn them off for plonged stops at idle. Thanks- Bagel, but at this point I'm kinda done building the scoot as far as lights and stuff. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The VARTA Funstart Gel motorcycle battery features unique leak-proof gel technology that is totally maintenance free. If your battery charger is more than two years old we would recommend you replace it with a new one to avoid sulphating your new motorcycle battery. If the connections at the battery are poor (loose, corroded, etc.), the connection will have a high electrical resistance. Designed for the harshest conditions and the most rugged terrain, it is perfectly suited to touring bikes and all-terrain vehicles.
When you say it will destroy the battery, are we talking about just frying the battery, or are we talking about 'kablooey gooey mess and imminent destruction of everything around it'?

As I rememmber the led lights would flicker on second solid green daytime running high beam when stopped at long lights so I don't think I pushing or drawing mega watts .
Both in chrome housings and chromed brakets that start wider (clear) then amber narrower below and then fender light in a V type setup..
I found corrosion recently on the terminals of the XB10L-B Xtreme Volts AGM sealed Activated maintenance free battery I purchased last year (May '10) from Bikebatts. Unique diagnostic sealed battery optimizer for 12V lead-acid (sealed maintenance-free, gel, or filler caps) batteries up to 75Ah.
You know most genuine HD accessories are made in Taiwan Would like to utilize housings for LED or less draw lights.
Only using one set of Vespa mirrors thought Right now working on duck style boat and upgraded motor so I can afford to be moblile.
If I get to 1 yellow I usually switch the aux driving lights off unless light change is ready to happen.

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