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If your car won't start then the only option is to get a jump start either using jump leads or from a portable power pack which is essentially another battery in a box with jump leads attached.
3.If you have a breakdown and have access to a breakdown service then call them as they are experts in restarting cars.
By standing still for a long time even a new battery will slowly discharge, again this situation is common to classic cars and their winter hibernation.
On the MGB the battery is located behind the seats which is a real pain when it comes to removing batteries, jump starting or charging as half the interior has to come out to get to it.
It is an easy job to change a battery as long as the one that you have bought is the same size and has the same connections so check these before you buy a new one. A flat battery or a battery that has not been used for a long time will usually mean that the car won't start. These can be very useful if you do not have access to another car and leads to do the jump start.

Have your battery tested regularly (most tyre and exhaust centers will do this for free) or you can buy your own battery tester. Only use thick copper core cables (especially for large or diesel engines) as the small cheap thin cables cannot carry the current required to start the car and will get hot. Connect the positive cable first then the negative, to remove them take off the negative first.
The assisting car should be run on fast idle and ideally have the heated rear window on and the heater blower before you disconnect the starter cables to prevent damage to the electronics.
If you do get the car started then you must go for a drive to recharge the battery from the alternator. If the car is going to be standing for a long time then disconnect the negative cable from the battery in case there is a small leakage, also clocks etc all draw current so will discharge the battery if left long enough. Not battery related but if the car has not been used for more than 6 months change the oil as it will have oxidized and not offer full protection.

When the car starts after a long lay up run the engine slowly so that the oil can be pumped round the engine again.
Batteries are usually held in place with a clamp across the top which has to be removed before the battery can be lifted out. This problem is especially prevalent with classic cars that can be unused for long periods of time especially over the winter months.

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